Google Fiber everywhere

You have inevitably hear about Google Fiber by now. It has launched in Kansas City, will be expanding to Austin Texas and was announced to be heading to Provo Utah.  Google Fiber is using Google installed fiber optics to bring internet and TV service at Google says 100 times faster. The hope is that Google would eventually step into the ring as an Internet Service Provider(ISP) and bring Google Fiber nationwide. However many posts have been written about the enormous cost it would take and also the roadblocks and hurdles Google would face to take on such an endeavour. However there is a way that there could be Google Fiber everywhere.

Well at least here in North America. The problem is just one word “Greed” but you’ll understand more about that when we get into it. It will take many billions of dollars to bring Google Fiber to all the cities in North America. A huge cost even for Google but if you think about what fiber and that 100 times faster internet means there is a way that it might happen. The recent talks of the new video game consoles Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s XBox 720 or whatever it will be called brought up a very interesting idea. The idea that games would be streamed to the consoles making a fast and stable internet connection a must. Then if you think about the topic of streaming music like Matt Weber imagines again Google Fiber would make it a more attainable goal.

Google might not have enough money on their own to tackle this project but if they roped in Microsoft, Sony and some of the other big companies who stand to gain from Google Fiber. Then it could very well become a reality and along with it crazy internet speeds that would enable gaming consoles to stream games like butter. The North American market is huge for video games and since the casual market and mobile devices have gained in popularity gaming consoles are not what they once were. So they stand to gain in a very big way from having Google Fiber in as many places as possible. However like I said the problem is going to be greed. When you have so many big companies in one venture it will undoubtedly lead to them arguing over who gets a cut of what. Parties will threaten to go to the existing ISPs who will be shaking at the thought of Google Fiber. That would be the huge monkey wrench that smashes the possibility of innovation and advancement and that’s too bad.

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DUALSHOCK 4 has some great tricks

Sony is being naughty; right after the XBox reveal announcement the company has released a new video showcasing various additions to the DUALSHOCK 4 controller. And to be honest they way Sony is doing things; it won’t surprise us a bit if the controller turns out to be the console. We have yet to see the actual solid box, while many fan boys will argue that you don’t need great design to play great games, I believe that great design is very much important in the aesthetic value of a device. Either Sony has yet to finalize the console or the company is waiting for E3 to showcase it and try to steal the show from Microsoft. Nonetheless the new DUALSHOCK 4 controller does have some interesting features.

The Light bar

The light bar on the DUALSHOCK 4 controller will act as a beacon which will allow the PS4 to detect who is who. Remember playing Burnout Revenge’s crash mode? Or playing Tekken with your friends? Well this time around the game will detect who has the controller and will adjust the screen display accordingly so that it makes more sense. No you don’t have to worry about who is on the right side of the screen or who is on the left, playing split screen games will be much easier as the console will be making all the intuitive adjustments for you.

The Share Button

The Share button on the DUALSHOCK 4 will allow you to instantly share any gameplay video or screen shot with your friends, and even share it on popular social networks. Scored an amazing goal in soccer? Well why not share the moment with your buddies. Went on a kill spree in Call of Duty? No worries, now your friends will have to believe you. All this is done without the need of any additional hardware. Just press the share button on the DUALSHOCK 4 controller and you are ready to brag.

The Track Pad

I call it gimmick. They call it innovation. Let’s go with innovation for this time, the track pad on the DUALSHOCK 4 will be able to do various stuff for you. It may even come in handy while browsing internet. But if you bought the PS4 just to browse internet and check Facebook, well you may need to visit the local doctor. That said, I don’t see any amazing use for the track pad, when you have a ton of buttons who would like to swipe to climb ladders? Maybe developers will come up with meaningful implementation of the Track Pad in the future but until I see it, it’s just going to be the Track Pad.

Source: Gamespot

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PS4 share button was pitched using Microsoft software

The PS4 has gained a lot of respect in the gaming circles ever since it was announced. The developers simply can’t stop praising the wonderful gaming console. That is because the PS4 has been designed by keeping the development ease in mind. The PS4 follows an architecture which is much closer to the one which PC has and hence has made every developer on this planet instantly familiar with the PS4 hardware.

Remember in the start of the current console cycle, the games were not too amazing? And by the end they are absolutely stunning? Well that is because the developers have become intimately familiar with the architecture of the consoles. By knowing what the console is actually capable of is one thing, being able to milk the resources to the fullest is another and it takes a lot of time. The point is PS4 is a more developer friendly console and it is quite evident because the PS4 share button was suggested by a first party developer.


“I think it was [creative director] Nathan Gary in Santa Monica studios who suggested it,” said Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida in an interview with Edge Magazine. “So Nathan put together a PowerPoint and pitched in this Share button idea, and we all went, that’s a brilliant idea! So it was a pretty quick decision after he suggested it and I’m sure he’s pretty proud of his contribution.”

So the share button the latest Dualshock 4 controller was pitched using software made by Microsoft, a company which is the archrival of Sony in the gaming console business. Well to be honest, we all use Microsoft products. I love what Microsoft office has to offer, hell this article would have a ton of mistakes if it weren’t for the magic of Microsoft Word.  So in a way Microsoft is responsible of enabling Sony to implement their ideas in a more professional manner. The irony while not so strong in this case, is still present nevertheless.

Source: TechRadar

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the 3 cast

iWatch U – The 3 Cast #113

This week we talked about physical media’s future on gaming consoles, more about wearable tech, and about BlackBerry’s CEO being dumb. Don’t forget to catch us on our SoundCloud page!

No video this week, as Matt was out of town.

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Hosts: Matthew Weber, Ricky Williams, Vincent Hui

Topics: Physical media in future consoles, iWatch and wearable tech: Why?, BlackBerry Dumb

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The 3 cast

iWatch, Gaming Consoles, and Mice – The 3 Cast #111

This week on The 3 Cast, we talked about wearable technology like the iWatch and Google Glass, then we asked about the future of Gaming consoles and mice. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch all our past episodes!



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The 3 cast

Dude, WTF is that sound? – The 3 Cast #110

This week we talked about Sony’s PlayStation 4 non-announcement, about the current cyber warfare between China and the US, and we talked about the failure that is Windows 8.

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Hosts: Matthew Weber, Ricky Williams, Vincent Hui, Paul Shirey

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Watch Dogs from Ubisoft

Watch Dogs Will Be a Playstation 4 Exclusive … For a While

One of the more exciting bits of news to come out of the Sony Playstation 4 event in New York was the announcement that the new third-person action adventure game from Ubisoft, Watch Dogs, will be available first on the Playstation 4. While the game has been billed as a multi-platform release since it was first announced, Sony twisted some arms to get this impressive piece of software on their next next-gen machine first. Fortunately for us Xbox and Microsoft fanboys, Watch Dogs will — after a significant delay – be released on Xbox 360, PC, and (presumably) Microsoft’s Xbox ‘Durango.’ It will also be released on the Wii U, not that anybody actually owns one of those.

What is Watch Dogs?

If you haven’t heard of Watch Dogs, you must have been living under a rock for the past several months. It was first unveiled at the Ubisoft press conference at E3 in 2012. The game features reliance on stealth and technology but has a strong action component (gunplay and stylized fisticuffs) as well.

Players will immerse themselves in a near-future world as Aiden Pearce (voiced by the venerable Noam Jenkins of TekkWar and Forever Knight fame). In this reality information is power and high-tech warfare is the name of the game. Players must navigate this wired world to the best of their abilities making use of cell phone hacking, security system overrides, and ingrained meta data in order to successfully complete missions.

Ubisoft, the development company famous for games like Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed, has combined interesting/successful elements from several previous games into Watch Dogs including parkour combat, shooting/cover mechanics, and stealth.

The trailer for Watch Dogs shows how players can hack cell phones, electrical systems, traffic lights and more to alter the open world environment around them in order to complete missions their way. Of course, there is the old run-and-gun method (the demo features some serious sick gunplay toward the end) but Watch Dogs should appeal to those of us who preferred Sam Fisher before he turned Double Agent.

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Playstation 4 Will Play Used Games … Sorta

Yes, you will be able to play used games on the Playstation 4. That’s the word from Shuhei Yoshida himself, Sony’s current President and all around chatty guy. Mr. Yoshida sat down recently to discuss what was left out of Sony’s Playstation Event on February 20th and unveiled that little nugget of truth. Unfortunately, he was less than forthcoming about the exact mechanics of it, leaving many to speculate that gamers may have to purchase additional rights to used games in order to be able to play them.

Would Playstation 4 Really Limit Used Games?

This whole debate goes back to last month when details about the new Playstation 4 (then called by its codename: Orbis) were leaked on Kotaku. These leaked specs seemed to indicate that an active internet connection was essential for gameplay and that there would be some sort of monitoring so Sony (and presumably its advertising partners) could have access – in real time – to what gamers were doing on their new consoles.

PlayStation 4

And because the ubiquitous “they” of so many conspiracy theories could monitor which games you, the gamer, were playing, paranoid gamers assumed that Sony may actually block access to used titles in order to force buyers to purchase new software only.

Why would they do such a thing, you ask? The used game industry cuts deeply into not only the developers’ pockets but the publishers’ as well. According to Gamestop’s financials for last year’s holiday season, used games accounted for nearly 20% of their sales in the months of November and December. That figure is nearly half of all their new game sales and accounts for an average of $578 million dollars over the two-month period. That’s a lot of green.

So is there motivation to restrict the use of used games? Yes. Will Sony actually do it? Nobody knows … yet.

While Mr. Yoshida did confirm that used games will work on the Playstation 4, there is a hitch. What exactly that hitch is nobody knows. When he seemed be a bit wishy-washy on this issue, interviewers pushed the issue. Yoshida answered with: “Ummm … yeah. We have to really name our system services to explain more about it.”

So could that mean you’ll have to shell out for the game and additional licensing? Yes. But it could also mean that you’ll have to be a member of Sony’s new Playstation 4 network. Word on the Internet has it that some services, especially the premium services in which pre-owned game usage may be included, will no longer be free.

Either way it’s a serious win for the game industry insiders and a hit to the wallets for the gamer

Source for Info: Engadget | Image Source: Playstationvitalife

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The 3 cast

Lost Episode: The Sequel – The 3 Cast #109

This episode was recorded two weeks ago, but is just now being posted. Matt had some Apple software issues, that prevented the podcast from going up on time. This episode we talked about the playstation 4 announcement and what to expect, we bashed RIM some more, and we talked about Jailbreaking your iPhone.


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PlayStation 4

Sony Announces PlayStation 4…Kinda

The day is finally here. The start of the next gen console wars, if you will. Sony on Wednesday announced the PlayStation 4, a newly designed hardware with a new controller and stunning graphics. Of course, they didn’t really announce all that much (the press conference is still going on at time of publication of this story). They didn’t even show the console, just a rectangle with the PS4 logo.

PlayStation 4

They did show the new DualShock4 controller, which features a “Vita-like” touch screen in the center. According to The Verge:

The controller will come with a dedicated share button and a light bar that identifies players or changes color during play, and it essentially looks like a sleeker version of the classic DualShock. The light bar isn’t just cosmetic: a 3D camera can track the controller’s motion from it, sensing depth.

The console itself is based on a “supercharged PC architecture,” with an X86 processor, enhanced PC-style GPU, and 8GB of GDDR5 unified high-speed memory. According to Sony the PlayStation 4 contains 8 CPU cores, providing almost 2 teraflops of computational performance. The power allows for 30,000 polygons to be rendered in real time. “Overall, our goal has been to architect the system to support a breadth of experiences,” said Mark Cerny who was the project lead.

The PlayStation 4 has many cool features. You can stream the game you are playing and record the video and post it on social sites. Other people can watch the games you are playing as well. You will also be able to stream games over the Gaikai network, which means no waiting for games to download. It sounds as if Sony is eschewing physical media, though no announcement was made on that score.

The first game trailer was KillZone: Shadows.

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