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BiteSMS now has a quick compose widget (Jailbreak)

BiteSMS is one of the great Jailbreak apps for Jailbroken iOS devices. It is one of the reasons many people Jailbreak their devices and many return to Jailbreak. BiteSMS opens a pop up window for SMS/iMessages on the lock screen or inside an app. It allows a person to reply or dismiss the message without leaving the app or breaking their concentration and it is arguably one of the things many users wish Apple would impliment in stock iOS. Well BiteSMS now has a quick compose widget in the Notification Center.

So now a user can create a new message without opening the app at all. All it requires is to pull down the Notification Center and there is a quick compose icon in the lower right corner. The new feature even has favorited contacts in the widget saving the user time composing messages to people they correspond with often. It looks slick, makes things easy and the best part is when it is combined with another Jailbreak app “LockInfo” you have access to the quick compose widget from the lock screen. The feature is in beta right now so you will have to add the beta repository as a Source in Cydia. The address is http://cydia.bitesms.com enjoy!

NEW: Quick Compose Widget. Just a simple convenient way to launch a Quick Compose with a favorite contact (managed via Phone > Favorites). It’s a Notification Center Widget (managed via Apple > Settings > Notifications > Quick Compose Widget).

BiteSMS Quick Compose
BiteSMS Quick Compose
BiteSMS Quick Compose and LockInfo
BiteSMS Quick Compose and LockInfo

Sources: Cult of Mac

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iPhone 5s rumors

iPhone 5s Rumors

iPhone 5s rumors

I was reading this “analyst”, read fortune teller’s, speculation at what the next iPhone will include and when it will debut. It’s too bad that the T3kd site went down and lost all my posts. When the iPhone 5 and the fifth generation(Gen.) iPod Touch launched. I surmised that Apple may be bringing different colors to the iPhone 5s. When the iPad Mini launched along with the fourth Gen. iPad this fall I speculated that Apple might go back to a spring/summer release for the iPhone. As for the 128GB storage capacity I have posted about that possibility before the iPhone 4 was announced. It is guaranteed that Apple will release an iPhone 5s. Just as sure as the fact there will be an 5th generation iPad and a 2nd generation iPad Mini. So let’s discuss the iPhone 5s rumors why don’t we.

So now this analyst makes these “predictions” and gets coverage about it. I have often maintained that I should be a damn analyst, come on one of you big banks hire me. Anyway I do think having different colors on the iPhone is a possibility especially because of the appeal to a younger audience. As I said in my lost posts Apple is a very calculated company. So just as the MacBook Air is a test bed for the MacBook Pro the iPod Touch is the same for the iPhone.

The earlier release date just makes sense because waiting until Fall to launch the iPhone, iPod and iPad line up gives their competition a whole lot of time. The mobile space is turning out to be a hot one and Apple is definitely not going to sleep on the competition. So they will need to release something and they have already updated the iPad along with the launch of the iPad Mini. This leaves the iPhone which would be a welcomed update for many who passed up the iPhone 5 upgrade.

The NFC is a toss up whether it would actually happen. Passbook hasn’t been widely adopted but NFC hasn’t been widely adopted either. As someone at Apple said, I think Tim Cook but I’m not sure, NFC doesn’t really fix any problems. But that could have also been some clever Apple mis-direction if NFC wasn’t ready for primetime on the iPhone 5. What if Apple combined both NFC and Passbook for a complete solution? So yes it is possible but we wont know until some time later this year. Possibly WWDC if they go back to releasing the new iPhone hardware then, I guess we’ll see.

The 128GB storage model I would say is the least likely thing to happen. If you look at the models available now and all the online services for media. It’s hard to see where the 128GB model would be positioned. Sure the 16GB option could disappear like the early 4GB and then the 8GB models. Then the remaining models would shift over so that the 32GB would become the smallest storage model. The only problem is that although the 16GB model has become too small for a majority of users the 32GB is probably the most popular model.

So without lots of people buying the 64GB model why would Apple go even higher? I doubt they would increase the cost of the already premium priced smartphone. So it just wouldn’t make sense right now especially because none of their competitors have done anything with their storage that is a clearly compelling reason for consumers to choose the device over an iPhone. At one time it did seem necessary but now it has actually become less necessary with all the online services now offered. There is online offerings to  post pictures, videos and other files. There are online radio stations and streaming music apps so there aren’t too many reasons that a 32GB iPhone never mind a 64GB iPhone isn’t enough.

If the iPhone is on an earlier release schedule then I’m sure in the New Year (this being the new year since I wrote this post a little while ago) there will be a lot more leaks. So we’ll just have to wait and see what happens then. If it gets any of these rumoured upgrades it will be sweet it’s just too bad for this editor but I will have to skip it :-(

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evasi0n – Jailbreak Any iOS 6 Device

Today is your lucky day if you’ve been waiting to jailbreak your iPhone 5. Despite Apple’s attempts at keeping access to its iOS software locked down, a new tool was released earlier today and lets would-be jailbreakers ‘bust out’ their iOS 6 devices from Apple OS prison.

The new tool, evasi0n, is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux and is compatible with “all iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini models running iOS 6.0 through 6.1,” its developer said. After it’s installed, users can upload applications to their device outside of Apple’s App Store using the well known Cydia tool.

If you aren’t familiar with jailbreaking, it doesn’t only allow device users to install Apple unapproved apps, it also creates an OS environment that’s easier to manipulate. Many people find that standard customization options aren’t enough and move on to jailbreaking as an alternative to really personalize their devices.

If you’re considering jailbreaking an iPad, you might want to proceed with caution. I discussed in a previous article the new legal implications regarding iPhone/iPad unlocking and jailbreaking. If your iPad is under contract, and you don’t want to be an outlaw, make sure to call your service provider first.

It seems like the whole jailbreaking thing may have died off a bit. I looked in to recent estimations and according to Jay Freeman, the owner of Cydia, 22.8 million devices were running Cydia over the last two months. That’s about 5% of the total iOS devices sold since their inception. Cydia has consistently broken records with their jailbreaking software and it looks like they’re really fine tuning things.

evasi0n is super easy to use and the whole process should take no more than fifteen minutes.  Make sure that you back up your device before running evasi0n, that way if you break something you’ll be able to recover your data. The developer’s website states that users should disable the lock passcode before using evasi0n because it has been known to cause issues. As usual, avoid any iTunes notifications while jailbreaking your iOS device and if the application freezes it’s safe to reboot.

Here’s a complete video walkthrough for you guys that need some visual stimulation:

Of course, if you don’t like Cydia, you can always revert back to standard iOS. No biggie. Bricking and all of that other nonsense is mostly just that, nonsense.

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iPhone 5 Jailbreak

iPhone 5 Jailbreak

I have had my iPhone 5 for about 4 months now and there is just one thing I wonder. When will we see the iPhone 5 Jailbreak? When the third generation iPad was released it took a year before the jailbreak for that device arrived. So while I’m here using pure iOS for longest time I ever have in the 5 years I have owned an iPhone I’m dying for an iPhone 5 Jailbreak.

A little background on my Jailbreak experience. I live in Canada where we didn’t get the iPhone until the 3G model. So like a tech fanatic I got a friend going over the border to buy the first generation iPhone for me. Once I got it I set about getting it Jailbroken and unlocked so it could be used on my carrier’s network. So starting from day one I was using a Jailbroken iPhone and since then I have never looked back. I owned an iPhone 3G and an iPhone 4 both of which I Jailbroke the minute it was in my hands. It wasn’t until iOS 5 that I ever ran an OEM iOS. I made the huge mistake of trying it out and within hours I was dying to Jailbreak my iPhone. So when the Jailbreak finally landed I never looked back.

As a Jailbreaker I don’t load up a ton of apps and tweaks. I just use the ones that increase the functionality of the iPhone and that allow me to customize it. I love making the iPhone my very own and doing things like not having the album art display on the lock screen when I’m playing music. I design my own theme that allows me to have an iPhone that looks and sounds like no one else’s. As for the functionality the three things I need are BiteSMS to allow me to answer iMessages from the lock screen. Bytafont to allow me to change the system font and Homepage in Safari to let me set a homepage. It’s not a huge list of apps and tweaks but these are things that will keep me a Jailbreaker for as long as there are iPhones or until Apple gives me those functionalities.

So now 4 months since I’ve owned my iPhone 5 I have had to use the OEM iOS. There is not yet an iPhone 5 Jailbreak or one for iOS 6. But it is on the horizon as members of the hacker collective that bring us these great tools have said they are just waiting on the release of iOS 6.1 before releasing it. You can read all the things these guys have to say about the current state of Jailbreak, a little history of Jailbreak and why it takes a little longer now. It is here in this TechCrunch post and it really is a great read. I’ll end this post with two things if these guys are looking for testers I would be happy to test any future Jailbreaks and finally a few words from @Planetbeing

The fact is, I have an untethered iOS 6.0.2 JB running on my iPhone 5 right now.

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T3kd Weekly 59: No Points for You!

Sadly this is our last episode of the year. What a year it has been, too. We talk about the year by going through our predictions for episode 15, we make fun of how wrong, of how right, and how stupid our predictions were. We then talk about what we want for Christmas, during which topic, Ricky says he wants a very large gun. We close out with an intriguing social media discussion and our picks of the week. Jump past the break to listen and for download possibilities.

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T3kd Weekly 59 Show NotesTitle: No Points for you!

Matthew Weber
Ricky Williams
Vincent Hui

Topic 1
Predictions from 2011- How did we do?
Those were from this episode.

Topic 2
What gadgets do you want for Christmas?

Topic 3
What Social Networks do you use? Do you think there is a secret formula to a successful Social Network? Do you think there will ever be one to rule them all?

Picks of the Week
Matt- Paper Camera for Android 0.10
Ricky- www.t3kd.com Free
Vince- Piktureka! for iPad


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Br3aking Out 001: Where it all began

The first episode of the “Br3aking Out” podcast provided information on the process of Jailbreaking(JB) and Unlocking, discuss some of the tools, incorrect ideas, and what is JB and Unlock. I started with the latest JB news, iOS 4.3.2 and what tools are currently available for the firmware/OS. The iOS 4.3.1 Jailbreak is still available using Redsn0w, Pwnage Tool and Sn0wbreeze. (more…)

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