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Could an iPhone Mini Make Samsung Mini?

iphone MiniThere has been tons of talk lately about the possibility of an iPhone mini now that the iPad mini finally came true after (at least) two years of rumors. I always get a kick out of reporting something that has to do with Samsung vs. Apple, because Samsung produces the memory for virtually all of the Apple devices made in the last 10 or so years. Samsung and Apple are the top two mobile phone manufacturers at the moment. Samsung and Apple are doing just fine, but for whatever reason, Apple feels the need to somehow prove themselves to be better than Samsung.

Could an iPhone Mini Crush Samsung?

The answer is no, absolutely not. The iPhone 5 is already mini to begin with. It has a 4 inch screen, and even though that’s a lot better than previous models, it’s still small when you compare it to the 5-inch Android smartphones that are starting to become the standard. I really wonder what exactly an iPhone Mini would be. Would it be a 3-inch screen? That’s way too small and would really be a downgrade. The iPad mini is a different story, that form factor is actually functional. However, it would be impossible to do the same with a smartphone, especially the iPhone.

So Either Way, Who Will Win in 2013?

Apple and Samsung manufacturer devices that run completely different competing operating systems. Because of it they are always going to have their loyal followers. Sure, you do from time to time get the people who convert from one to another, but a lot of the sales make up loyal followers who have been using iOS for Android for a long time. With that in mind, one device made by one manufacturer isn’t necessarily going to be able to crush the other.

Think Aloud

Device rumors (especially Apple rumors) pop up on a day to day basis. Would Apple really create a smaller version of the iPhone, and would said device be able to crush Samsung? Voice your opinions in the comments below!

Paul Shirey

Can't talk, playing Xbox.

  • http://twitter.com/msmir Miriam Slozberg

    No I don’t because I believe there will be a group of people that will not at all like it.

  • Matthew Sabia

    Seeing 90% of the complaints though every few, you hear about the iPhone is about the screen being TOO small, so I’m not sure about this one…

  • amidiabetic

    No… Phone have been small and now they are getting bigger. The ipnone is just right

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  • Ben

    No, its going to take a hell of a lot more than a new form factor for IOS to get rid fo Android..and Samsung is the strongest showing on Android atm

  • JoBe

    iPhone ‘maxi’ and Andoid viruses will crush Samsung.
    And I agree, the size of iPhone 5 is perfect.

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  • Harold Gardner

    There will be a lot of different devices in a number of different form factors. When disruption happens, it will likely come from an unknown/unexpected source. The question then becomes can the big boys move quickly to catch up.

    I am ready for a clam shell or some other small & bigger form factor. Smaller in my pocket and for the nonvisual stuff. Bigger if I want to see or type.

  • http://twitter.com/artofimagery Ben Heys

    definitely not!