How to Connect and Sync Windows Phone 8 With a Computer

Microsoft made a debatable move when they unified their mobile and desktop operating systems making it seamlessly integrated. If you own a Windows Phone, here is the method to sync Windows Phone 8 with a computer.

The experience is extremely user-friendly. All you have to do is to connect the phone to the PC via the USB cable and this should begin an automatic download of the Windows Phone app for Desktop . This app will help synchronizing data between the phone and the computer.

The Zune Software has to be used if you have Windows 7 on your computer. If you own a Mac, then there is a specific Windows Phone app to sync Mac with Windows Phone.

How to Sync Windows Phone 8 With Windows 8 Computer

The user can sync data once the phone is connected to the system and the sync software is downloaded and installed. The app will launch automatically. In case it does not, go to the Start Screen and search for the app by typing “windows phone”. Click on the application as shown in the image below.


In the first connection of the phone and the PC, a pop up will appear (image below) asking if the user wants to participate in WP app improvement program which is a personal choice.


After that, the phone can be given a custom name for easy recognition.

name windows phone 8

Once the phone is connected, photos can be set for automatic import. The option can be undone later if not required.

Next the user can choose between Windows Libraries or iTunes to sync and press Continue.

Windows explorer or File Explorer can be used on the PC to transfer files between the Windows Phone 8 and the PC. While moving content to phone, remember to save content to appropriate folders so that it is easier to locate them later.

Windows 8 Phone Explorer

Synchronizing Content

windows Phone contents

In the applications main screen the user can see their list of photos, music and videos.

Access Windows Phone Store on Windows 8

Scrolling to the right the user can see what is available in the store and in the internet. Using this interface, apps can be searched, downloaded and installed directly to the phone.

Photos, Music or Videos can be added by clicking on the respective icons. Another screen comes, where in the user has to click on Files to select a directory.

Add files to Windows Phone 8

Click on Add More to check out more options available and navigate to the desired location.

Syncing can also be done via SkyDrive but it is suggested to be used only if the user has access to Wi-Fi as otherwise it will drain the phone’s battery and data charge will be high.

Syncing Contacts

This happens automatically, all contacts get imported from the Microsoft account of the user. If another account or service is added, contacts are imported from there too.

Windows 8 Account Settings

Windows Phone Settings

Go to the Charm Bar and go to Settings. Under Preferences, options are available to rename the phone, switch on/off automatic import, auto resize pictures on phone etc. Using Permissions, the user can determine to what level the application is allowed to process.

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  • neelesh

    how can i use wp8 phone’s edge or 3g to access internet on my pc

    • TheAnand

      The easiest way to do this is to get a Wifi dongle from Belkin or so and use internet hotspot feature to browse…it costs just about 20$ (1000 INR)

  • PleaseAddBasicFunctionality

    It’s pathetic you can’t connected to a wireless network and access a standard windows share (WORKGROUP or HOMEGROUP). Seriously Windows 95 could do this, what is the point of getting a windows product if it can not connect to your PC using standard methods.

    Why do I have to physically connect with a USB cable and us Zune for functionality that should be standard??

    My old Android phone can connect wirelessly to my PC, I really wanted to Lumia Icon and assumed a WP8 could do so, was shocked to see that is not the case.