iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7 what did we get

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On Tuesday of this week, Sept. 10th, Apple held their event. We speculated on what we would get and talked about the other questions that still remained to be answered. Well now we have our answers. The iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7 were shown off so what did we get? Well we’re going to cover some of the details and also talk about some of the questions that are now created about where do they go form here. The video of the keynote is now available on the Apple site, go watch it. So to go through what we got to see at the keynote, there was the iPhone 5c (Android Free) The iPhone everyone thought was going to be cheap turned out to be “less expensive” instead. No one should have been surprised since Apple doesn’t do cheap and yet they were. When netbooks proliferated the computer landscape Apple did the MacBook Air. It was far from cheap but “less expensive” than a MacBook Pro. The iPhone 5c is the same. It is far from cheap but at $99 for a 16GB model on a 2 Year contract(US) it’s cheap enough that it becomes a throwaway phone. …

Ricky WilliamsiPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7 what did we get

Why Google Glass is a perfect play by Google

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Google Glass is the best thing Google has done for many reasons. It is much more important than their Android OS and no one even knows it yet. Why google glass is a perfect play by Google begins with the fact that they have first mover advantage. But it goes far beyond that, it spiders into everything Google and that is why it can become their most important venture, if it is done right! Google Glass like iTunes has first mover advantage. There are no competitors in the market yet and what that does is allow Google to develop their 1.0 product and perfect it long before anyone gets a clue and joins the party. It is a huge advantage for them because when the device does become more popular and competitors appear Google will already have a huge head start. I compared it to iTunes because iTunes existed long before the iPhone, iPad, App store, etc. ever came about. It was just yet another media player. This afforded Apple the time to work on it, implement and get things working while having it work on Macs and Windows. Then when the mp3 craze hit and iPods became a craze …

Ricky WilliamsWhy Google Glass is a perfect play by Google
Where's My Droid

Where’s My Droid Review

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With an ever-increasing amount of private information getting entered into our cell phones, it has become increasingly important to have added security measures put in place to keep this information out of other people’s hands. Where’s My Droid is an app that is invaluable for anybody who is worried about their phone ending up in the wrong hands. Where’s My Droid has two major goals. When you get the free version, you have access to many of the features needed to find a lost cell phone. If you’re the type of person who misplaces your phone a lot, this will definitely be useful. When you send a specific string of words to your phone, you can have it set to turn the volume to the max level and play a specific ring tone of your choosing. There are other features, such as the camera flash being turned on to give you a visual to find your phone. My experience here was very positive. The phone responded very quickly when receiving the correct phrase in a text, and it became very easy to find it no matter where in my home the phone was. When you get the paid app for …

Daniel BiehlWhere’s My Droid Review
FBook Hme Bnnr

Why the iPhone wont get the full Facebook Home experience

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Today Facebook unveiled “Facebook Home” a new Facebook experience that will be available on the newest Android devices. The idea of Facebook Home is very cool, its fluid it enables you to get at your Facebook information no matter what you are doing on your phone or what your phone is doing. Will the same thing come to the iPhone and other iOS devices not the way it is on Android. Watching the video about Facebook Home the first thing they show is that from the lock screen of the device you are able to see Facebook updates and swipe to access other things, Photos, Friends, etc. My very first though, security alert, when that device is lost or stolen how do you protect that information? It is bad enough protecting the data that is inside the phone behind the lock screen now you’re giving up access right from the get go? Would you leave a computer at the library logged in with your Facebook and just walk out? Regardless if the user must put in their pass-code to update status or reply to messages the information is still accessible merely by looking at the screen. This is one feature …

Ricky WilliamsWhy the iPhone wont get the full Facebook Home experience

Law Enforcement to Mandate Carriers Store Text Messages?

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In a disturbing Big Brother kinda of turn of events, law enforcement officials are banding together to pass legislation that would mandate all cellular carriers to store text messages.  the move would keep those texts on file for an indefinite amount of time for the sole purpose of making them available to law enforcement during criminal investigations.  It may sound okay at first but the safety and security of stored text messages alone is a whole messy can of worms.  Add to that the fact that nobody could be absolutely positive about how these agencies would be using these stored texts and you have a very controversial issue indeed. Bill Would Instruct Carriers to Store Text Message Incriminating or Otherwise CNET uncovered the request from “a constellation of law enforcement groups” that included those in several major cities across the United States. Word is that the Major Cities Chiefs Police Association, the National District Attorneys’ Association, and the National Sheriff’s Association are the three main leads behind this proposed legislation. The legality of asking carriers to store text messages will definitely be called into question but with testimony in hand leaders from these agencies have been repeatedly proposing this move to …

Robert PalmerLaw Enforcement to Mandate Carriers Store Text Messages?
battlefield play4free bug exploits OS hole

Battlefield Play4Free Bug Allows Hackers to Hijak Users’ PCs

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Security experts spotted a nasty Battlefield Play4Free bug in the code that EA published which allows hackers to violate any users’ PC. The exploit allows the hacker to then lure the player to a “booby-trapped” website where all sorts of things can go wrong. The Battlefield Play4Free bug was brought to light at the Black Hat security conference in Amsterdam last week. Older versions of Windows (including XP and 2003) are vulnerable to the Battlefield Play4Free bug which is bad news. Approximately 39% of the 1 million players networked to Battlefield Play4Free still use these outdated operating systems. Battlefield Play4Free Bug Sneaks in Your Back Door The exploit works by instructing users to download a seemingly necessary “MOD” file. The file, in fact, contains a corrupt batch file that is executed at PC restart. This Battlefield Play4Free bug is similar to many such exploits that take advantage of software (such as games) that were designed for play on newer computers with newer operating systems but which are backwards compatible with older systems. Because of the discrepancy in coding, hackers can easily skirt all of the security measures put in place by game designers and easily capture the PCs (and potentially personal data) of unaware users. Donato Ferrante discovered …

Robert PalmerBattlefield Play4Free Bug Allows Hackers to Hijak Users’ PCs
samsung galaxy s 3 lockscreen bug

Galaxy S III Bug Bypasses Lock Screen for Full Access

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Beware of the Galaxy S III Bug for lock screen bypass! A few weeks ago there were reports of a bug in several builds of iOS 6 which granted unauthorized access to the phone module without a pass code even when a lock screen has been enabled on the phone. Android devices were not safe either as the Galaxy Note II bug let the quick –fingered to launch anything behind the lock screen. The same flaw has been now reported on the Galaxy S III as well that breaks the lock screens altogether, permitting full use of the phone. This is bad news for those who have valuable data on their smartphone. To make this Galaxy S III bug happen, tap on the “Emergency Call” button that appears on the lock screen. Go to the ICE (emergency contacts) menu. Press the home button, the power button in quick succession. If you did it right, press the power button again, the home screen will come straight away allowing you full access to the device. The lock screen will not return unless the handset is restarted. Sounds pretty easy but experience proved wrong. The method was initially tried on a Galaxy S III …

Anand SGalaxy S III Bug Bypasses Lock Screen for Full Access

Java Refuses to Get Act Together, New Malware Spotted on Patch Day

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Oracle just can’t catch a break these days, can they? As of March 4, a fully-updated Java running the latest patch has been exposed to a signature vulnerability, one which could potentially set the already strained Java security team back another week at the least. Using credentials stolen from ClearResult Consulting, the applet has been able to build a backdoor on the test machine that researcher Eric Romang has been tracking since McRat took over the malicious code headlines. The applet itself is running on expired tires and the key has been revoked, but unless users specifically go through their revocation lists and know what they’re looking for, the program can be propped up within a matter of minutes after being accidentally downloaded.     In a statement released by Eric Maurice of Oracle, users have been encouraged to update as soon as possible, and to raise their Java security settings to “High” as the default method for dealing with all incoming and outgoing requests. He also made sure to assure those outside of Europe that they shouldn’t be too worried, as so far the crack has only been hosted from a German dictionary site that was infected with the “g01pack” exploit …

Matthew WeberJava Refuses to Get Act Together, New Malware Spotted on Patch Day
hp vulnerabilities

HP Reports 8,000 New Vulnerabilities This Year

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Earlier today at the RSA Conference 2013, HP reported that they had seen 8,000 new software vulnerabilities surface in 2012, close to a 20 percent increase over the previous year. In their Cyber Risk Report, which has been seen by industry professionals as one of the most comprehensive evaluations of network security to look forward to annually, reports this is the highest number of backdoors that administrators have dealt with since 2006, and the the most common found so far have been cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in between major websites. This is a process wherein users are asked to use one login in order to verify another, and when properly hijacked it can give hackers full access to email accounts, Facebook, and many other secure servers simply by lifting your information as it passes between the two domains. A perfect example of this is when you use Facebook to login to Spotify, even if it’s just to verify you aren’t trying to receive a second free trial. Phishing schemes drop in on the interactions the two servers are having through malware installed on the user’s computer, which then allow it to record any and all data transmissions that pass between each. …

Matthew WeberHP Reports 8,000 New Vulnerabilities This Year

Raytheon’s RIOT Tracks Your Every Move

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Raytheon’s Rapid Information Overlay Technology (RIOT) is intended to assist governments by providing a social network data analysis program enabling the development of a detailed picture of activity for targeted individuals.  RIOT isn’t new, but the following video obtained by the Guardian is. Using the software it’s possible to construct a complete picture of someone’s life — their friends, places they’ve visited, where they might go, when they might go — in only a few minutes. In this video obtained by the Guardian, Brian Urch, Raytheon’s principal investigator, explains that “exif header data” embedded on smartphones sometimes includes latitude and longitude data with photographs. Of course, the software doesn’t just retrieve that information. It scourers through everything that’s available. The program takes this information and organizes it in a way so as to show not only the targets photographs, but also the locations they were taken. Urch says in the video, “We’re going to track one of our own employees…Nick… We know where Nick’s going, we know what Nick looks like… now we want to try to predict where he may be in the future.” RIOT can also display a spider diagram which shows associations and relationships between individuals online …

Chase WilliamsRaytheon’s RIOT Tracks Your Every Move