How iOS 7 can save you battery life

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Most smartphones today all have the necessary features. So battery life has become a big deciding factor for many people. After all what good are all these new features if the device is dead? Well now that iOS 7 has been out for almost 2 weeks. What does Apple’s new iOS have that might help save user’s valuable battery life. Apple has made some enhancements to Siri in iOS 7. The digital assistant can now do a lot more than in previous iOS versions. Siri can now turn things on and off including Bluetooth, Wifi and Cellular Data. It might not seem like a big deal to have your Wifi, Cellular Data and Bluetooth on all the time but the radios do use battery power. So why have them on consuming power especially at times when they are not in use. Now it would be a pretty daunting task to turn them on and off manually whenever you leave the house, office, or wherever else you have or don’t have wifi, need or don’t need bluetooth. But now with Siri, iOS 7 makes it easy and this is one way iOS 7 can save you battery life. The only thing …

Ricky WilliamsHow iOS 7 can save you battery life

iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7 what did we get

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On Tuesday of this week, Sept. 10th, Apple held their event. We speculated on what we would get and talked about the other questions that still remained to be answered. Well now we have our answers. The iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7 were shown off so what did we get? Well we’re going to cover some of the details and also talk about some of the questions that are now created about where do they go form here. The video of the keynote is now available on the Apple site, go watch it. So to go through what we got to see at the keynote, there was the iPhone 5c (Android Free) The iPhone everyone thought was going to be cheap turned out to be “less expensive” instead. No one should have been surprised since Apple doesn’t do cheap and yet they were. When netbooks proliferated the computer landscape Apple did the MacBook Air. It was far from cheap but “less expensive” than a MacBook Pro. The iPhone 5c is the same. It is far from cheap but at $99 for a 16GB model on a 2 Year contract(US) it’s cheap enough that it becomes a throwaway phone. …

Ricky WilliamsiPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7 what did we get

Apple Event today!

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I know it’s been awhile since there has been any activity here on T3kd. Matt put up a very eloquent farewell speech but the Apple event today has brought me out of hiding. Matt is still just as busy as he was before so it will probably be mainly me for the next little while discussing everything tech. However I’m sure when time allows Matt will pop in and bless us with a few articles. Anyway lets get down to business here, today is the day, it is Apple’s September 10th event. So let’s talk a little about this event, what to expect and where you can get coverage. We haven’t been invited to the event so we wont be covering it live. However many sites in the blogosphere will have live coverage. You can find a few at the following places: iMore Engadget Ars Technica AllthingsD MacWorld So tune in to any one of those places to get live, or as close to it as possible, coverage of the event. Now what’s going to be announced? You know it’s funny I’ve been talking to a few of my friends about the iPhone 5s and 5c leaks that have happened …

Ricky WilliamsApple Event today!
Spotlight in iOS 7

Spotlight in iOS 7

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If you’re a dev and are playing around with iOS 7, you may have noticed that spotlight, iOS’s search feature, appears to be gone in iOS 7. However, Spotlight in iOS 7 is still available. Here’s how to get to it. On any homescreen, simply pull down on the icons. Don’t pull down from the top, since that brings down notification center. Literally place your finger anywhere below that and pull down. The motion is similar to when you are scrolling up on a webpage in Mobile Safari. Here’s a picture of what Spotlight in iOS 7 looks like.

Matthew WeberSpotlight in iOS 7
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BiteSMS now has a quick compose widget (Jailbreak)

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BiteSMS is one of the great Jailbreak apps for Jailbroken iOS devices. It is one of the reasons many people Jailbreak their devices and many return to Jailbreak. BiteSMS opens a pop up window for SMS/iMessages on the lock screen or inside an app. It allows a person to reply or dismiss the message without leaving the app or breaking their concentration and it is arguably one of the things many users wish Apple would impliment in stock iOS. Well BiteSMS now has a quick compose widget in the Notification Center. So now a user can create a new message without opening the app at all. All it requires is to pull down the Notification Center and there is a quick compose icon in the lower right corner. The new feature even has favorited contacts in the widget saving the user time composing messages to people they correspond with often. It looks slick, makes things easy and the best part is when it is combined with another Jailbreak app “LockInfo” you have access to the quick compose widget from the lock screen. The feature is in beta right now so you will have to add the beta repository as a …

Ricky WilliamsBiteSMS now has a quick compose widget (Jailbreak)

Do you really want a bigger iPhone?

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Yesterday I was reading a Gizmodo post “Battery Life Is the Only Spec That Matters” which had some valid points and others that were assumptions. However there was one good point, we are possibly to blame for the thinner iPhone 5. The reason I bring it up is because it is pretty much a common idea now that most people would have rather had a thicker iPhone 5. But although we say that and think why did Apple make it “Lighter” and “Thinner”? Perhaps we are the ones to blame. So ask yourself “Do you really want a bigger iPhone?” Confused now well just bear with me and it will all make sense. So the new argument is that the size and heft of the iPhone 4/4s was great. So with the new machining process and materials used for the iPhone 5 having it at the same size and weight would have resulted in more battery. More battery would have resulted in phenomenal battery life and we would have all been over the moon. But would we? have been over the moon that is. It is easy to say it in hindsight but with competitors hot on the heels of …

Ricky WilliamsDo you really want a bigger iPhone?

Why GameStick is awesome

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For the unacquainted, GameStick is another Android powered gaming console which is soon going to hit the markets. GameStick and Ouya are similar in a few ways, both were funded by Kickstarter campaigns and both are gaming consoles which run on Google’s Android OS. Both the GameStick and Ouya are going to have their very own gaming and app stores and both of them will come with controllers. But while Ouya went ahead and designed a sleek looking box, GameStick is going to be what the name implies, a game stick. The portable GameStick was an instant hit at Kickstarter where it reached its $10,000 goal in only two days. PlayJam the company behind GameStick is displaying the console at GDC and generally people seem quite impressed with the device. GameStick Size: The console’s size it its stronger suite. While Ouya is also a very handy console, you can’t just unplug it and put it in your pocket. GameStick on the other hand is a very small device which plugs directly into the HIMI port of your TV/Monitor. That’s not all; the console can be slotted directly into the handy controller which can also be easily pocketed. GameStick is a …

Bilawal BashirWhy GameStick is awesome

Samsung Galaxy S4 screen comparison

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So are you waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S4 to arrive just so you could enjoy the 5 inch full HD screen? Well if the most important part of a smartphone for you is the screen, you may be a tad bit disappointed. The reason of discontent is not all that surprising, we all know that however improved the display is, it will still be an AMOLED one. The difference is a little bit too obvious if you compare the Samsung’s flagship smartphone with other top end phones. The good guys over at Phone Arena compared the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen with a number of smartphones from other manufacturers and the results are quite good. The lineup included the Apple iPhone 5, Sony Xperia Z, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 920. The only other noticeable contender which is missing is Nexus 4, but that is ok. All the smartphones have at least 720p displays so the playing field is almost even. As you can see, Samsung’s AMOLED display on both the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 fails to compare with the brightness of other smartphones. Apple’s retina display and HTC One’s LCD panel performed admirably well. The …

Bilawal BashirSamsung Galaxy S4 screen comparison

Metal Gear Solid V announced, David Hayter not returning

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The king of stealth espionage is back and it returned with a much bigger bang this time around. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been officially announced at GDC by none other than the father of the series, the legendary Hideo Kojima. The master of hour-long cinematic cut scenes revealed that the Metal Gear Solid V is actually Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Rain combined. Well that was a blow to those who were hoping that Kojima was readying another IP to launch alongside the stealth and action heavy Metal Gear Solid. But on the other hand it is more Metal Gear Solid, and you can never have enough of Snake. First have a look at the trailer, then peruse towards 7 minutes of actual gameplay and after that come back to us for a little heart to heart (you will get the joke after watching the trailer). Now that you have watched the amazing trailer for the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Rain about 3 times. Let us point towards the fact that the game looks absolutely amazing, which is thanks to the in house graphics engine made by Kojima and Co. The …

Bilawal BashirMetal Gear Solid V announced, David Hayter not returning

FAA May Soon Allow Tablets, eReaders, and More During Takeoff & Landing

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You may soon be able to use your eReader, tablet, or other select digital devices on airplanes during takeoff and landing.  That’s according to buzz from behind the scenes at the FAA.  The Verge reports that the Federal Aviation Administration is considering flyers to use such devices during the maneuvers if they can be used in “Airplane” mode — meaning Wi-Fi and cellular receivers off. That doesn’t mean you’ll be able to use your cellphones though.  Those digital devices will still be banned except during taxi maneuvers while the plane is on the tarmac. FAA Study Supports Rule Change The FAA launched a study last year and discovered that the ambient buzz from these devices doesn’t interfere with critical components of the aircraft. The study was the result of increasing pressure (according to an unnamed source who leaked info to the New York Times) to either allows these devices to be used or offer a credible explanation of why they can’t be used. The study also looked into such topics as policing these new policies, what exactly should and shouldn’t be allowed, and whether or not the individual rules should be left up to airlines or if the FAA would issue …

Robert PalmerFAA May Soon Allow Tablets, eReaders, and More During Takeoff & Landing