iOS 7 Wish list

iOS 7 wish list

This year will be the debut of iOS 7. There have been things said about iOS 6 like it’s boring, it’s getting old, it needs a revamp. While I don’t agree with all of those sentiments I do think there is a lot of room for improvement. This is the T3kd iOS 7 wish list. A list of the things that Apple will hopefully implement in the new iOS. Before I get started everyone needs to understand a few things about Apple and iOS. It’s been 5 years since the introduction of the iPhone and along with it the iPhone Operating System, now iOS. In that 5 years Apple has spent time perfecting iOS while throngs of people learned to operate it. They are not going to drastically re-write it now that everyone knows how to use it.

What they will do is make changes that add to the Operating System (OS), keep it simple and retain the familiarity. Our iOS 7 wish list keeps this in mind, sort off. The list has features that would make using iOS easier, more efficient and more productive for the user. Which is what a new OS should always do for the benefit of users. So lets jump into the wish list now.

Lock screen

Toggle to turn the lock screen clock and date On/Off – The iPhone has a beautiful screen, especially now with the larger screen. Except we never get to enjoy the beauty of the screen. There are always elements on the screen(clock, icons). The lock screen which is hardly utilized has the clock and date right in the middle of the screen. A toggle in the Settings panel would be the most simple addition that would give users the option of turning the clock and date on or off.

iOS 7 Wish list

Lockscreen clock off

Alternate Notification Center – The notification center is not accessible from the lock screen. It’s a security issue, who would want their information easily accessible if the device was lost or stolen? But why not have an alternate notification center when the device is locked. One that allows access to options and information right from the lock screen. It makes things easier and more efficient for the user. The alternate notification center could have toggles for Wifi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Mute and Orientation Lock. It would have the weather and stock widgets for glance-able information.

iPad Specific Notification Center - Ever since the Notification Center was introduced the iPad has used the same one found on the iPhone. It looks silly on the bigger screen of the iPad and fails to use the larger iPad screen in a useful way. Steve Jobs was famous for saying the iPad unlike it’s competitors didn’t run scaled up smartphone apps. There are iPad specific apps that take advantage of the bigger screen with extra elements, features, etc. So why after all this time is the iPad still using the silly looking half baked iPhone Notification Center. The increased size of the iPads’ screens would allow more space for even more things within the Notification Center. The possibilities are endless, quick access app shortcuts, favorited apps, iPad specific widgets, etc.

iOS 7 Wish list

Full Screen Music app – When the device is locked I want full access and control of my music. The screen is big enough so why require the user to unlock the device to do things like switch to playlist, song, or artist mode. I want to see the list of songs in the playlist, go into Coverflow, etc. from the lock screen. The double tap of the home button to gain access to the controls ensures it wont happen without user input. The Apple Maps app does it so they already know how to implement it. What’s the hold up?

iOS 7 Wish list

Full Screen Music2

Album Art/Lock screen toggle – Times have changed a lot since the iPod was first introduced. While some people still have an emotional attachment or enjoy the display of their Album Art. Others are more emotionally attached and enjoy the image displayed on the lock screen. Whether it’s a new parent with a picture of their newborn or child. Or a personal image created by the user, many would rather see their lock screen than the Album Art. A toggle button in the lower right corner of the screen would give user’s the simple option to enjoy whichever they choose.

iOS 7 Wish list

AA Flip2

Ability to answer iMessages from the lock screen – User’s have different reasons and times when they aren’t able to unlock the device to answer iMessages. It is much quicker and more efficient to allow them to answer or dismiss the messages from the lock screen. This is another security issue since it would allow access to iMessage if the device were lost or stolen. So the setting to enable it should be under the passcode option. It would require the user to setup a passcode in order to use the feature. When replying to a message from the lock screen the user would be required to input the passcode first. As it is now if the device has a passcode it has to be entered to reply to an iMessage anyway. So not requiring the device to unlock and the iMessage app to launch before the user could reply would be quicker and easier while still keeping it secure.

iOS 7 Wish list


Ability to dismiss lock screen notifications – When the device is locked and notifications come in they end up on the screen until they are checked. In cases when a user can’t get to the notification it ends up in a horrible mess as more notifications fill the screen. Especially when the notification is for a message so short it shows in the preview. If you have repeating alerts the notification will also buzz again if you haven’t responded to it. There should be a way to dismiss the notifications from the screen. They should either fade away after a set time like 10 or 15 minutes or allow the user to dismiss the ones they choose. The user could tap the app icon of the notification instead of sliding it. An “x” would appear on the notification allowing the user to clear it from the lock screen notification.

iOS 7 Wish list

Custom lock/unlock sounds – There are so many more things in iOS 6 that a user can set custom sounds for how about allowing me to change the lock/unlock sounds.


App and folder icons anywhere on the home screen grid – These devices are supposed to be ushering in the Post PC era. If that is the case there are many little freedoms we enjoy in a PC OS that we still don’t have. Like the ability to put icons where we want on the home screen. Right now the app and folder icons are put on a grid in succession. I want the ability to put the icons anywhere on the home screen grid. This allows users to arrange icons how they like while still adhering to the grid. It allows the simple freedom of putting icons around the edge of the home screen if a user chooses.

iOS 7 Wish list

Local Siri functionality – Siri is Apple’s digital assistant. Able to make calls, make appointments, send messages and more with one big downside. Using Siri requires an internet connection. So even though for things like making a call or setting an appointment the data is all local, without an internet connection Siri is not available. The digital assistant is on break. This doesn’t make sense to me and also slows down the adoption of it dramatically. These functions need to be built-in so that Siri can perform the tasks without the need of going back to the servers first. The more people that use Siri result in the service becoming better at performing tasks and understanding what is being asked.

Siri Travel Mode – The device can sense when the user is travelling at a faster speed than possible when walking. There should be a travel mode where Siri activates and reads all notifications to the user. Then in the case of emails and iMessages it would wait for the user’s response. One thing hasn’t changed about society. When using Siri you feel and look just as crazy as when Bluetooth headsets were just introduced. When was the last time anyone in a public place used Siri to create an email, iMessage, appointment or dictation? We are still not comfortable talking to our devices in public. In travel mode the interaction with Siri would become like talking on a phone. Since it wouldn’t be a one sided conversation of commands. Siri would read an iMessage and then ask “Would you like to reply?” this leaves the outside conversation as “yes, blah blah blah.” Siri:”Would you like to send your message?”. The conversation would feel more natural and comfortable. It would also help with the problem of texting, emailing, etc. while driving.

Allow Siri access to more OS features – Siri should be able to do things like turn DnD on and off. It is easier and faster for users resulting in more use of OS features.

Allow Siri access to the alarm clock – I want to be able to say Siri “turn my alarm off for the next three days”, if I’m sick or don’t need my weekday alarm for some reason. The alarm should turn off and then re-enable three days later saving me the effort of maintaining it manually.

Additional Do Not Disturb(DnD) sets - I want more than just one DnD range. The time I don’t want to be disturbed is not the same on the weekend as it might be during the week. I want to click add just like you would for setting multiple alarms and then be able to add more DnD ranges. I want to be able to pick specific days for each range. So you could have weekdays, weekends, Holidays and turn them on and off just like you would alarms. Better yet turn them on and off via Siri.

iOS 7 Wish list

Quick Access Camera shortcut assignment - The iPhone camera is very popular. Our smartphones are usually in our pockets and with the stunning quality of the iPhone’s camera. It makes for the perfect camera. Starting with the iPhone 4 the popularity of the iPhone on photography based site Flickr passed the mainstay, Nikon D90 a DSLR. It’s an impressive feat. Now combine that with the fact that there are many third party camera apps provide functionality and features that aren’t available in the stock camera app and there is a chance to make it even more popular. The quick access shortcut on the lock screen is the easiest, fastest way to get to the camera. It’s too bad that there is no way to assign what is opened with it. The OS should assign whichever camera app is being used to the shortcut enabling users to get the most out of both the camera and their apps. The OS would do it automatically leaving the user with no settings to change manually.

iDevices in AirDrop - iDevices have now gone wireless many of the things that used to require plugging in to the USB cable has been replaced with wireless or on device options. However a few things still requires a connection to the cable. One of these is to transfer images to and from the device. The devices should be accessible through AirDrop. Then all that would be required to get or put images onto the device is a Wireless connection.

Thumb gesture app switcher – Steve Jobs said that the iPad doesn’t run scaled up phone apps. So he made it know that there is a distinction between an iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch at times. So why not have some iPhone/Touch specific multi-touch gestures that work on the smaller screen. I’d love a thumb swipe to open the app switcher. It would be faster, more intuitive and save the home button some clicks.

On-screen Rotation Lock – Rotation lock should be an on screen button that appears when the user has rotated the screen between orientations more than once. The app Pocket has already implemented this and it is so elegant and efficient. It needs to be system wide.

iOS 7 Wish list

Shared notes – Just like shared calendars I want to share notes between between Apple IDs

Ability to un-install native apps – I have never used the native Stocks, Weather, Compass, or Newsstand app. So why can’t I un-install them? The new Apple apps like Podcast, Apple Store, iTunes U, etc. can be installed and un-installed just like any other app. I want the same ability for the other natively installed apps. I understand if the core apps like Phone, Calendar, Messages, Safari have to stay for the basic use of the phone. If grandma’s stock or weather app was deleted I don’t think she would miss it. Even if she did a simple install would fix the issue.

iOS 7 Wish list

Glass app folder icons – This is my personal taste but I want to enjoy the beautiful Retina screen and my own beautiful background. The linen folder background is hideous but having it in the folder icon is even worst. Why not have an elegant glass look to the folder icons with the background blurred a bit and then a steel or aluminum style ring around the folder icon. (See app and folder icons anywhere on the home screen grid)

Device Connectivity – All iDevices should be able to connect without Wifi. Use BLuetooth or NFC or whatever works. Just get it done and allow users to transfer pictures, videos, notes etc. between devices easily.

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Film about Apple’s History Criticized by Founder

Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple, has been immortalized in a film carrying his own name. While many have claimed that this film isn’t really one of the main blockbusters, critics have praised Ashton Kutcher, the actor who portrayed Jobs. However, there is one critical opinion that hasn’t been met and it’s by far the most important. Steve Wozniak feels that the movie has not captured the true essence of the founding of Apple.


 Why Hasn’t The Movie Been Able To Capture The Spirit Of Apple’s Founding?

Many have claimed that the betrayal of Steve Jobs, while it was very appropriate, didn’t really hold to the facts. Wozniak stated that this scene would have been shown online ‘never happened.’ According to him, Steve Jobs never thought of having computers impacting society, but to make them affordable. Wozniak had previously built computers and given them away, but Steve Jobs want to capitalize on this new idea.

 So what did the cofounder of Apple have to say?

What he was largely critical of the film in question, he did concede that the film would be fun to watch. It is sort of like The Social Network and Pirates of Silicon Valley. Wozniak had served as a consultant on the movie, especially on three extended scenes.

The movie had run several decades, from the building of one of the first personal computers to the launching of the iPod. There was much effort, especially on the part of Ashton Kutcher and the actor who portrayed Wozniak. The latter, in particular, then months reading from tech books and even attending seminars to get into character.

However, Ashton Kutcher was praise time and time again for being able, to get very much and his character of Jobs. While one can realize that films will always be somewhat inaccurate, the fellow jobs has done a fairly excellent job of capturing this pivotal moments in not only the history of one company, but in the history of the United States. The founding of Apple revolutionized how computers would be brought to the masses.

 A brief history of Apple

On April 1, 1976 three men met to sell the Apple one personal computer kit as the first computer and carried a price tag comparable to today’s $2,723. Just a year later the next series of Apple was released and from then on, the company continued to grow until the release of the Macintosh in 1984, following the release of a very famous commercial aired during the Super Bowl. Apple continued to lead the front and was able to release a semi portable computer following the release of the Macintosh.

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What is the Post-PC era?

Apple has been talking about the Post-PC era since the introduction of the iPad. Now three years later I don’t feel we are any closer to it happening industry wide. Yes for a lot of people the iPad can seriously augment their PC use or even replace it. However when you talk about a Post-PC era it’s a very different thing. Well actually, it depends on the definition of Post-PC era doesn’t it? What is the Post-PC era?

Post-PC eraThere will always be a need for computers at least the way things are right now. It’s great that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is able to replace 80% of his computing needs by using an iPad and iPhone combination. However, just like his pay checks aren’t representative of the regular person’s neither are his computing needs. So using him as an example of the Post-PC era just doesn’t work. Does he need to use Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD, 3Ds Max or play hardcore computer games? Probably not and these are all examples of why a Post-PC era in terms of PCs disappearing completely is not possible now.

What is the Post-PC Era?

Like I said it all depends on the definition of a Post-PC era. Computers are all around us, from servers that run bank accounts and credit cards to fast food drive thrus. However if the computer becomes the workhorse, doing the heavy lifting then a Post-PC era could be one where smartphones and tablet devices become the interface. They become the way you control the workhorse and that definition of a Post-PC era might be a little closer than we ultimately think. There are already remote apps that allow smartphones and tablet devices to connect and control computers. Windows computers have had a Remote Desktop Connection client for awhile now.

Even using this definition, which is the way I look at it, that time while attainable is still a ways off. If people are to still have the same usefulness they do now the smartphones and tablet devices will need to be a lot more powerful and capable. However it is a lot closer than what the majority of people think when they hear “Post-PC era”. They picture a time when the current “computer” is obsolete and sits in a corner covered in dust and cobwebs. A time when smartphones and tablet devices are able to do everything a computer does now and more. This isn’t happening anytime soon because they simply are not capable of that now and will not be for the forseeable future.

I on the other hand do look forward to a time when all I carry around is a 15 inch iPad. My computer box stays parked at work and home with only a power cord and internet connection. No matter where I am I connect to the box and do whatever I need to do. All the processing power staying inside my computer box allowing me to upgrade it easily. The hardcore gamers would be able to touch their games and ofcourse as always they would have custom setups. It’s the thing of dreams but it wasn’t too long ago that people watched Star Trek or other science fiction shows and that kind of technology seemed like a dream. Yet here we are today with smartphones, 32GBs of data in your pocket and the ability to touch our screens.

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The 3 Cast #96: Printers Rock!

First, let’s congratulate Vince again on his new daughter, the future is bright! Congrats Vince! Next, what did we talk about this week? 3D Printers, Steve Job’s impact on Apple one year later, and the iPad Mini and its possibilities for success.

Note: The Video version of The 3 Cast did not record properly so we are unable to bring you a video version this week.

Download          mp3           |         AAC

Hosts: Matthew Weber, Ricky Williams, Vincent Hui

Topics: iPad mini, Apple After Steve, 3D Printing revolution. Picks of the Week, The Final Question.

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T3kd Weekly 56: 8 Tracks, Old People and George Clooney

So this week looked like a small week, right? No way we could podcast for the whole hour. Well obviously we decided we needed some tangents, and we also spent about 20 minutes discussing who should play Steve Jobs in the movies. We didn’t come to an agreement. Matt had a giant brain fart (call it his Ricky Perry moment) at the beginning, searching for a word to get started. Don’t be discouraged there though, it gets a lot better. That is if you like offensive, vulgar, and lude behavior. Check out the download and play links after the break.

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T3kd Weekly 56 November 21 2011Hosts
Matthew Weber
Vincent Hui
Ricky Williams
Andy AllisonApple News
iTunes Match is Here –Matt

George Clooney To Play Steve Jobs in the Movies?  –Vince

iPad 3 to be thicker?  -Ricky

Google News
Google Launches Google Music Store. –Andy

New Blackberry Phone Leaked?   -Matt

Netflix to get into Oringial-ish Content?  –Vince

Picks of the Week

Matt — Riptide GP for Android
Vince-  LAYAR
Ricky – Modern Warfare 3 for PC
Andy-awesome note

iPad 2 giveaway -

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@t3kd on Twitter


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T3kd Weekly 52: WTF Are You Laughing At?

Okay, so despite all of Vince’s efforts, this podcast got out of hand a couple of times. We discussed professionally and sensitively the passing of Steve Jobs, we bashed and loved the iPhone 4S, and we discuss some of the weeks gaming news. There was also a period in there where Andy and Corrina couldn’t stop laughing, and no one knows what they are laughing about. Hence the title. Jump past the break for audio and download links, and of course the show notes.


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T3kd Weekly 47: Sex With A Laptop

It seems like every week, the T3kd podcast gets better and better. It also gets dirtier and dirtier. Gratefully, Vince will be back soon and so will the discipline and decorum that he brings. Until then, shit. We’ll do what we want. I don’t really remember what we talked about. Something about Apple, iPhone 5, and Google TV. Other than that it was just a blur. And apparently there were crickets.


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T3kd Weekly 41: Not Funny Matt…Not Funny

This past week, as everyone knows, Mac OS X Lion came out. Matt was stupid enough to download it, do a fresh install, and crash his Mac for the first time in two years as a Mac owner. So the this podcast is only being posted on Sunday, though it was recorded on Wednesday. In this horrendous episode, Matt tries to make jokes, but only comes across as a xenophobic, racist bastard who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. So you know the usual. And as usual, the usual apologies apply to anyone that is offended by the contents of this podcast. Oh…and be prepared for a good portion of Apple news. We warned you.

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T3kd Weekly 41 for the Week of July 18th 2011
Title: Not funny Matt..Not Funny
Hosts: Matthew Weber
Ricky Williams
Vincent HuiApple News

Matt – Apple Releases Mac OS X Lion

Ricky – Apple’s Q3 earnings exceed estimates: $28.57 billion revenue, $7.31 billion profit, 20 million iPhones sold

Vince – CE-Oh no he didn’t!: Google’s Eric Schmidt says competitors are ‘responding with lawsuits’ instead of innovation

Matt –




Ricky –

Matt –

Ricky -


Misc News




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