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How to Boot to the Desktop And Skip Metro UI in Windows 8

Windows 8 is known for its tile-d interface, which begins right from the Start screen when the user logs in.While many believe that the glance-and-go model of the new UI is the future, many hate change and the extra steps it requires to get something done. There is no middle ground, you either love the metro UI or you absolutely hate it! But with this simple tutorial, you can now skip the Modern UI completely and directly boot straight to the desktop with a quick trick.

This when combined with third–party Start menu applications like “ViStart” or “Start8” eliminates the need to use the Modern UI.

Creating the Shortcut to

First step is to open a Notepad which is done by pressing the windows Key from the desktop to access Metro and then typing Notepad at the Start screen and hitting Enter. Paste the below text into a new file:

how to skip metro ui
Save the file with the .scf file extension. For example, ShowDesktop.scf

save as to skip metro ui at boot

This is same shortcuts the “Show Desktop” button that was found in the Quick Launch area on Windows XP.

Using the Task Scheduler

By using the Task Scheduler, the user can set the shortcut to automatically run when the user logs in. The Task Scheduler can be launched by pressing the Windows key and typing in “Schedule”. Click on the Settings category and select “Schedule Tasks” application. It can also be found under the Administrative Tools in the Control Panel. Once the Task Scheduler Window appears, on the left side there will be a “Task Scheduler Library”, click on it.

task scheduler windows 8

Right-click in the main pane. Select “Create New Task.” On the General tab, name the task something like “Show Desktop.”

create task to boot into desktop winows 8

Click on the “Triggers “tab and use the New button to set a new trigger. In the New Trigger Window, set the task to begin “At Log On” and click OK.

new trigger task scheduler windows 8

Click on the Actions Tab and create a New Action. Set this action to “Start a program” use the Browse button to select the shortcut that has been created earlier and click OK.

Click on the conditions tab and uncheck the “Start the task only if the computer is on AC power”, check the box under Power. If this is not done, the laptop will not boot to desktop if it is running on battery power.

conditions windows 8 task scheduler

Click OK and all the steps to skip metro UI in windows 8 are done. When you boot your PC next time, it will automatically jump to the desktop mode. However, you can still spot the Metro UI for a moment for a moment. Also, when you land in the desktop mode, you will be greeted with a Windows Explorer windows.

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