This is Why Windows 8 Sucks

Windows 8 has been out for a couple of months now, and the general consensus is that it isn’t very good. Granted that’s what those of us that have been using it for the last year as it has gone through beta testing have been saying. Unfortunately it has been pretty hard to say why Windows 8 sucks without writing a 2000 word article. The video below explains why Windows 8 sucks in a concise and funny manner.

The video is 20+ minutes long, so be warned. I, for one, agreed with almost everything the author said. His overall point is that for people who are used to the way Windows has worked for the last 20 years, Windows 8 is hard to learn because it doesn’t make sense. There are places in the OS that are inconsistant, places where you need to do things to get around that aren’t immediately apparent.  He also points out that for non-technical people who have used Windows before, Windows 8 prevents them from doing the things they have to do without learning an entirely new experience.

While I don’t think that most Windows Fans will agree with the video, I think that he makes some excellent points that most people who arren’t technologically minded would agree with after using Windows 8 for a short amount of time. Take my mother for example. As a cruel experiment (and because we couldn’t’ get Movie maker to run on Windows 7) I’ve had her on Windows 8 since the Consumer Preview in August. She NEVER uses the metro side of the OS. Immediately she goes to the desktop, and uses it like she has always used her laptop. Now however, she had to learn how to shut the computer down, which is done in a non-traditional totally unintuitive manner. She also had to realize that there are TWO versions of Internet Explorer on the laptop, and one doesn’t allow her to favorite anything or browse her existing favorites, something she does constantly. My mother wanted me to explain why Windows 8 sucks, which I couldn’t really do. I could only say that it’s different and that there is a steep learning curve. The video below does a better job explaining why Windows 8 sucks. Enjoy.

Matthew Weber

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