iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7 what did we get

On Tuesday of this week, Sept. 10th, Apple held their event. We speculated on what we would get and talked about the other questions that still remained to be answered. Well now we have our answers. The iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7 were shown off so what did we get? Well we’re going to cover some of the details and also talk about some of the questions that are now created about where do they go form here. The video of the keynote is now available on the Apple site, go watch it.

So to go through what we got to see at the keynote, there was the

iPhone 5c (Android Free)

The iPhone everyone thought was going to be cheap turned out to be “less expensive” instead. No one should have been surprised since Apple doesn’t do cheap and yet they were. When netbooks proliferated the computer landscape Apple did the MacBook Air. It was far from cheap but “less expensive” than a MacBook Pro. The iPhone 5c is the same. It is far from cheap but at $99 for a 16GB model on a 2 Year contract(US) it’s cheap enough that it becomes a throwaway phone. It’s something parents can buy their teen as an emergency phone. It’s a phone people less interested with the latest and greatest technology as well as people coming from a feature phone can buy without sticker shock.

So the iPhone 5c comes in five colors, white, pink, yellow, blue and green. Yes pink, not red or fuchsia they proudly proclaimed it pink on stage.


The phone internals are the same as what is in last years model, the iPhone 5, with the exception of a slightly bigger battery and a slightly better FaceTime camera. This is impressive because I own an iPhone 5 and it is one hell of a smartphone. The wallpaper that comes on the iPhone 5c will match the color of the phone plus with iOS 7’s transparencies the OS will play even more on the color aspect. The pricing on contract is 16GB at $99, 32GB at $199 and $549 off contract. The pre-orders for the iPhone 5c will be available tonight and the phones will go on sale next Friday Sept. 20th.

iPhone 5s (Forward Thinking)

The iPhone 5s is the flagship model and brought a lot of things that were already rumored but became reality. The iPhone 5s comes in three colors, Silver, Gold and Space Grey. The silver and gold models have a white face and white accents while the space grey is the only model with a black face and black accents.


So they have added one more color, the gold but for me it sucks because I don’t like the white face. I wonder why they didn’t have the gold with both a white and black face? Perhpas this is just my personal color bias but I would have loved a black and gold model. It’s a trivial thing I will just get the Sky Grey model but I’m just a little sad at the lost oppurtunity :_(

Starting down bottom you will notice that the home button no longer has the little rounded rectangle on it. It also now has a stainless stell ring around it with the introduction of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The Touch ID will be used to unlock the device as well as authenticate a user for app store purchases. It can be trained to know up to 5 different finger prints and has 360 degree readability. The all new A7 chip inside is a 64 bit processor, the first in mobile and although it may not make sense on the iPhone it’s forward thinking for other iOS devices and future iPhone models. The new iOS 7 operating system (OS) is also 64 bit taking users along for the 64 bit transition of iOS devices. Now 64 bit typically means the ability to address more memory but it also means instead of doing things faster it does more things at the same speed. So you still end up accomplishing more but in a different way. Just imagine two people trying to eat as many hot dogs as they can. One guy takes normal sized bites but eats as fast as possible. While the other guy eats at the same speed but he takes bites twice as big. Even though he’s eating at the same speed as the first guy the bigger bites means he’ll finish faster. The ability to address more memory might not make sense now but in the iPads or in future generations of the iPhone and iPads that ability to address more than 3GB or RAM will make sense.

Continuing with the upgrades inside was the introduction of a new chip the M7. The new chip measures motion by taking readins from the accelorometer, gyroscope and compass. A task that would have be done by the A7, so that frees up some computing cycles on the A7 chip itself. The M7 chip allows for a new breed of apps while adding to the existing functions of the phone. The chip knows if you’re driving, running, walking, or sleeping. So for example if you switch from driving to walking the Maps app will switch from driving directions to walking directions automatically.

The cameras on the iPhone 5s got some upgrades too ofcourse. It now has a dual LED flash which is able to combine depending on the lighting of the scene being photographed to create better colors and skintones. The back camera now has a larger sensor, larger pixels and a larger aperture which all combine to let in more light for better pictures. This combines with the camera app in iOS 7 for new features like. Burst mode which snaps multiple shots at 10 images a second, great for action shots. Slow motion video, the camera shoots video at 120 frames per second allowing the user to play back the video at 1/4 of the speed for interesting effects. The front camera also has larger pixels along with better backside illumination. Better backside illumination allows more light to the sensor resulting in better pictures and video for great FaceTime calls and world renowned “selfies”.

The iPhone 5s will be sold at the same prices previous models of iPhones have sold at. On a 2 year contract (US) 16GB at $199, 32GB at $299 and 64GB at $399 while off contract the 16GB iPhone 5s starts at $649 (US). There will be no pre-order available for the iPhone 5s and they will go on sale next Friday Sept. 20th. You can get them at your local Apple store or by going to a carrier store. Although carrier stores usually don’t get as much stock on launch day as the Apple store.

iOS 7

The new OS has undergone some drastic changes to the look and feel while still doing most things the same way it always has. The new OS will be released to everyone next Wednesday Sept. 18th. It will support iPhone 4 and newer, iPad 2 and newer and iPad Mini. Beyond the new look and colors there are many refinements as well as new features that enable a user to get things done faster and easier. The notification center is now available from the lock screen to enable glancable information. There is a new Control Center that gives the user quick access to some of the typical phone controls like Wifi, Airplane mode, Bluetooth, etc. The Control Center is also available from the lock screen. Some users will not like the new colors and look of the interface and icons. Some will not like system changes like swiping down from anywhere on the home screen to open Finder instead of swiping the home screen right. You can’t please everyone but I have a feeling that this iOS will please almost everyone and that is Apple’s aim with it.

iOS 7

iWork (Free)

The next big announcement was that iWork for mobile which they listed as consisting of Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iMovie and iPhoto was going free. It will be going free for new iOS devices and as I have been told devices running iOS 7. This is awesome news for me since I already own two of the five software and would love to have the others. It will be a great bundle and should be yet another plus for users looking at upgrading their iOS device. It will also be a great addition to users upgrading to iOS 7. When users install iOS 7 there should be a prompt like there is now for downloading iBooks and the Podcasts app. It will now also include the five apps listed above.

LB_7958 LB_7965


Now that this has all been revealed there are a few questions that come out of these new introductions. With the release of the iPhone 5c the iPhone 5 model is gone. So going forward what is Apple going to name their iPhones? Next year will be the iPhone 6 and most likely the iPhone 6c with the iPhone 5s internals. However if there is an iPhone 6s there would be an iPhone 7c. Apple can call these devices whatever they want and it will sell but having the c model with a higher number than the flagship iPhone just does not seem feasible to me. They could also just kep the iPhone 6c name for release with both the iPhone 6 and 6s by upgrading the internals inside based on the previous year’s model. However even though the device is different having the same name just doesn’t seem sexy enough in my opinion. What I think is that they will drop the “s” model and just stick with full number releases from now on with the “c” model alongside. So there will be an iPhone 6 and 6c, 7 and 7c, 8 and 8c, etc. There would also be the possibility of them dropping the number altogether and having just the iPhone and iPhone c like they did with the iPad. However that also has it’s own advertising downsides.

Now that the iPhone 5s is out the rumors of the iPhone 6 are already starting to swirl. The biggest thing is that Apple will release an iPhone with a bigger screen. We are one year away so there is plenty of time for this rumor to pick up steam. I’m still not sure how I would feel about a bigger screen and it would depend how big of a screen. I love the screen size right now and the ease of using the phone with one hand. However if there was a 5″ iPhone I would definitely buy it. Any bigger than 5″ and for me personally that is too big. I would have to pass on that model and that will be the question Apple will contemplate if they are thinking of doing a bigger screen iPhone. Users all have different sized hands along with different opinions on what size is comfortable and what size is too big. As with Apple’s devices they make decisions based on what benefits the majority of their users. So if they do go to a bigger sized screen I’m sure it will be at a size that will please existing users and entice some users. But it wont please everyone so we’ll see if it happens at all.

64 bit
The A7 chip and iOS 7 are both now 64 bit. The upcoming iPads will have the new chip so does the 64bit come into play on those devices which would make much more use of more than 3GB of RAM? Or is this a future play for 7 or 8th generation iPhones/iPads that will eventually use RAM capacities north of 3GBs?

Well one thing is for sure it was an interesting event with some great devices launched. So are you getting a new iPhone 5s or 5c?

Pictures: The Verge, Apple

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iOS 7 Concepts

Now with under a month until WWDC the reveal of iOS 7 is nearing. T3kd already put up a post about what we want to see in iOS 7. With all the rumors of Sir Jony Ive stripping out Skeumorphic elements to give a very different look to the User Interface (UI). Many iOS 7 concepts are being released based on the perceived “Flatter” design. It is a pretty exciting time since some of the well known sources in the industry have heard that the UI looks so different polarizing filters are being used to prevent others from seeing the differences. It is also rumored that people working on the new OS X operating system (OS) have been pulled off to help finish up iOS 7 in time for the reveal.

I have read, talked to and heard people who are talking about how much the iOS interface needs a change. But in the current mobile space with competitors bringing out new features where does a new interface rank? Me personally, I would rather Apple make changes and introduce features that make iOS easier and more intuitive to use. Things like the rumored Flickr and Vimeo system integration but also things like being able to intuitively add attachments to emails in the mail app and attachments opening automatically without the need of a share sheet. If things like that are being sacrificed to throw a new look and feel on the UI then I can do without the UI update in favor of newer, better features. If both are being done at the same time then hey I say bring it on. I also think a lot of people need to be prepared for the reveal of iOS 7 and I don’t know if the iOS 7 concepts are helping. The concepts are great ideas but they have no concept behind them of how much work would be required to implement these new “revolutionary” ideas. Also the time it would take along with the difficulty, in order to make these ideas a reality. Would you be accepting if Apple didn’t announce a new iOS version at WWDC, but instead promised to release a new and revolutionary iOS 7 next year? Most people would answer no, and even the people who answer yes secretly know they would grumble and complain if it happened. So we all want our iOS 7 concept cake and to eat it too.

So if you are expecting iOS 7 to look flat like the Windows Phone interface you will be disappointed. If you are expecting Android type widgets you will be disappointed. If you are expecting most of what is in the iOS 7 concept videos etc. you will be disappointed. This is the problem I see that these iOS 7 Concepts make because people want or expect things that just aren’t possible at this time to include in iOS 7. Which then leads to an underwhelming at the actual reveal of iOS 7 when it’s compared to these flashy concept videos and renderings. These are the concepts I’ve seen jso far, I’m sure there are tons more out there. Gizmodo Australia did a post about eight iOS 7 Flat UI Mockups, iDownloadBlog posted about a new flat iOS 7 UI concept and Forbes talked about whether or not Sir Jony Ive will let a flat iOS 7 fall flat.


original original1 xlarge1 xlarge2


The renderings and videos take a lot of talent, god knows I probably couldn’t come close to putting together one of these much less to make it look so polished. However and this is just personal opinion, the flat design that these concepts have just taken to the next level look too playlike to me. The iPhone and most other iOS devices as well as the operating system (OS) is about a polished aeshtethic. Apart from that it shows no balance, just because rumors say Ive is working on a “flatter” interface doesn’t mean the entire UI is going flat. Apple certainly isn’t going to ditch the rounded rectangle on app icons just like that. So enjoy the renderings and the videos and thoughts of what would be nice to have. But while you watch it keep in mind what I have said

“If you are expecting iOS 7 to look flat like the Windows Phone interface you will be disappointed. If you are expecting Android type widgets you will be disappointed. If you are expecting most of what is in the iOS 7 concept videos etc. you will be disappointed.”

Sources: 9to5 Mac.com, Gizmodo, iDownloadBlog, Forbes.com and Youtube

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Blackberry calling the kettle black

Blackberry calling the kettle black

The CEO of the company formerly known as RIM, now Blackberry, Thorsten Heins claims that Apple is trailing when it comes to innovation. He also basically called iOS the Operating System(OS) that iDevices(iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc) run on old. Now to me aint that a little like the Blackberry calling the kettle black. Yes pun intended, but really it wasn’t very long ago that Blackberry was on the brink of destruction as their marketshare in the mobile space eroded with their dated offerings. So if anyone should know about old, outdated and quickly becoming irrelevant it would be Blackberry. The new BBX isn’t even a smash success yet so does Mr. Heins really feel justified in talking about a competitor whose device has more market share and makes more profit than his company does right now?

You can read more about what the Blackberry CEO had to say to The Australian Financial Review in this iMore post. Now before anyone claims that I’m getting deffensive because of my Apple Fanboyism. Go back and listen to some of the old T3kd podcasts where we argue and wax poetic about RIM and it’s future. I have been a supporter of them turning things around and being a player in the mobile market for awhile now. I have even written posts, which were destroyed when the site was taken down last year, about how Blackberry could claw their way back to relevance. I’ve done an iOS 7 wishlist post where I went through the things I hope Apple will impliment in their next OS refresh sometime this year. My issue is that by Heins saying what he did there is now an intense spotlight on how successful the BBX platform and devices will be and even the company and Heins himself. Why would he want to do that when BBX hasn’t been a runaway success and isn’t going to immediately reverse the abysmal market share Blackberry devices now hold?

I just feel that he has now put un-needed scrutiny on the new Blackberry devices, how the BBX OS will function and how well the devices will sell. The iPhone and along with it iOS might be long in the tooth but the benefit of that is also familiarity and ease of use. While it might not be cutting edge Apple is not in the position Blackberry was just in of having to fire employees and whittle their staff down in an effort to “Streamline operations”. Perhaps Heins’ comments were instead meant to goad Apple into rushing out new features tripping up the iPhone and iOS in the process. This still would be a pretty silly move since most people know that Apple in the majority of cases will wait and put out a polished product rather than hurry to put out a half baked product instead. Well no matter what the intentions were everyone is entitled to their opinions but as CEO of a company sometimes things that are said have a really bad way of coming back to bite you in the ass. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when iOS 7 or for that matter iOS 8 comes out since Blackberry’s new devices still have quite awhile to prove themselves too.

Source: imore.com

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The Sharp Corp logo is seen at the company's showroom in Tokyo

IZGO Tech Saves Sharp

Someone at Sharp is probably getting the raise of a lifetime out of this. After receiving a $112 million direct injection of capital, Sharp has officially landed themselves back on the spectrum of gadget investors and chief executives alike. The company, which used to dominate TV sales back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, has been flailing in recent years, ever since they were overtaken in the flatscreen market by technology giants like Samsung and Toshiba.

However, those who went to CES this year were afforded the privilege of getting an eyes-on view of a prototype screen based off IZGO technology, or indium-gallium-zinc-oxide for those of us out of the loop on the latest lingo. At a shrouded station off the beaten path of the show floor, a screen containing jaw-droppingly gorgeous images was beaming outward to whoever happened to walk by and show some interest. The IZGO tech is said to pack over four times as many pixels in the same amount of space traditional LCDs, and draws about ⅔ of the total power to light them all up. For anyone keeping score at home, 4 X 1080p equals 4K resolution, which is where most analysts see the HD market heading next both for set top televisions and the displays which grace our tablets and smartphones.

Think Retina, but on microscopic steroids
Think Retina, but on microscopic steroids

The benefits of IZGO over traditional LCDs are seemingly endless, from response times nearly 40 fold as quick, to more accurate sensitivity on touch, higher resolutions, lower power consumption, and increased brightness. Much like you can’t see yourself going back to a traditional >3GS display on an iPhone after using Retina, many expect we will look at our current screens the same way after getting acquainted with IZGO.

The ability to stream, process, and display true 4k content is still the work of high-powered media desktops and unfinished tech demos at gadget conventions, but we still wouldn’t be surprised to see these screens on handsets come Christmas of 2013. The iPhone 5S and potential 6 have both shared the speculative spotlight for featuring IZGO screens on their next device, and Samsung shouldn’t be seen as out of line by trying to beat Apple to the higher-res punch.


Source| Android Authority




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More Rumors Leak on iPhone 5S

According to reports released Tuesday,  an analyst at KGI Securities name Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted we will see two new iPhones this year.

He believes both handsets will be released by summer. A “5S”, that will come with a new A7 chip built on the back of the 28nm process, and a cheaper, less sleek version of the 5 we’ve already seen before that still has yet to be named.

When on a conference call with investors, Tim Cook accidentally let it slip that they were excited to bring the “iPod model” to the iPhone line. Up until now the ecosystem has been dependent on one release happening after the other, much like it was back when the iPod first came out. After the line had branched off into enough variants however, the releases started piling on top of each other and we’d see a new Classic, iTouch, and Nano all released on the same day at completely different price points.

iphone 5s
Projected specs on both phones

It’s this release schedule which has led the rumor mill to the idea that the iPhone 5S and “cheaper iPhone 5” will follow the same path. One will take the lead with screaming specs and a price point to match, and the other can bring up the rear as a mid-range option for anyone who wants something affordable, but also not a year or two behind the current technology curve.

The cheaper phone will likely be constructed out of plastic and fiberglass, Kuo predicts, and this is a man who has been right about nearly every move Apple has made since they became a major player over 10 years ago.

No word yet on what kind of strain the demand for two entirely new devices will have on a supply chain that is already under investigation for labor abuses, but if recent developments are any indication I can expect that Apple will be asking them to keep their interns around at least for one or two more product cycles.

Source| The Register

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iOS 7 Wish list

iOS 7 wish list

This year will be the debut of iOS 7. There have been things said about iOS 6 like it’s boring, it’s getting old, it needs a revamp. While I don’t agree with all of those sentiments I do think there is a lot of room for improvement. This is the T3kd iOS 7 wish list. A list of the things that Apple will hopefully implement in the new iOS. Before I get started everyone needs to understand a few things about Apple and iOS. It’s been 5 years since the introduction of the iPhone and along with it the iPhone Operating System, now iOS. In that 5 years Apple has spent time perfecting iOS while throngs of people learned to operate it. They are not going to drastically re-write it now that everyone knows how to use it.

What they will do is make changes that add to the Operating System (OS), keep it simple and retain the familiarity. Our iOS 7 wish list keeps this in mind, sort off. The list has features that would make using iOS easier, more efficient and more productive for the user. Which is what a new OS should always do for the benefit of users. So lets jump into the wish list now.

Lock screen

Toggle to turn the lock screen clock and date On/Off – The iPhone has a beautiful screen, especially now with the larger screen. Except we never get to enjoy the beauty of the screen. There are always elements on the screen(clock, icons). The lock screen which is hardly utilized has the clock and date right in the middle of the screen. A toggle in the Settings panel would be the most simple addition that would give users the option of turning the clock and date on or off.

iOS 7 Wish list

Lockscreen clock off

Alternate Notification Center – The notification center is not accessible from the lock screen. It’s a security issue, who would want their information easily accessible if the device was lost or stolen? But why not have an alternate notification center when the device is locked. One that allows access to options and information right from the lock screen. It makes things easier and more efficient for the user. The alternate notification center could have toggles for Wifi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Mute and Orientation Lock. It would have the weather and stock widgets for glance-able information.

iPad Specific Notification Center - Ever since the Notification Center was introduced the iPad has used the same one found on the iPhone. It looks silly on the bigger screen of the iPad and fails to use the larger iPad screen in a useful way. Steve Jobs was famous for saying the iPad unlike it’s competitors didn’t run scaled up smartphone apps. There are iPad specific apps that take advantage of the bigger screen with extra elements, features, etc. So why after all this time is the iPad still using the silly looking half baked iPhone Notification Center. The increased size of the iPads’ screens would allow more space for even more things within the Notification Center. The possibilities are endless, quick access app shortcuts, favorited apps, iPad specific widgets, etc.

iOS 7 Wish list

Full Screen Music app – When the device is locked I want full access and control of my music. The screen is big enough so why require the user to unlock the device to do things like switch to playlist, song, or artist mode. I want to see the list of songs in the playlist, go into Coverflow, etc. from the lock screen. The double tap of the home button to gain access to the controls ensures it wont happen without user input. The Apple Maps app does it so they already know how to implement it. What’s the hold up?

iOS 7 Wish list

Full Screen Music2

Album Art/Lock screen toggle – Times have changed a lot since the iPod was first introduced. While some people still have an emotional attachment or enjoy the display of their Album Art. Others are more emotionally attached and enjoy the image displayed on the lock screen. Whether it’s a new parent with a picture of their newborn or child. Or a personal image created by the user, many would rather see their lock screen than the Album Art. A toggle button in the lower right corner of the screen would give user’s the simple option to enjoy whichever they choose.

iOS 7 Wish list

AA Flip2

Ability to answer iMessages from the lock screen – User’s have different reasons and times when they aren’t able to unlock the device to answer iMessages. It is much quicker and more efficient to allow them to answer or dismiss the messages from the lock screen. This is another security issue since it would allow access to iMessage if the device were lost or stolen. So the setting to enable it should be under the passcode option. It would require the user to setup a passcode in order to use the feature. When replying to a message from the lock screen the user would be required to input the passcode first. As it is now if the device has a passcode it has to be entered to reply to an iMessage anyway. So not requiring the device to unlock and the iMessage app to launch before the user could reply would be quicker and easier while still keeping it secure.

iOS 7 Wish list


Ability to dismiss lock screen notifications – When the device is locked and notifications come in they end up on the screen until they are checked. In cases when a user can’t get to the notification it ends up in a horrible mess as more notifications fill the screen. Especially when the notification is for a message so short it shows in the preview. If you have repeating alerts the notification will also buzz again if you haven’t responded to it. There should be a way to dismiss the notifications from the screen. They should either fade away after a set time like 10 or 15 minutes or allow the user to dismiss the ones they choose. The user could tap the app icon of the notification instead of sliding it. An “x” would appear on the notification allowing the user to clear it from the lock screen notification.

iOS 7 Wish list

Custom lock/unlock sounds – There are so many more things in iOS 6 that a user can set custom sounds for how about allowing me to change the lock/unlock sounds.


App and folder icons anywhere on the home screen grid – These devices are supposed to be ushering in the Post PC era. If that is the case there are many little freedoms we enjoy in a PC OS that we still don’t have. Like the ability to put icons where we want on the home screen. Right now the app and folder icons are put on a grid in succession. I want the ability to put the icons anywhere on the home screen grid. This allows users to arrange icons how they like while still adhering to the grid. It allows the simple freedom of putting icons around the edge of the home screen if a user chooses.

iOS 7 Wish list

Local Siri functionality – Siri is Apple’s digital assistant. Able to make calls, make appointments, send messages and more with one big downside. Using Siri requires an internet connection. So even though for things like making a call or setting an appointment the data is all local, without an internet connection Siri is not available. The digital assistant is on break. This doesn’t make sense to me and also slows down the adoption of it dramatically. These functions need to be built-in so that Siri can perform the tasks without the need of going back to the servers first. The more people that use Siri result in the service becoming better at performing tasks and understanding what is being asked.

Siri Travel Mode – The device can sense when the user is travelling at a faster speed than possible when walking. There should be a travel mode where Siri activates and reads all notifications to the user. Then in the case of emails and iMessages it would wait for the user’s response. One thing hasn’t changed about society. When using Siri you feel and look just as crazy as when Bluetooth headsets were just introduced. When was the last time anyone in a public place used Siri to create an email, iMessage, appointment or dictation? We are still not comfortable talking to our devices in public. In travel mode the interaction with Siri would become like talking on a phone. Since it wouldn’t be a one sided conversation of commands. Siri would read an iMessage and then ask “Would you like to reply?” this leaves the outside conversation as “yes, blah blah blah.” Siri:”Would you like to send your message?”. The conversation would feel more natural and comfortable. It would also help with the problem of texting, emailing, etc. while driving.

Allow Siri access to more OS features – Siri should be able to do things like turn DnD on and off. It is easier and faster for users resulting in more use of OS features.

Allow Siri access to the alarm clock – I want to be able to say Siri “turn my alarm off for the next three days”, if I’m sick or don’t need my weekday alarm for some reason. The alarm should turn off and then re-enable three days later saving me the effort of maintaining it manually.

Additional Do Not Disturb(DnD) sets - I want more than just one DnD range. The time I don’t want to be disturbed is not the same on the weekend as it might be during the week. I want to click add just like you would for setting multiple alarms and then be able to add more DnD ranges. I want to be able to pick specific days for each range. So you could have weekdays, weekends, Holidays and turn them on and off just like you would alarms. Better yet turn them on and off via Siri.

iOS 7 Wish list

Quick Access Camera shortcut assignment - The iPhone camera is very popular. Our smartphones are usually in our pockets and with the stunning quality of the iPhone’s camera. It makes for the perfect camera. Starting with the iPhone 4 the popularity of the iPhone on photography based site Flickr passed the mainstay, Nikon D90 a DSLR. It’s an impressive feat. Now combine that with the fact that there are many third party camera apps provide functionality and features that aren’t available in the stock camera app and there is a chance to make it even more popular. The quick access shortcut on the lock screen is the easiest, fastest way to get to the camera. It’s too bad that there is no way to assign what is opened with it. The OS should assign whichever camera app is being used to the shortcut enabling users to get the most out of both the camera and their apps. The OS would do it automatically leaving the user with no settings to change manually.

iDevices in AirDrop - iDevices have now gone wireless many of the things that used to require plugging in to the USB cable has been replaced with wireless or on device options. However a few things still requires a connection to the cable. One of these is to transfer images to and from the device. The devices should be accessible through AirDrop. Then all that would be required to get or put images onto the device is a Wireless connection.

Thumb gesture app switcher – Steve Jobs said that the iPad doesn’t run scaled up phone apps. So he made it know that there is a distinction between an iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch at times. So why not have some iPhone/Touch specific multi-touch gestures that work on the smaller screen. I’d love a thumb swipe to open the app switcher. It would be faster, more intuitive and save the home button some clicks.

On-screen Rotation Lock – Rotation lock should be an on screen button that appears when the user has rotated the screen between orientations more than once. The app Pocket has already implemented this and it is so elegant and efficient. It needs to be system wide.

iOS 7 Wish list

Shared notes – Just like shared calendars I want to share notes between between Apple IDs

Ability to un-install native apps – I have never used the native Stocks, Weather, Compass, or Newsstand app. So why can’t I un-install them? The new Apple apps like Podcast, Apple Store, iTunes U, etc. can be installed and un-installed just like any other app. I want the same ability for the other natively installed apps. I understand if the core apps like Phone, Calendar, Messages, Safari have to stay for the basic use of the phone. If grandma’s stock or weather app was deleted I don’t think she would miss it. Even if she did a simple install would fix the issue.

iOS 7 Wish list

Glass app folder icons – This is my personal taste but I want to enjoy the beautiful Retina screen and my own beautiful background. The linen folder background is hideous but having it in the folder icon is even worst. Why not have an elegant glass look to the folder icons with the background blurred a bit and then a steel or aluminum style ring around the folder icon. (See app and folder icons anywhere on the home screen grid)

Device Connectivity – All iDevices should be able to connect without Wifi. Use BLuetooth or NFC or whatever works. Just get it done and allow users to transfer pictures, videos, notes etc. between devices easily.

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Rumors for iPhone 5S Circulating

Rumors have been circulating that the iPhone would be continued in iPhone 5S. However, recently photos surfaced that showed this new iPhone, courtesy of a Chinese website, Zol.com.cn, which was busted by Times of India. These photos showed front and rear panels of the preproduction models of the iPhone 5S. These are still rumors, so it is important to remember that they may or may not be true.

 IPhone 5S: Fact or Fiction

Just last week, the iPhone 5S and is another one the iPhone 6 came to light, according to a Chinese blog site names Sina Tech. However, this information came secondhand from one of their users. The iPhone 6 is claimed to be wider, longer and much thinner. However, both of these phones are still debated and Intel Apple releases official statements, they should be considered only rumors.iPhone

In December, a French website claimed they had received photos of the iPhone 5s. According to these photos, this new iPhone would be very similar to that of the iPhone 5. This would follow the format that Apple has used in the past in regards to releasing iPhones.

 What Is The Validity Of These Rumors?

Since the death of Steve Jobs, Apple has been breaking its traditional model of releasing products. If these rumors are indeed correct, it won’t come as too much of a surprise. One should remember that Apple has always claimed that it will not release cheaper products just for the sake of tapping into new market. However, the release of the iPad mini, which was a scaled-down version of the regular iPad, cast light that Apple may be willing to tap into the cheaper end of the market if it is profitable enough and without sacrificing the quality of their products.

And even if these photos are indeed incorrect, Apple has released and S series for iPhones in the past. In other words while these phones may not be the real iPhone 5S, there may be an iPhone 5s in the future. But a release for the iPhone 6 is still very much contested, especially for this year. Apple has faced some fierce competition from both Samsung and Android in general. Many experts are claiming that Apple’s glory days are behind them.

While these rumors are hardly proof the iPhone 5s will indeed launch, it is interesting nonetheless. Keep your eyes peeled, but make sure to take any rumor with a grain of salt, as they may or may not be true.

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Bigger iPhone

Will Apple Ever Make a Bigger iPhone?

With the iPhone 5 Apple introduced a “bigger” screen. My English teacher always said to start any argumentative writing with the opposition’s argument. Apple introduced the iPhone 5 with a 4″ screen, however instead of truly making the screen bigger they just added a few pixels to the top of the screen. The question now is, will Apple ever make a bigger iPhone?

Why Do I Want A Bigger iPhone?

I want a bigger iPhone because I want it to be as easy to type on an iPhone as it is on an Android device. So Apple made the screen bigger last year, what they didn’t do was make it easier to type. To do that they would have had to make the screen wider, which they didn’t want to do because it would have caused even more inconvenience for developers.

My first big screened device was the Motorola Atrix. It, like the iPhone, had a 4 inch screen. Unlike the iPhone, the 4 inches was used to make the device both wider and longer. This made it a dream to type on. I thought at that point that I had found the perfect size for a phone. I could reach all four corners with my man hands, and it was awesome to type on. After that phone I took out a Galaxy S II, it had a 4.5 inch screen. It was even more awesome to type on, though it was a tad too big. I got the 4.3″ version from AT&T and that was the perfect size. Not only could I still reach all four corners, but it was the best typing experience I had ever had on a phone.

To my mind 4.3″ is the exact perfect size for a smartphone. Currently I have a 4.8″ Galaxy S III and I like it a lot, but it is a little too big. I don’t mind too big, but most people do.

What would a 4.3″ iPhone feel like? It would be a pleasure to type on, it would have extra screen real estate both up and down, and still wouldn’t be much wider or taller than the current iPhone 5. In addition the slightly added width and length could be used to increase the amount of battery.

Who Would it Piss off?

A bigger iPhone would piss off people with small hands. That’s why Apple needs to make two different iPhones. One with the current 4 inch screen and one with a bigger screen.Whether that is my 4.3″ suggestion or a 1080p toting 5″ monster that some people would drool over. Or somewhere in between. The days of Apple being able to offer a one-size-fits-all solution are over.

App developers would cry foul as well, though I think they get over it pretty fast. The reason is, if Apple decided to go about making a significantly bigger screened device, they would also come up with an awesome software solution to scale apps to any size screen. There are enough pixels in any retina-enabled app to allow Apple to do something with them.

Google has this type of solution for their tablet apps. It sucks. I would expect that Apple could and would do a much better job. Besides, Apple would not be scaling up an app designed for a 4″ phone to a 7″ inch tablet. They’d be scaling an app for a 4″ phone up to 4.3″ or so. Software wise, this doesn’t sound like that big an obstacle.

What Would this mean for iOS7?

iOS is getting stale. Besides the bigger screen issue, it is the main reason why I left using iOS as my smartphone platform. iOS needs a huge revamp. It is becoming harder and harder for Apple apologists to argue that iOS is great when both Android and Windows Phone are innovating in UI, while Apple is stuck in the last decade.

If Apple decided to go to a bigger screen and introduce a lineup of iPhones instead of their current one device strategy, it could be their opportunity to introduce a lot of different and new concepts to iOS. Whether this is total redesign or just a lot of awesome new features and a new coat of paint, Apple could use the opportunity to change or alter their design language.

Now that Jony Ive is in charge of UI design, we can hope that he is at least considering something new and fresh.


I think this is important for Apple. I know, in my heart, that even if Apple doesn’t do this they will continue to sell a ton of iPhones each quarter. However, I think that they will continue to have the reputation of a company that doesn’t innovate anymore and is stuck with the same old software year in and year out. This will mean that Android will continue to increase in mind share until Apple is left in their little corner, wishing they had done something. They have done this before with the Mac back in the late 80s/early 90s. They had a substantial market share lead, and got comfortable. Microsoft came in with a cheaper product that wasn’t as good, but improved quickly, and Apple was left in the dust.

I beg you, Apple. Don’t let this happen again.

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wet phone solutions

4 Steps To Salvage Wet Electronics and Cell Phones

steps to salvage wet electronics
Cell phone solutions

The first thing is to remember to act fast! You do not want your small electronic or cell phone to stay wet for no longer than in has too. I am sure all of us have been in this situation where we have dropped our iPhone, cell phone, or any small electronic in the swimming pool, a puddle of water, maybe ran it through the washing machine, or dropped it out of our back pockets into the toilet. The word “panic” and anxiety does not cover what we feel at that very moment; as like the panic of losing family photos, important contact information and downloads. Here are some steps to salvage wet electronics gear.

In addition, to replace a cell phone it is generally not covered under your insurance. Almost all cell phone companies do not have coverage for water damage. There are a couple of methods that you can try to remove the moisture. Such as using a can of compressed air, dry uncooked rice, or there are bags known as Bheesties. are a great product if you have them around at the time of your emergency. These were designed to dry out small Bheersties electronics and cell phones. These bags sell for $20.00 each plus shipping and handling, and are available at Amazon.com.

  1. The first step would be to remove the battery and the SIM card right away. Without trying to see if the phone is working or powers up. I know this is the first thing everybody wants to do in the state of panic is to see if you lost anything! Please avoid this temptation to avoid creating any short circuits. The goal is to try to speed up the drying process without damaging the device any further. I know many people have tried, or ran for the hair dryer, which is normally too hot for the device.
  2. In some cases if you do not have any of the following items to try, but you do have a hair dryer; you can do step one, following with the hair dryer on low, at the coolest setting.
  3. A can of compressed air can be used as another choice if available. Follow step one, and then go ahead and gently blow out the moisture from the electronic device.
  4. Okay, so you do not have compressed air or blow dryer. Please stay calm and go to the kitchen and find some uncooked white rice. Place a few handfuls of uncooked white rice into a bowl or plastic bag (Bag A), then place the cell phone or electronic device into another separate bag (Bag B).

When using a bag with the uncooked white rice you want to avoid placing the device directly in the rice, due to the dust from the rice. Do so by placing the device and battery in separate bags by themselves, and remember to leave the bags open. Place the bag onto a dry warm surface, not hot; wait for 6 to 12 hours, or 24 to 48 hours, depending on how wet the device is. Personally I have tried the rice method and it worked very well.

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BlackBerry 10

A look inside BlackBerry 10

As a Canadian I love to see RIM in the smartphone market. It’s a Canadian company going at it with the big boys. I’ve written quite a few posts in the past about how RIM is doing and how they could make things better but unfortunately those posts are now all gone. It is all in the past and like RIM I’m looking forward to the future. In just a few days RIM is set to take the wraps off their new OS and I’m betting many people like me would love to have a look inside BlackBerry 10. Just to know what it means for RIM’s and Blackberry’s future in the smartphone market.

If you didn’t know RIM was once at the top of their game and a leader in the smartphone market. The security of their devices coupled with the hardware keyboard was loved by many and it was a staple for the enterprise market. Businesses loved the control they had over the devices with the ability to lock down services that they chose and the peace of mind knowing the information was secure. Then the market started to change it headed in the touchsreen, user friendly, appcentric direction with the introduction of the iPhone. While Android switched gears and adopted the iPhone way RIM was slow to follow the direction. They continued to use the same hardware that was slower, froze up and was quickly becoming outdated. Whose fault it was really didn’t matter because finger pointing wouldn’t help their market share which was getting smaller and smaller as did their stock prices.

There were many failures like promising hardware that didn’t arrive for months, think Playbook. The Playbook itself was a failure and even Blackberry 10 has been promised for quite awhile now. So I’m hoping that the same old story wont be the case going forward because as everyone knows competition is supposedly good for consumers. In any case I would love to see them succeed as a matter of national pride and as a tech enthusiast. It hinges however on their careful execution in order to get everything to go off without a hitch. There are quite a few players now so it’s a pretty tough market with a lot of competition already. I hope they have learned that when you announce things, hardware or an OS, like BlackBerry 10, have it ready to roll. The sooner the better but no longer than a week or a month. Get the hardware in the hands of consumers and BlackBerry faithful while also getting the app ecosystem jump started. Make it easy to develop apps for the devices because more and more now the devices are becoming irrelevant it is the apps that are the driving factor.

People want to play Temple Run, send tweets, put pictures onto Instagram, update Facebook statuses, get emails, browse the web and all the work stuff too. So with only a few days to go I’m hoping that the stars are about to align and that RIM has learned from their mistakes and are about to wow consumers everywhere. Oh and you were waiting for a look inside BlackBerry 10 well take a look at the Boy Genius walkthrough to whet your appetite.

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