change search engine in internet explorer 10

How to Change the Default Search Engine in Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer is getting its act together and the new Internet Explorer 10 is testament to that face. But old habits die hard. Even If you got a Windows 8 PC and made the switch to the Internet Explorer, you still need to go to Google to search. It is not that Bing is bad, but it is a habit! In this tutorial, we are going to see how to change default search engine in IE 10.

As with everything else, Microsoft has hidden the settings to make this change down in its settings and it will have to be changed from the desktop mode and not through the charms menu.

How to Change Default Search Engine in IE 10

From the new start menu of Windows 8, you will need to access the desktop, which is done using the Win Key + ‘D’. On the desktop, you will find the Internet Explorer icon in the task bar. Clicking on the same will open IE 10 and you will find a “gear” icon on the top right end.

manage addons IE 10

From the menu, visit “Manage Add-ons” and you will see an option called “Search Providers”. Visit the tab and at the bottom, you will find the option to add more search engines through “Find more search providers” link.

change search providers ie 10

The link will take you to which has a lot of add-ons for your IE browser and you can search for your preferred search provider like Google, DuckDuckGo and many others.

change default search engine ie 10

After you add the search engine, you will be presented with an option to make it a default search engine as shown in the image below.

make google default search provider 10

Once done, the search engine you selected will become your default search engine.

Internet Explorer might not use your preference until you shut down and reopen the browser.  This might be a bit confusing if you are using the Windows 8 for the first time. To exit a metro application, you have to click on the top of the browser and drag it downwards. If you are using a touch screen, just swipe from the top to exit.

When you reopen, the search engine you selected will be your default browser. Do let me know if you need any help with changing default search engine in IE10!

There are certain alternatives like the Google Search for search engines as well as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox work in Windows 8 if you are looking for complete browser alternatives.

Source – HowToGeek

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  • dalski

    IE10 will not let me make Google my default search provider. I have other providers in my list but I can’t make them the default provider. It’s driving me mad!

  • ama

    Eureka….. it worked. I live in Korea and my default is bing in Korean only. I hate bing and I don’t want to search in Korean. Thank you!!