iOS 7 Wish list

iOS 7 wish list

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This year will be the debut of iOS 7. There have been things said about iOS 6 like it’s boring, it’s getting old, it needs a revamp. While I don’t agree with all of those sentiments I do think there is a lot of room for improvement. This is the T3kd iOS 7 wish list. A list of the things that Apple will hopefully implement in the new iOS. Before I get started everyone needs to understand a few things about Apple and iOS. It’s been 5 years since the introduction of the iPhone and along with it the iPhone Operating System, now iOS. In that 5 years Apple has spent time perfecting iOS while throngs of people learned to operate it. They are not going to drastically re-write it now that everyone knows how to use it. What they will do is make changes that add to the Operating System (OS), keep it simple and retain the familiarity. Our iOS 7 wish list keeps this in mind, sort off. The list has features that would make using iOS easier, more efficient and more productive for the user. Which is what a new OS should always do for the benefit …

Ricky WilliamsiOS 7 wish list

Film about Apple’s History Criticized by Founder

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Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple, has been immortalized in a film carrying his own name. While many have claimed that this film isn’t really one of the main blockbusters, critics have praised Ashton Kutcher, the actor who portrayed Jobs. However, there is one critical opinion that hasn’t been met and it’s by far the most important. Steve Wozniak feels that the movie has not captured the true essence of the founding of Apple.  Why Hasn’t The Movie Been Able To Capture The Spirit Of Apple’s Founding? Many have claimed that the betrayal of Steve Jobs, while it was very appropriate, didn’t really hold to the facts. Wozniak stated that this scene would have been shown online ‘never happened.’ According to him, Steve Jobs never thought of having computers impacting society, but to make them affordable. Wozniak had previously built computers and given them away, but Steve Jobs want to capitalize on this new idea.  So what did the cofounder of Apple have to say? What he was largely critical of the film in question, he did concede that the film would be fun to watch. It is sort of like The Social Network and Pirates of Silicon …

Matthew MallicoatFilm about Apple’s History Criticized by Founder

What is the Post-PC era?

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Apple has been talking about the Post-PC era since the introduction of the iPad. Now three years later I don’t feel we are any closer to it happening industry wide. Yes for a lot of people the iPad can seriously augment their PC use or even replace it. However when you talk about a Post-PC era it’s a very different thing. Well actually, it depends on the definition of Post-PC era doesn’t it? What is the Post-PC era?

Ricky WilliamsWhat is the Post-PC era?

The 3 Cast #96: Printers Rock!

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First, let’s congratulate Vince again on his new daughter, the future is bright! Congrats Vince! Next, what did we talk about this week? 3D Printers, Steve Job’s impact on Apple one year later, and the iPad Mini and its possibilities for success. Note: The Video version of The 3 Cast did not record properly so we are unable to bring you a video version this week. Download          mp3           |         AAC Hosts: Matthew Weber, Ricky Williams, Vincent Hui Topics: iPad mini, Apple After Steve, 3D Printing revolution. Picks of the Week, The Final Question.

Matthew WeberThe 3 Cast #96: Printers Rock!

T3kd Weekly 56: 8 Tracks, Old People and George Clooney

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So this week looked like a small week, right? No way we could podcast for the whole hour. Well obviously we decided we needed some tangents, and we also spent about 20 minutes discussing who should play Steve Jobs in the movies. We didn’t come to an agreement. Matt had a giant brain fart (call it his Ricky Perry moment) at the beginning, searching for a word to get started. Don’t be discouraged there though, it gets a lot better. That is if you like offensive, vulgar, and lude behavior. Check out the download and play links after the break.

Matthew WeberT3kd Weekly 56: 8 Tracks, Old People and George Clooney

T3kd Weekly 52: WTF Are You Laughing At?

Vincent Hui Podcast 1 Comment

Okay, so despite all of Vince’s efforts, this podcast got out of hand a couple of times. We discussed professionally and sensitively the passing of Steve Jobs, we bashed and loved the iPhone 4S, and we discuss some of the weeks gaming news. There was also a period in there where Andy and Corrina couldn’t stop laughing, and no one knows what they are laughing about. Hence the title. Jump past the break for audio and download links, and of course the show notes.

Vincent HuiT3kd Weekly 52: WTF Are You Laughing At?

T3kd Weekly 47: Sex With A Laptop

Matthew Weber Podcast 1 Comment

It seems like every week, the T3kd podcast gets better and better. It also gets dirtier and dirtier. Gratefully, Vince will be back soon and so will the discipline and decorum that he brings. Until then, shit. We’ll do what we want. I don’t really remember what we talked about. Something about Apple, iPhone 5, and Google TV. Other than that it was just a blur. And apparently there were crickets.

Matthew WeberT3kd Weekly 47: Sex With A Laptop

T3kd Weekly 41: Not Funny Matt…Not Funny

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This past week, as everyone knows, Mac OS X Lion came out. Matt was stupid enough to download it, do a fresh install, and crash his Mac for the first time in two years as a Mac owner. So the this podcast is only being posted on Sunday, though it was recorded on Wednesday. In this horrendous episode, Matt tries to make jokes, but only comes across as a xenophobic, racist bastard who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. So you know the usual. And as usual, the usual apologies apply to anyone that is offended by the contents of this podcast. Oh…and be prepared for a good portion of Apple news. We warned you. [toggle_box title="Expand Show Notes" width="Width of toggle box"] T3kd Weekly 41 for the Week of July 18th 2011 Title: Not funny Matt..Not Funny Hosts: Matthew Weber Ricky Williams Vincent HuiApple News Matt – Apple Releases Mac OS X Lion Ricky – Apple’s Q3 earnings exceed estimates: $28.57 billion revenue, $7.31 billion profit, 20 million iPhones sold Vince – CE-Oh no he didn’t!: Google’s Eric Schmidt says competitors are ‘responding with lawsuits’ instead of innovation Matt – ADVERT Ricky- Vince- …

Matthew WeberT3kd Weekly 41: Not Funny Matt…Not Funny