how to merge duplicate contacts in android phone

How to Merge Duplicate Contacts on Android

Android devices have a lot of ways to save contacts, the manual saving of phone contacts being the primary way. You can also sync them with various sources like Google, and Facebook. Managing duplicate contacts on Android is always a headache if you use multiple sources to sync your contacts.

Social media syncing is an excellent feature and makes life easier for the users as it provides additional details like email addresses and contact pictures without having to go through the manual addition of those details. Along with its advantages, it can make your contacts a mess, especially if you have a lot of friends online.

In this post, we will try to fix a common nuisance that comes with Android devices due to syncing online; which is duplicate contacts.

Will we have to manually fix the duplicate Contacts On Android?

There are ways to merge these duplicate contacts so as to create uniformity of the data on the device as well as on the online database like the Google contacts or any other.

Merging Duplicates on Google contacts

Merging duplicates is easy if you use Google contacts. Open the Google contacts homepage in the browser and log in using the Google account used on the Android device. Click on My Contacts, which appears on the left hand sidebar to load all the contacts that are on the connected devices. The next step is to select the contact group which has to be scanned for duplicates and select the contacts. To search through all the entries click select all, then click on the merge button, and choose the option Find and Merge Duplicates.

merge duplicates in google contacts

The contacts will be instantly scanned by Google and the result will be displayed. If there are no duplicate contacts, it will say so. If there are any, they will be grouped and displayed in a pop-up frame and the user will be asked what all needs to be merged.
Once you click the Merge button after cross checking the contacts, the changes are made.

merge duplicates in google contacts results

Merging phone Memory contacts

If the phone memory is used to save contacts, merging of contacts will have to be performed using an app. There are many free apps to do this. Go Contacts EX is a reliable app for the purpose.

The app is an overall Android Contact manager and dialer. We will be using the search and merge feature to find duplicate contacts. After installation, select merge from the options. The app will ask for the basis for the duplicate analysis like name, number, email etc. and the return list of contacts that have duplicates. This can be reviewed and contacts can be merged one at a time.

merge duplicate contacts in android phone

merge duplicate contacts in android phone results

Another app available for the merging of contacts is Contact Analyzer 2 for Android, developed by It is a free app and it gathers information about the amount of contacts present in the device and allows the deletion of duplicates, merging of the identical contacts, contacts with identical numbers can be sought and can be either merged, edited or deleted as per user’s preference. The other free apps to manage the duplicate contacts in your phone include Duplicate Contacts, Duplicate Manager and Contacts Aggregator.

That’s it, no more duplicates in your android phone anymore! We hope this tutorial helps you reduce clutter in your contacts list.

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