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Useful Google Search Tips and Tricks

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Below we will go through many Google Search tips and some of the great tricks you can use on Google. Many people do not use or even know about some of the simple things they could do to make life easier on Google Search. Below you will find some of those tips and tricks to get you started on Google!


Did you know when searching a words definition, all you have to do is type “define” followed by the words you are searching for. For an example, typing: “define salvage” would display that specific words definition.
Looking up Phone Numbers

When looking for a specific address on someone, someone who you only have a phone number for. Did you know all you need to do to recover a full address on that number, is enter their full phone number, including area code in the search!

Local Search

When looking up a place of interest on Google, just begin by visiting Google + Local. You want to begin the search by entering the key word of the place of interest. For example, typing: “taverns” in the above link would display all local taverns in that area.

Searching For Movies and Weather

When searching for the weather and a specific area, type ” weather ” followed by the zip code city or state in the area of interest. When searching for movies in a specific city or state, you would also type “movies” followed by the zip could city or state of interest. For example, typing: “weather 18969” would give you the current weather in the Telford, Pennsylvania.

Shortcuts For Web Sites

When wanting to type a specific website address in while using the Google, all you need is the name of the specific sites with .com, Most people have the habit of typing (WWW) before the address, and it is not needed to complete a search.

Google Translate image
Google Translate image


Translations of text or full web pages are easy by doing your search using (Google Language Tools). If you are already on a page that needs translated, just right-click all and translate.

Tracking Packages or In Airline Flights

Most people do not realize how easy it is to track packages and airline flights through Google. Begin by entering the airline and flight number to display the current status of the airline flights and the designated arrival times. For example, type: USA, and the flight number to display any information that is available.


Did you know you can use your Google search as a calculator? It is as simple as typing in 1 + 1, which would display results as 2. So when you’re in a hurry, just use Google Search.

When wanting to see a specific picture of an item such as a new haircut styles, video games, and automobiles; just type in what you would like to see a picture of and click images at the top of the screen.

Google product images
Google product images

Searching Specific File Types

All you need to remember is the specific type of file you are looking for. This will then only display results for a match to that certain file type. For example type: filetype:jpeg to display only files with images.

Finding Local Time Zones

This is a short and fast easy trick! In the Google Search, type: time with any city for local time zone. For example, type: time Harrisburg Pennsylvania, this would display the time and Day for Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

They are really too many tips and tricks to mention in this one article alone. Take some time and play around with the Google Search Engine, and I am sure you will come up with some great tricks too.

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