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How To: Protect your iPhone Or iPad From Theft

Apple products have been one of the most sought after devices amongst consumers and hence it is very lucrative for thieves as well. Being small, portable and easy to sell makes Apple products a hot item. The odds of getting back your phone if stolen is about one in four.

Think your phone is safe just because you installed the “Find my iPhone” app? Think again. Most thieves who specialize in iOS devices are not idiots or normal muggers, they can easily deactivate most common protection mechanisms like the “Find my iPhone” feature before you realize that it’s missing.

In this article, we will try to cover a few ways you can protect your iPhone or iPad from theft. Before you start with the following steps, I urge you to keep a note which contains your phones IMEI and SIM number. You will need this information to report theft in the event it happens.

Step One – Prevent Access To Your iOS Device

iphone passcode lockAs I mentioned earlier, one of the easiest ways to block the abilities of the “Find my iPhone” app is to deactivate your location services rendering the feature useless. To prevent this from happening, you need to have a pass code restriction in place. This is done by –

Open Settings > Select Restrictions and Enable Restrictions.

You can choose a different code than your unlock code in case you are threatened by the thieves into revealing that.

Under Restrictions, scroll until you find “Allow Changes” list and open location. Select the “Don’t allow changes” in this menu to prevent unauthorized changes to your Location service.  You can also setup restrictions to prevent others from deleting applications on your iPhone/iPad; this will help accidental deletes by kids as well as deter thieves who remove the “Find my iPhone” app.

Step Two – Setup “Find my iPhone” Correctly

It is essential to setup the app correctly so that you can use it in the unfortunate circumstance that your iPhone or iPad gets stolen or misplaced. This can be done in two simple steps

  1. Open Settings > iCloud and ensure that find my iPhone is set to “On”
  2. Go back a level and turn  location services and “Find my iPhone” to “On”

Step Three – Apps to Track iPhone or iPad Once Stolen

iphone theft lookout appIt is never a good idea to rely on “Find My iPhone” alone to recover your stolen device. It is important to have a few other apps as a back plan. The following apps will help you know more about your stolen iPhone or iPad and help you recover your precious gadget from the bad guys.


This is a combination of several features that will secure your iPad or iPhone in the case of a theft. It has features like the ability to take a backup or remote wipe of the device after it has been stolen as well as the ability to track your device from their website and access all the data remotely.


Prey is an open source app that will help you track all your devices from a single point. It works anywhere in the world and it has a feature through which you can set your camera to take a picture of the person who stole your device and send it as an email and reports are very well detailed with information as geo location and the like. The app also has a camouflage mode where in it disguises as a “game” to reduce unwanted attention to the app.

Prevention of Theft

There are a few things that you can do to keep yourself from being a victim of phone theft. You can do this by being more aware of your surroundings and not using your phone in public and the general precautions. I hope this article prepares you in case mishap strikes your gadget. Do let me know if you had a device stolen and the story behind it as I Look forward to hear your experience and learn from it.

Image Source: StateOfTech

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