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Massive Open Online Courses

Want to learn a new language, study artificial intelligence, or understand quantum mechanics? No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a growing community of free online educational resources available. They’re referred to as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and they’re becoming extremely popular.

Here’s a list of resources I’ve developed that cover everything from language development to string theory. Check ‘em out: — Coursera, which offers free university courses online, launched April 2012 and has already attracted two million members (a growth rate faster than Facebook), $22 million in venture capital, and 70,000 new students signing up every week. The company has partnered with over 33 universities to bring a very wide range of topics to the site. — The Khan Academy has an open library with over 3,900 micro lectures and tutorials in math, science, economics, computer science, the humanities, and test prep. — A very nice collection of resources that focuses on cultural and educational media. — Want to design a website, or develop a mobile application? Codecademy is definitely something you should check out. They’ve been backed by big names like Richard Branson and for good reason, in just 72 hours of launching the site they generated 200,000 users. They’ve since surpassed 1 million users. — Born from a Stanford University experiment, Udacity pushes to reshape the way education is offered in the 21st century. The site now offers 20 university courses for free. — Founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University, edX offers a wide array of courses for free. — Free Stanford courses. Check back frequently for new course announcements.

Language Only

These may not fall under MOOCs, but I think they can be just as valuable. — Livemocha is one of the world’s largest online language learning communities. They support over 15 million users in over 195 countries. They do offer premium services, but the majority of their content is 100 percent free. — This is a relatively new language learning platform and community. Like Livemocha, they too offer premium services for a monthly fee however, their free service can be very useful.

Let me know if I missed anything. I always enjoy finding new resources.

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