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4 Steps To Salvage Wet Electronics and Cell Phones

steps to salvage wet electronics
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The first thing is to remember to act fast! You do not want your small electronic or cell phone to stay wet for no longer than in has too. I am sure all of us have been in this situation where we have dropped our iPhone, cell phone, or any small electronic in the swimming pool, a puddle of water, maybe ran it through the washing machine, or dropped it out of our back pockets into the toilet. The word “panic” and anxiety does not cover what we feel at that very moment; as like the panic of losing family photos, important contact information and downloads. Here are some steps to salvage wet electronics gear.

In addition, to replace a cell phone it is generally not covered under your insurance. Almost all cell phone companies do not have coverage for water damage. There are a couple of methods that you can try to remove the moisture. Such as using a can of compressed air, dry uncooked rice, or there are bags known as Bheesties. are a great product if you have them around at the time of your emergency. These were designed to dry out small Bheersties electronics and cell phones. These bags sell for $20.00 each plus shipping and handling, and are available at Amazon.com.

  1. The first step would be to remove the battery and the SIM card right away. Without trying to see if the phone is working or powers up. I know this is the first thing everybody wants to do in the state of panic is to see if you lost anything! Please avoid this temptation to avoid creating any short circuits. The goal is to try to speed up the drying process without damaging the device any further. I know many people have tried, or ran for the hair dryer, which is normally too hot for the device.
  2. In some cases if you do not have any of the following items to try, but you do have a hair dryer; you can do step one, following with the hair dryer on low, at the coolest setting.
  3. A can of compressed air can be used as another choice if available. Follow step one, and then go ahead and gently blow out the moisture from the electronic device.
  4. Okay, so you do not have compressed air or blow dryer. Please stay calm and go to the kitchen and find some uncooked white rice. Place a few handfuls of uncooked white rice into a bowl or plastic bag (Bag A), then place the cell phone or electronic device into another separate bag (Bag B).

When using a bag with the uncooked white rice you want to avoid placing the device directly in the rice, due to the dust from the rice. Do so by placing the device and battery in separate bags by themselves, and remember to leave the bags open. Place the bag onto a dry warm surface, not hot; wait for 6 to 12 hours, or 24 to 48 hours, depending on how wet the device is. Personally I have tried the rice method and it worked very well.

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