Nokia Asha 210 – Price, Specs and Pictures

Nokia is busy fighting the top dogs in the Smartphone industry, but it is the top dog in the feature phone market. To further strengthen its position, the Finnish company has launched the Nokia Asha 210, the latest in the Asha series. This phone aimed at the youth who rely heavily on texting and are extremely budget conscious. This is evident from the bright colors, the low price and some interesting features present in this device.

nokia asha 210 specs

The phone comes with a full QWERTY keyboard and is available in both single and dual SIM models. The dual SIM version comes with an EASY SWAP feature which allows the user to change the secondary SIM without switching off the handset. The Asha 210 has a design language similar to the Lumia series and the phone will be available in five different colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White. It supports access to Facebook, Twitter and popular email accounts and also has a YouTube app for direct video streaming.


The phone has a soft – touch plastic body and even though it is not a single piece of polycarbonate, Nokia has tried to make it look similar to Lumia series by making the casing as seamless as possible. Like the previous QWERTY phones from Nokia, there are menu and navigation buttons above and below the dedicated WhatApp and camera keys. WhatsApp? Yes! The Nokia Asha 210 has a dedicated WhatsApp button for quick access to the app and also WhatsApp is free for life, which is otherwise charged at $0.99 annual subscription in other models and platforms.

The Asha 210 will have a dedicated Facebook, Weibo or WhatsApp depending on where you are. There is no confirmation yet on which markets will have which dedicated key. But we sure hope it is configurable.

The biggest attraction of the phone is the battery life, it is said to be 46 days of battery stand by with the Single SIM and up to 24 days on the Dual SIM. It has a talk time capacity of 12 hours on 2G.

The phone has a 2 MP rear camera with a 600×1200 resolution and supports basic editing and sharing functions. The 210’s camera has a built–in voice guide for those self portrait obsessed users out there which ensures that the user is in frame before the click.

The phone supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR but does not support 3G. The phone has 32MB of RAM and has an internal memory capacity of 64MB and has an expandable memory capacity of 32GB with a MicroSD card. The screen size is 6.1 cm and has a 2.4 inch LCD screen with a QVGA resolution of 320×240 pixels and weighs 99.5 grams.

Nokia asha 210 dual sim phone

Slam – Nokia’s Bluetooth based content sharing functionality which was debuted in the first Asha devices is also present in Asha 210. Slam allows users to transfer content such as images or videos to other Bluetooth – enabled phones by eliminating the need of pairing the devices. The phone supports Chat screen notifications. The phone comes with Nokia’s Xpress Browser which uses the company’s cloud technology to reduce data content by up to 90%. The phone also supports Nokia Nearby – a location based Web app that finds nearby restaurants, shopping centers, etc. There is also an FM radio module built-in.

It looks like the phone will not be available in the US markets and will be launching in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia in the second quarter of 2013.

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Nokia QWERTY Phone Coming Soon

I still use a Nokia E5 just for its comfortable QWERTY keyboard. So, when Nokia released the image above along with a teaser about an event to be held tomorrow, I am one of those very few people who are excited about it!

“On Wednesday morning at 7am GMT we will be announcing something new, followed by a Q&A session with Neil Broadley from our Mobile Phones team and a special guest,” wrote Ian Delaney on the Conversations by Nokia blog.

The image gives the device a rounded design language which the public has now come to associate with the company’s latest feature phones. The image also does show the keys “Z” and “Shift Keys” which implies there is a physical QWERTY keyboard involved. Currently none of the Windows Phone 8 devices come with a hardware keyboard. The Nokia’s Asha feature phones come with a QWERTY and also do closely resemble the design language of the latest Nokia Lumia releases hinting that this is probably an “Asha” model.

The market does lack a Windows Phone with a hardware keyboard and if that is due tomorrow then Nokia has the unique opportunity in bridging the gap. But given the strict hardware controls that Microsoft enforces on the WP8 devices, it might not be happening either. Another detail in question is the time the unveiling takes place. It is said to be at 7 am GMT- 3am ET and 12 am PT on April 24, 2013. The time zone is nowhere close to any in America, so wild guess is that this handset may not even sell in the U.S but is meant for the markets in Asia.

If I were to guess, this is probably a Series 40 device with the signature Nokia QWERTY keyboard, a small non-touch 2.5 inch display, and has a decent RAM and storage. The wait is not too long and in just a few hours, we will know more!

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