Blackberry calling the kettle black

Blackberry calling the kettle black

The CEO of the company formerly known as RIM, now Blackberry, Thorsten Heins claims that Apple is trailing when it comes to innovation. He also basically called iOS the Operating System(OS) that iDevices(iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc) run on old. Now to me aint that a little like the Blackberry calling the kettle black. Yes pun intended, but really it wasn’t very long ago that Blackberry was on the brink of destruction as their marketshare in the mobile space eroded with their dated offerings. So if anyone should know about old, outdated and quickly becoming irrelevant it would be Blackberry. The new BBX isn’t even a smash success yet so does Mr. Heins really feel justified in talking about a competitor whose device has more market share and makes more profit than his company does right now?

You can read more about what the Blackberry CEO had to say to The Australian Financial Review in this iMore post. Now before anyone claims that I’m getting deffensive because of my Apple Fanboyism. Go back and listen to some of the old T3kd podcasts where we argue and wax poetic about RIM and it’s future. I have been a supporter of them turning things around and being a player in the mobile market for awhile now. I have even written posts, which were destroyed when the site was taken down last year, about how Blackberry could claw their way back to relevance. I’ve done an iOS 7 wishlist post where I went through the things I hope Apple will impliment in their next OS refresh sometime this year. My issue is that by Heins saying what he did there is now an intense spotlight on how successful the BBX platform and devices will be and even the company and Heins himself. Why would he want to do that when BBX hasn’t been a runaway success and isn’t going to immediately reverse the abysmal market share Blackberry devices now hold?

I just feel that he has now put un-needed scrutiny on the new Blackberry devices, how the BBX OS will function and how well the devices will sell. The iPhone and along with it iOS might be long in the tooth but the benefit of that is also familiarity and ease of use. While it might not be cutting edge Apple is not in the position Blackberry was just in of having to fire employees and whittle their staff down in an effort to “Streamline operations”. Perhaps Heins’ comments were instead meant to goad Apple into rushing out new features tripping up the iPhone and iOS in the process. This still would be a pretty silly move since most people know that Apple in the majority of cases will wait and put out a polished product rather than hurry to put out a half baked product instead. Well no matter what the intentions were everyone is entitled to their opinions but as CEO of a company sometimes things that are said have a really bad way of coming back to bite you in the ass. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when iOS 7 or for that matter iOS 8 comes out since Blackberry’s new devices still have quite awhile to prove themselves too.


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The 3 cast

RIM Job: The 3 Cast #108

This week we talk about BlackBerry, formerly known as RIM. We talk about their new products, then we talk about how Apple sucks and will never be the same. Then we ask if Video Games really cause real violence. Plus picks and the final question, this week on The 3 Cast.

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Hosts: Matthew Weber, Vincent Hui, Paul Shirey

Topics: RIM announcements, Apple’s future, and Video Game Violence

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BlackBerry 10, Consumer Polls & the End of the World

There have been rumors floating around for the past two years about the upcoming BlackBerry 10 (BB10) models, and today we no longer have to speculate about RIM’s new devices. RIM officially unveiled BlackBerry 10 and two next-generation handsets Wednesday. The Blackberry Z10 will be available on February 5th in Canada, sometime early next month in the U.K., and early March for U.S. customers. U.S. BlackBerry customers can expect availability through AT&T and Verizon networks.

Highlighted features so far include:

  • Balance – This allows the BB10 user to setup custom personal and professional profiles on their BlackBerry device. Something that, RIM anticipates, will discourage the use of multiple devices for work and play.
  • Predictive Text & Multi-language support – After having viewed several demos of the predictive text feature I must say, this is a feature that every smartphone should have. Very cool!
  • Hub Flow & Peek – This is a unique user interface design that allows you to seamlessly ‘flow’ from one application to another with a simple swipe. Users can ‘peek’ into the BlackBerry Hub and get an overview of every application, communication and recent activity. This feature is something that could definitely set apart the new BlackBerry device from competitors like Apple.
  • Remember – This feature allows the user to easily flag material like email, or web pages and add notes, or media. It’s intended to make project management a bit easier.
  • Time-shifting Camera – This feature takes multiple shots in a single picture and allows the user to pick the shot they like the most.

That’s all well and good, and honestly I’m really impressed. I didn’t expect this device to be as unique as it turned out to be. I expected another knockoff graphical user interface (GUI), but it seems RIM has really spent the time to develop unique applications for this platform.

So does any of this even matter? Will consumers flock to BlackBerry? I doubt it.

A recent consumer poll by Bite Interactive showed that 47 percent were intrigued by the new device, 13 percent said that they would consider buying one of the devices, and only 1 percent said that they were planning on picking one up right away. Not great news for RIM.

65 percent of Android users, when asked, said that they were excited about new BlackBerry features, while only 56 percent of iPhone users felt the same way.

In a recent episode of the 3 Cast, Matthew Weber and Ricky Williams agree an awful lot, and even hint at potentially buying the new BlackBerry 10 for themselves. Personally, I think this really is a sign that the end of the world is near. I have to run now and go pack my bug-out bag. I’m taking my iPhone with me and hopefully the Google maps app won’t lead me off a cliff while I’m trying to make my escape.

So, will you be purchasing a BlackBerry 10? Leave comments below and if an asteroid doesn’t destroy my office I’ll be sure to discuss them with you.

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BlackBerry 10

A look inside BlackBerry 10

As a Canadian I love to see RIM in the smartphone market. It’s a Canadian company going at it with the big boys. I’ve written quite a few posts in the past about how RIM is doing and how they could make things better but unfortunately those posts are now all gone. It is all in the past and like RIM I’m looking forward to the future. In just a few days RIM is set to take the wraps off their new OS and I’m betting many people like me would love to have a look inside BlackBerry 10. Just to know what it means for RIM’s and Blackberry’s future in the smartphone market.

If you didn’t know RIM was once at the top of their game and a leader in the smartphone market. The security of their devices coupled with the hardware keyboard was loved by many and it was a staple for the enterprise market. Businesses loved the control they had over the devices with the ability to lock down services that they chose and the peace of mind knowing the information was secure. Then the market started to change it headed in the touchsreen, user friendly, appcentric direction with the introduction of the iPhone. While Android switched gears and adopted the iPhone way RIM was slow to follow the direction. They continued to use the same hardware that was slower, froze up and was quickly becoming outdated. Whose fault it was really didn’t matter because finger pointing wouldn’t help their market share which was getting smaller and smaller as did their stock prices.

There were many failures like promising hardware that didn’t arrive for months, think Playbook. The Playbook itself was a failure and even Blackberry 10 has been promised for quite awhile now. So I’m hoping that the same old story wont be the case going forward because as everyone knows competition is supposedly good for consumers. In any case I would love to see them succeed as a matter of national pride and as a tech enthusiast. It hinges however on their careful execution in order to get everything to go off without a hitch. There are quite a few players now so it’s a pretty tough market with a lot of competition already. I hope they have learned that when you announce things, hardware or an OS, like BlackBerry 10, have it ready to roll. The sooner the better but no longer than a week or a month. Get the hardware in the hands of consumers and BlackBerry faithful while also getting the app ecosystem jump started. Make it easy to develop apps for the devices because more and more now the devices are becoming irrelevant it is the apps that are the driving factor.

People want to play Temple Run, send tweets, put pictures onto Instagram, update Facebook statuses, get emails, browse the web and all the work stuff too. So with only a few days to go I’m hoping that the stars are about to align and that RIM has learned from their mistakes and are about to wow consumers everywhere. Oh and you were waiting for a look inside BlackBerry 10 well take a look at the Boy Genius walkthrough to whet your appetite.

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The 3 cast

The Apocalypse – The 3 Cast #107

This week we talked about Apple’s cheap iPhone and why it won’t happen, we asked if Robots will ever take over, and we had hopes for RIM and BlackBerry. Ricky and Matt agreed a lot in this one, so that’s why we’re predicting the end of the world.

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Hosts: Matthew Weber, Vincent Hui, Ricky Williams, Paul Shirey

Topics: Cheap iPhone, Robots taking over the world, RIM and hope. The Final Question and picks of the week


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What is the Post-PC era?

Apple has been talking about the Post-PC era since the introduction of the iPad. Now three years later I don’t feel we are any closer to it happening industry wide. Yes for a lot of people the iPad can seriously augment their PC use or even replace it. However when you talk about a Post-PC era it’s a very different thing. Well actually, it depends on the definition of Post-PC era doesn’t it? What is the Post-PC era?

Post-PC eraThere will always be a need for computers at least the way things are right now. It’s great that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is able to replace 80% of his computing needs by using an iPad and iPhone combination. However, just like his pay checks aren’t representative of the regular person’s neither are his computing needs. So using him as an example of the Post-PC era just doesn’t work. Does he need to use Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD, 3Ds Max or play hardcore computer games? Probably not and these are all examples of why a Post-PC era in terms of PCs disappearing completely is not possible now.

What is the Post-PC Era?

Like I said it all depends on the definition of a Post-PC era. Computers are all around us, from servers that run bank accounts and credit cards to fast food drive thrus. However if the computer becomes the workhorse, doing the heavy lifting then a Post-PC era could be one where smartphones and tablet devices become the interface. They become the way you control the workhorse and that definition of a Post-PC era might be a little closer than we ultimately think. There are already remote apps that allow smartphones and tablet devices to connect and control computers. Windows computers have had a Remote Desktop Connection client for awhile now.

Even using this definition, which is the way I look at it, that time while attainable is still a ways off. If people are to still have the same usefulness they do now the smartphones and tablet devices will need to be a lot more powerful and capable. However it is a lot closer than what the majority of people think when they hear “Post-PC era”. They picture a time when the current “computer” is obsolete and sits in a corner covered in dust and cobwebs. A time when smartphones and tablet devices are able to do everything a computer does now and more. This isn’t happening anytime soon because they simply are not capable of that now and will not be for the forseeable future.

I on the other hand do look forward to a time when all I carry around is a 15 inch iPad. My computer box stays parked at work and home with only a power cord and internet connection. No matter where I am I connect to the box and do whatever I need to do. All the processing power staying inside my computer box allowing me to upgrade it easily. The hardcore gamers would be able to touch their games and ofcourse as always they would have custom setups. It’s the thing of dreams but it wasn’t too long ago that people watched Star Trek or other science fiction shows and that kind of technology seemed like a dream. Yet here we are today with smartphones, 32GBs of data in your pocket and the ability to touch our screens.

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How RIM could make better Blackberrys with Blackberry 10

I had a teacher in high school who always said. If we could write an essay using one word and that word could express all the points we were trying to prove. Then we would get the first 100% mark he would have ever given out. No one ever tried but if I were in his class I would now be getting a 100% mark. The question is, how RIM could make better Blackberrys? I can use one word to sum it up. Feedback! They need to take feedback on their upcoming Blackberry 10 OS, which is due out in January and the hardware it’s running on.

Yes to be more specific user feedback. I’m not talking about the people who will ask for the hardware keyboard. They will inevitably get those requests and it is RIM’s job to separate the requests that are future looking and those hung up on a nostalgic time. There is a reason Apple removed the floppy drive from their computers in exchange for more space. More space to incorporate newer hardware that allows the user to do more. It is the same reason that Blackberry needs to make their hardware known for more than a silly hardware feature. It has been 5 years since touch screens became the standard interface in electronic devices. Even children’s toys have it now and yet users want Blackberry to stick with it. These are the same users who are as much to blame for RIM’s plight as the co-CEOs who had no sight of the future.

Going to the RIM website makes one thing quickly apparent they don’t have any way for users/customers to leave feedback. It’s as if they don’t need the feedback of the very people they are building these devices for. Google has a way for GMail users to leave feedback and suggestions. Apple leads the bunch with quite a few methods to leave feedback and suggestions for many of their devices and features. Even Microsoft has decided to start asking Windows 8 and Surface tablet users for feedback on their experiences.

So since customers are now very knowledgable about the things that are offered in the market today nd what they want. It seems to me like an untapped resource to try and build devices that could put the company back on the map of the mobile landscape. Myself being a Canadian and  longtime mobile user I have a litany of suggestions and feedback. I just have no way to send it to anyone at RIM?

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The 3 Cast #85: Shush!

AH RIM. We just keep bashing your dead body. Well, at least two of us do, Ricky is in unusual optimistic form, and gets argued down by both Vince and Matt. The argument is quite awesome, and could’ve lead to punches. We talked about RIM and why it is where it is and how to fix it, we talked about how Patents and the Patent system are stupid but aren’t killing innovation, and we talked about the reemergence of dedicated Brand brick and mortar stores.

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Hosts: Matthew Weber, Vincent Hui, Ricky Williams

Topics: RIM bashing, Patents (Apple v Samsung), Brick and Mortar stores resurgence, Picks and Question of the Week

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The 3 Cast #78: Techucation

How should students be taught about education in grade school? Should they be taught? That’s this weeks topic that Matt and Ricky disagree on. We also talk about hopes and dreams for the next generation iPad, and we have an interesting discussion on Silicon Valley’s monopoly on the tech industry, during which Matt refrains from bashing Canadians. Too much.

We promise that there will be an iTunes feed for the video version. Our current problem is hosting, it is very expensive to host big video files, and even if we compress the hour long podcast it is still almost a GB. While we are okay with hosting the video podcast on a service like AWS S3, it will get ver expensive very fast. We could host it here on our servers for T3KD, but we only have 100GB of storage and cannot upgrade to more. If we were to change to a dedicated or virtual server then we could get more storage, but again it is very expensive. We have looked into services like, but they have started to limit their shows to web series, which we are not.  Once we find a reasonably cost effective way of hosting we will be able to deliver you an iTunes feed. If you have any suggestions for us, email us ( email at the3cast dot com )

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Hosts: Matthew Weber, Ricky Williams, Vincent Hui

Topics: Tech in Education, Canadian Tech Failures and Silicon Valley’s Monopoly, The iPad 4, Question of the Week

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T3kd Weekly 54: Who Watches Porn?

As usual when you get Matt and Ricky in the same room, and then you add the dirtiness that is Corrina and Andy, you get something that is unlistenable by children younger than 17. We warn you if you are apprehensive about lude behavior and an incredible amount of swearing, you best not listen to this episode. If you don’t care, listen and you shall laugh all the way to end. We talk RIM and why its dead, we talk about the new Android phones and Ice Cream Sandwich. We also talk about how Apple is just killing the competition. Ricky and Matt get into an argument over who knows what. Check it out after the break with links for download and iTunes subscription.

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T3kd Weekly Episode 54, Week of  Oct. 24, 2011

Title:  Who Watches Porn?

Ricky Williams
Corrina Johnson
Andy Allision
Matt Weber

RIM introduces BBX, the Future of BlackBerry -Ricky

Blackberry makers new phone/OS combo facing problems already – Corrina

Samsung’s lawyer fail – Matt

Big Week for Smartphones
Droid Razr Introduced by Motorola -Andy

It’s hard to believe, but we have been doing our podcast now for an entire year. Our first episode was very shaky, not well produced, and very unorganized. Let’s face it, nothing has really changed in 50 episodes. In celebration of our first year in podcasting, T3kd Weekly is giving away an iPad 2 to one lucky reader/listener. There are 3 ways to enter, you are allowed to enter a total of 3 times, once per method. The first way to enter is the Twitter method. First follow @t3kd on twitter. Next Tweet out what you would use the iPad 2 for using the hash tag #t3kd4ipad. That’s it you have entered that way! The second way you can enter is the Facebook method. First Like our FB page. Next post on our wall what you would do with the iPad. The last way to enter is by leaving a comment on the contest announcement post available at Tell us why you want the iPad. You can enter just once per method, so do all three so you can enter up to 3 times. No purchase necessary, some restrictions and conditions apply see site for details.

—INLINE ADVERTISEMENT—Google Galaxy Nexus Introduced with Ice Cream Sandwich -Matt

Google Intros Ice Cream Sandwich AKA Android 4.0 -Andy

Google spills the beans on GMail Revamp – Corrina

Millions of pictures shared on G+ – Matt

Apple & Ricky’s arch nemesis – Corrina

Google vs Apple: Earnings call – Matt

Apple’s future without Steve – Andy

iPad 3 is up next – Ricky

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