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How to Activate and Configure Kids Corner (Guest Account) on Windows Phone 8

There should have been many a time when you wished there was a guest login for your phones like the Laptops and PCs have. It could be for your nosey friends, colleagues, kids and those people with whom you never know what they are looking for and what they may find.

Windows Phone 8 deal with this intrusion of privacy and also makes it safe to give our phones to somebody else without having to worry about having them stumble on something you do not want them to access.


It is called the Kid’s Corner but it is basically parental control on your phone. The user can create an additional account – guest account, apart from the default one and can determine the extent to which the account has an access to the apps in the phone.

The main idea behind the Kid’s Corner is to allow users to let their kids use the phone without having to worry about how they can accidently delete an app or send out an email or even access the work/personal files and folders.

We will guide you through the process to setup a Guest Account on Windows Phone 8

Step 1

Windows Phone 8 Settings

Go to the list of applications from the start screen (flick left). Click on the Settings Screen.

Step 2:

Look for Kid’s corner in the settings screen. Turn on and activate and configure it.

Settings kids Corner

Step 3:

A welcome note along with an introduction to Kid’s corner will pop up, click on Next.

kids corner details

Step 4

The next screen lets the user choose the availability of content on that account. Tap on each app and Games, Music, Videos to modify the content visible for each of those. Click next when you are done.

Kids corner content

Confirm the selections made by reviewing the numbers below each of those sections. Click next, if you are done configuring the apps in the guest account. Tap previous to go back to make modifications.

Step 5

Hit on finish on the next and final screen.

Setting Kids Corner finished

The concept is good but it does have its annoyances such as passcode requirement to access Kids Corner and inability to add IE to Kids Corner and the like. But the concept is very interesting and we hope Microsoft will fix it when Windows Blue launches.

Source – GuidingTech

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