Why Google Glass is a perfect play by Google

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Google Glass is the best thing Google has done for many reasons. It is much more important than their Android OS and no one even knows it yet. Why google glass is a perfect play by Google begins with the fact that they have first mover advantage. But it goes far beyond that, it spiders into everything Google and that is why it can become their most important venture, if it is done right! Google Glass like iTunes has first mover advantage. There are no competitors in the market yet and what that does is allow Google to develop their 1.0 product and perfect it long before anyone gets a clue and joins the party. It is a huge advantage for them because when the device does become more popular and competitors appear Google will already have a huge head start. I compared it to iTunes because iTunes existed long before the iPhone, iPad, App store, etc. ever came about. It was just yet another media player. This afforded Apple the time to work on it, implement and get things working while having it work on Macs and Windows. Then when the mp3 craze hit and iPods became a craze …

Ricky WilliamsWhy Google Glass is a perfect play by Google

Google Fiber everywhere

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You have inevitably hear about Google Fiber by now. It has launched in Kansas City, will be expanding to Austin Texas and was announced to be heading to Provo Utah.  Google Fiber is using Google installed fiber optics to bring internet and TV service at Google says 100 times faster. The hope is that Google would eventually step into the ring as an Internet Service Provider(ISP) and bring Google Fiber nationwide. However many posts have been written about the enormous cost it would take and also the roadblocks and hurdles Google would face to take on such an endeavour. However there is a way that there could be Google Fiber everywhere. Well at least here in North America. The problem is just one word “Greed” but you’ll understand more about that when we get into it. It will take many billions of dollars to bring Google Fiber to all the cities in North America. A huge cost even for Google but if you think about what fiber and that 100 times faster internet means there is a way that it might happen. The recent talks of the new video game consoles Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s XBox 720 or whatever …

Ricky WilliamsGoogle Fiber everywhere

Google+ Has Nearly 360 Million Users

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If you were trying to get a buzz on what social media platform is most popular, it’s likely that you would guess that Facebook is clearly number one, with Twitter gaining ground from the second spot. In fact, you’d likely claim that Google+ was a complete failure. It turns out that Google+ is currently the social media platform in second place, with 359 million active users. It’s a wonder that Google is able to boast such high numbers. It’s likely that a large chunk of users are just Android phone owners who use occasional features such as the +1 link on many apps and web pages. Google has been working on integrating all of their services such as Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and Google+ for the past couple of years, which was all a part of the original vision for Google+. It was supposed to offer connectivity to nearly every web service that we use, but Facebook has become so integrated with other sites that nobody really looks for Google+ integration other than Google themselves. Speaking of Facebook, they have now passed 700 million active users. Another benefit of Google+ has been the Google Hangout feature. That is likely where …

Daniel BiehlGoogle+ Has Nearly 360 Million Users
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Should Businesses Allow Access to Social Media at Work?

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I’m sure we’ve all had that job where it seems like the day never ends. In a world of increased connectivity, work can oftentimes be the one place where we’re no longer connected to the world around us. Many business owners want to keep it that way. They don’t want distractions coming in and slowing down productivity. Lately though, many employees have started to lash back and demand access to social media while on the job. In the business world, it’s all about the bottom line. If they can find a way to increase productivity while keeping costs low, they will find a way to make it happen. In some fields, allowing employees access to social media can damage the image of their customer service. Some job markets, such as in construction, require that an employees attention be solely on the job at hand. What about those desk jobs that so many people have though? I work as a technology technician on a college campus, and I get quite a bit of downtime in between tasks. I’m allowed to surf the web and check Facebook, but many people who have similar jobs aren’t granted that privilege. In fact, recent studies show …

Daniel BiehlShould Businesses Allow Access to Social Media at Work?

The Controversial Role of Twitter Breaking News

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As I was about ready to go to bed on April 18th, I decided to turn to CNN to see if the mainstream media updated any additional photos of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects that had come out earlier in the day. Right as I was about to turn off the news network there was a brief scroll of an M.I.T. police officer being involved in a shootout. CNN wasn’t really covering the shooting so I decided to take to Social Media to see if there was a rare chance that the MIT shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing were somehow related. What played out over the next 12 hours was surreal and showed the ups and downs that can occur with Twitter breaking news. User Reports Within half an hour of the MIT shooting, a Twitter user posted an aerial picture of the crime scene as taken from his upstairs  apartment or classroom window. The medics were still working on the downed officer by the time this picture had been viewed by thousands of people. Soon broadcastify and TuneIn links to the Boston Police Department scanner were popping up in the Twitter breaking news feed and users could follow …

Carl TaylorThe Controversial Role of Twitter Breaking News
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Facebook chat heads are coming soon on iOS

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I love that today Bloomberg reported that Facebook was working with Apple to bring Facebook Home or elements of it to iOS. Then The Next Web says Facebook is not in discussions with Apple. Low and behold if you were to look for app updates on iOS it seems the Facebook chat heads are coming soon on iOS. The chat heads are one element of Facebook Home and it looks to be coming to both iPhone and iPad soon. Just gotta love how the tech industry works, many people saying many things and then after denial it turns out to be true. Now you might remember that I said in a post that Apple probably wouldn’t get the full Facebook Home treatment but it would probably get elements of it. Well so far it seems that is just what might be happening. When I did an app update today on my iPad there was an update for the Facebook app. It lists “chat heads” as available for everyone soon.

Ricky WilliamsFacebook chat heads are coming soon on iOS
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Facebook Home Download Now Available

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Facebook has made its brand new launcher, Facebook home, available to specific devices. You can now go download it for the HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III, and Samsung Galaxy Note II. In order to use the “full” Home experience, you must have Facebook messenger installed, and the Facebook application installed. One thing you’ll notice if you download this is that it is very hard to get to your notifications. Any FB notifications will show up, anything else will not. If you want to actually get to your notification drawer, you’ll have to enter an app to do so. We’ve had some reports that people aren’t able to download the launcher yet, and we assume it’s because the servers are overwhelmed. Also this is only available to US device owners at the moment, so the rest of the 7 billion people on the planet will just have to wait. The Facebook Home download is available here.

Matthew WeberFacebook Home Download Now Available
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Why the iPhone wont get the full Facebook Home experience

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Today Facebook unveiled “Facebook Home” a new Facebook experience that will be available on the newest Android devices. The idea of Facebook Home is very cool, its fluid it enables you to get at your Facebook information no matter what you are doing on your phone or what your phone is doing. Will the same thing come to the iPhone and other iOS devices not the way it is on Android. Watching the video about Facebook Home the first thing they show is that from the lock screen of the device you are able to see Facebook updates and swipe to access other things, Photos, Friends, etc. My very first though, security alert, when that device is lost or stolen how do you protect that information? It is bad enough protecting the data that is inside the phone behind the lock screen now you’re giving up access right from the get go? Would you leave a computer at the library logged in with your Facebook and just walk out? Regardless if the user must put in their pass-code to update status or reply to messages the information is still accessible merely by looking at the screen. This is one feature …

Ricky WilliamsWhy the iPhone wont get the full Facebook Home experience
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40 years of mobile phones

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There have been quite a few posts on T3KD lately talking about the mobile industry. Where is it going, what new hardware is out, better battery life, etc. So I thought with all this talk about better battery life among other features we’d love to see. Why not take a look back since it’s now been 40 years since the first mobile phone call was made. A look back that might bring perspective on how far we’ve come and why we don’t have it so bad after all. So Gizmodo did a post on the 40th Anniversary of the first mobile call with a Yahoo post expanding even further on the information. They are both definitely worth a read and could possibly bring back some nostalgic feelings, if you were alive back then or older than 10 years old. I wont re-hash everything in the posts but instead highlight the important thing that struck me about how far we have come in the 40 years of mobile phones. I’ll also include a Motorola video that pretty much predicted the mobile phone trajectory in the future which is now our present! The first call was made by Martin Cooper, April 3rd …

Ricky Williams40 years of mobile phones