iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7 what did we get

On Tuesday of this week, Sept. 10th, Apple held their event. We speculated on what we would get and talked about the other questions that still remained to be answered. Well now we have our answers. The iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7 were shown off so what did we get? Well we’re going to cover some of the details and also talk about some of the questions that are now created about where do they go form here. The video of the keynote is now available on the Apple site, go watch it.

So to go through what we got to see at the keynote, there was the

iPhone 5c (Android Free)

The iPhone everyone thought was going to be cheap turned out to be “less expensive” instead. No one should have been surprised since Apple doesn’t do cheap and yet they were. When netbooks proliferated the computer landscape Apple did the MacBook Air. It was far from cheap but “less expensive” than a MacBook Pro. The iPhone 5c is the same. It is far from cheap but at $99 for a 16GB model on a 2 Year contract(US) it’s cheap enough that it becomes a throwaway phone. It’s something parents can buy their teen as an emergency phone. It’s a phone people less interested with the latest and greatest technology as well as people coming from a feature phone can buy without sticker shock.

So the iPhone 5c comes in five colors, white, pink, yellow, blue and green. Yes pink, not red or fuchsia they proudly proclaimed it pink on stage.


The phone internals are the same as what is in last years model, the iPhone 5, with the exception of a slightly bigger battery and a slightly better FaceTime camera. This is impressive because I own an iPhone 5 and it is one hell of a smartphone. The wallpaper that comes on the iPhone 5c will match the color of the phone plus with iOS 7′s transparencies the OS will play even more on the color aspect. The pricing on contract is 16GB at $99, 32GB at $199 and $549 off contract. The pre-orders for the iPhone 5c will be available tonight and the phones will go on sale next Friday Sept. 20th.

iPhone 5s (Forward Thinking)

The iPhone 5s is the flagship model and brought a lot of things that were already rumored but became reality. The iPhone 5s comes in three colors, Silver, Gold and Space Grey. The silver and gold models have a white face and white accents while the space grey is the only model with a black face and black accents.


So they have added one more color, the gold but for me it sucks because I don’t like the white face. I wonder why they didn’t have the gold with both a white and black face? Perhpas this is just my personal color bias but I would have loved a black and gold model. It’s a trivial thing I will just get the Sky Grey model but I’m just a little sad at the lost oppurtunity :_(

Starting down bottom you will notice that the home button no longer has the little rounded rectangle on it. It also now has a stainless stell ring around it with the introduction of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The Touch ID will be used to unlock the device as well as authenticate a user for app store purchases. It can be trained to know up to 5 different finger prints and has 360 degree readability. The all new A7 chip inside is a 64 bit processor, the first in mobile and although it may not make sense on the iPhone it’s forward thinking for other iOS devices and future iPhone models. The new iOS 7 operating system (OS) is also 64 bit taking users along for the 64 bit transition of iOS devices. Now 64 bit typically means the ability to address more memory but it also means instead of doing things faster it does more things at the same speed. So you still end up accomplishing more but in a different way. Just imagine two people trying to eat as many hot dogs as they can. One guy takes normal sized bites but eats as fast as possible. While the other guy eats at the same speed but he takes bites twice as big. Even though he’s eating at the same speed as the first guy the bigger bites means he’ll finish faster. The ability to address more memory might not make sense now but in the iPads or in future generations of the iPhone and iPads that ability to address more than 3GB or RAM will make sense.

Continuing with the upgrades inside was the introduction of a new chip the M7. The new chip measures motion by taking readins from the accelorometer, gyroscope and compass. A task that would have be done by the A7, so that frees up some computing cycles on the A7 chip itself. The M7 chip allows for a new breed of apps while adding to the existing functions of the phone. The chip knows if you’re driving, running, walking, or sleeping. So for example if you switch from driving to walking the Maps app will switch from driving directions to walking directions automatically.

The cameras on the iPhone 5s got some upgrades too ofcourse. It now has a dual LED flash which is able to combine depending on the lighting of the scene being photographed to create better colors and skintones. The back camera now has a larger sensor, larger pixels and a larger aperture which all combine to let in more light for better pictures. This combines with the camera app in iOS 7 for new features like. Burst mode which snaps multiple shots at 10 images a second, great for action shots. Slow motion video, the camera shoots video at 120 frames per second allowing the user to play back the video at 1/4 of the speed for interesting effects. The front camera also has larger pixels along with better backside illumination. Better backside illumination allows more light to the sensor resulting in better pictures and video for great FaceTime calls and world renowned “selfies”.

The iPhone 5s will be sold at the same prices previous models of iPhones have sold at. On a 2 year contract (US) 16GB at $199, 32GB at $299 and 64GB at $399 while off contract the 16GB iPhone 5s starts at $649 (US). There will be no pre-order available for the iPhone 5s and they will go on sale next Friday Sept. 20th. You can get them at your local Apple store or by going to a carrier store. Although carrier stores usually don’t get as much stock on launch day as the Apple store.

iOS 7

The new OS has undergone some drastic changes to the look and feel while still doing most things the same way it always has. The new OS will be released to everyone next Wednesday Sept. 18th. It will support iPhone 4 and newer, iPad 2 and newer and iPad Mini. Beyond the new look and colors there are many refinements as well as new features that enable a user to get things done faster and easier. The notification center is now available from the lock screen to enable glancable information. There is a new Control Center that gives the user quick access to some of the typical phone controls like Wifi, Airplane mode, Bluetooth, etc. The Control Center is also available from the lock screen. Some users will not like the new colors and look of the interface and icons. Some will not like system changes like swiping down from anywhere on the home screen to open Finder instead of swiping the home screen right. You can’t please everyone but I have a feeling that this iOS will please almost everyone and that is Apple’s aim with it.

iOS 7

iWork (Free)

The next big announcement was that iWork for mobile which they listed as consisting of Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iMovie and iPhoto was going free. It will be going free for new iOS devices and as I have been told devices running iOS 7. This is awesome news for me since I already own two of the five software and would love to have the others. It will be a great bundle and should be yet another plus for users looking at upgrading their iOS device. It will also be a great addition to users upgrading to iOS 7. When users install iOS 7 there should be a prompt like there is now for downloading iBooks and the Podcasts app. It will now also include the five apps listed above.

LB_7958 LB_7965


Now that this has all been revealed there are a few questions that come out of these new introductions. With the release of the iPhone 5c the iPhone 5 model is gone. So going forward what is Apple going to name their iPhones? Next year will be the iPhone 6 and most likely the iPhone 6c with the iPhone 5s internals. However if there is an iPhone 6s there would be an iPhone 7c. Apple can call these devices whatever they want and it will sell but having the c model with a higher number than the flagship iPhone just does not seem feasible to me. They could also just kep the iPhone 6c name for release with both the iPhone 6 and 6s by upgrading the internals inside based on the previous year’s model. However even though the device is different having the same name just doesn’t seem sexy enough in my opinion. What I think is that they will drop the “s” model and just stick with full number releases from now on with the “c” model alongside. So there will be an iPhone 6 and 6c, 7 and 7c, 8 and 8c, etc. There would also be the possibility of them dropping the number altogether and having just the iPhone and iPhone c like they did with the iPad. However that also has it’s own advertising downsides.

Now that the iPhone 5s is out the rumors of the iPhone 6 are already starting to swirl. The biggest thing is that Apple will release an iPhone with a bigger screen. We are one year away so there is plenty of time for this rumor to pick up steam. I’m still not sure how I would feel about a bigger screen and it would depend how big of a screen. I love the screen size right now and the ease of using the phone with one hand. However if there was a 5″ iPhone I would definitely buy it. Any bigger than 5″ and for me personally that is too big. I would have to pass on that model and that will be the question Apple will contemplate if they are thinking of doing a bigger screen iPhone. Users all have different sized hands along with different opinions on what size is comfortable and what size is too big. As with Apple’s devices they make decisions based on what benefits the majority of their users. So if they do go to a bigger sized screen I’m sure it will be at a size that will please existing users and entice some users. But it wont please everyone so we’ll see if it happens at all.

64 bit
The A7 chip and iOS 7 are both now 64 bit. The upcoming iPads will have the new chip so does the 64bit come into play on those devices which would make much more use of more than 3GB of RAM? Or is this a future play for 7 or 8th generation iPhones/iPads that will eventually use RAM capacities north of 3GBs?

Well one thing is for sure it was an interesting event with some great devices launched. So are you getting a new iPhone 5s or 5c?

Pictures: The Verge, Apple

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Apple Event today!

I know it’s been awhile since there has been any activity here on T3kd. Matt put up a very eloquent farewell speech but the Apple event today has brought me out of hiding. Matt is still just as busy as he was before so it will probably be mainly me for the next little while discussing everything tech. However I’m sure when time allows Matt will pop in and bless us with a few articles. Anyway lets get down to business here, today is the day, it is Apple’s September 10th event. So let’s talk a little about this event, what to expect and where you can get coverage.

We haven’t been invited to the event so we wont be covering it live. However many sites in the blogosphere will have live coverage. You can find a few at the following places:
Ars Technica

So tune in to any one of those places to get live, or as close to it as possible, coverage of the event. Now what’s going to be announced? You know it’s funny I’ve been talking to a few of my friends about the iPhone 5s and 5c leaks that have happened over the last little while. All my frineds are telling me how much they hate it that it spoils the surprise at the Apple event. I have a different outlook on the topic though. I’m more impressed that Apple is able to still have so much secrecy even though these high resolution pictures have emerged. These aren’t grainy spyshots either they are full resolution, well lit, gorgeous shots of the casings. Yet we still wonder what the price points of the models will be, what storage options will be revealed, will there be a 128GB model iPhone 5s or c, will there actually be a fingerprint scanner, will the iPhones actually look like the leaked pictures?

Really the pictures haven’t spoiled anything but in fact has just whet everyoone’s appetite and increased the fervor before the event. So what are we looking forward to seeing at the event today? The iPhone 5s ofcourse, it will be exciting when whichever Apple exec presents it on stage to have all of our questions answered and to see just how we will be wowed, again. The iPhone 5c, the long rumored budget iPhone, it is pretty much expected at this point but when we actually see it up on stage and hear it’s specs and prices this will be a new chapter in the iPhone saga. So it should be a very exciting event for the Apple customers, lovers and everyone watching to see what is up their sleeves. They will obviously talk about iOS 7 and more than likely the Gold Master (GM) will be released to developers. Something I’m excited about as a dev myself I have been running the iOS 7 betas so I’m ready to see the final product of all the hard work over in Cupertino.

Well with only 20 minutes until show time pull up a chair to whichever live blog you choose and enjoy. We will have the after coverage of what was announced for those who missed the event.

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Red Eye

iPhone 5s dual flash or red eye reduction?

iOS 7 is coming out this fall and along with it most likely the launch of the iPhone 5s. In recent days different blogs have shown some hardware leaks of the purported iPhone 5s. One in particular caught my eye, MacRumors post had pictures of the iPhone 5s prototype, one picture in particular shows what they claim is dual flash.


The iPhone is a very popular camera. On photo site Flickr it bested the Nikon D90 DSLR in popularity. Low light pictures however has always been one of it’s weaknesses and we can obviously see the dual LED in this prototype. My question, “Is it dual flash?” or is it something else. One of the things my friends hate is the zombie like pictures created by the red eye in pictures taken with the flash on iPhones. Unlike the top LED in the flash unit on the prototype the bottom LED is more red looking. I think there is more of a chance that the bottom LED is for “red eye reduction” a feature that is standard on run of the mill point and shoot cameras. Cameras whose lunches the iPhone has been eating for a long time now. So the question is iPhone 5s, dual flash or red eye reduction?

So along with a rumored 12MP camera perhaps the iPhone 5s is going to push photography even further by harnessing the refinements in iOS 7, better hardware and a new feature, red eye reduction! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Picture: MacRumors

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Do you really want a bigger iPhone?

Yesterday I was reading a Gizmodo post “Battery Life Is the Only Spec That Matters” which had some valid points and others that were assumptions. However there was one good point, we are possibly to blame for the thinner iPhone 5. The reason I bring it up is because it is pretty much a common idea now that most people would have rather had a thicker iPhone 5. But although we say that and think why did Apple make it “Lighter” and “Thinner”? Perhaps we are the ones to blame. So ask yourself “Do you really want a bigger iPhone?”

Confused now well just bear with me and it will all make sense. So the new argument is that the size and heft of the iPhone 4/4s was great. So with the new machining process and materials used for the iPhone 5 having it at the same size and weight would have resulted in more battery. More battery would have resulted in phenomenal battery life and we would have all been over the moon. But would we? have been over the moon that is. It is easy to say it in hindsight but with competitors hot on the heels of the iPhone it’s hard to tell. There are blog posts and articles abound about how Apple is no longer innovating. I am one of the people who would have loved a fatter iPhone 5 with crazy good battery life. However don’t forget that battery life is different for each and every person. I get over 24 hours on each charge of my iPhone 5 so I only charge it once a day. However every user is different in the apps they use, web browsing habits, social media use and those are just a few of the things that make the battery life different in each case.

Now let’s just say Apple did make the iPhone 5 the same size and weight of the iPhone 4/4s and used the extra space to pack in extra battery. Some people, like me would have excellent battery life but still some would still have mediocre battery life. It’s those people who would then complain that even though the design is new the iPhone 5 was still the same size as the iPhone 4/4s and Apple wasn’t innovating. They would point at the competitors and all their “innovations” but most of all Apple would have lost more mind-share of consumers. The Gizmodo post highlights an excellent point, when the iPad 3 debuted with Retina Display it was slightly thicker and heavier than the iPad 2. Did people love the fact that the increased size gave them Retina Display with the same or better battery life? no complaints were all over the place about the increased size and that it was now heavier. So when consumers, blogs, media outlets react like that can we really blame Apple for making devices thinner and lighter instead of giving us more battery?

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Blackberry calling the kettle black

Blackberry calling the kettle black

The CEO of the company formerly known as RIM, now Blackberry, Thorsten Heins claims that Apple is trailing when it comes to innovation. He also basically called iOS the Operating System(OS) that iDevices(iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc) run on old. Now to me aint that a little like the Blackberry calling the kettle black. Yes pun intended, but really it wasn’t very long ago that Blackberry was on the brink of destruction as their marketshare in the mobile space eroded with their dated offerings. So if anyone should know about old, outdated and quickly becoming irrelevant it would be Blackberry. The new BBX isn’t even a smash success yet so does Mr. Heins really feel justified in talking about a competitor whose device has more market share and makes more profit than his company does right now?

You can read more about what the Blackberry CEO had to say to The Australian Financial Review in this iMore post. Now before anyone claims that I’m getting deffensive because of my Apple Fanboyism. Go back and listen to some of the old T3kd podcasts where we argue and wax poetic about RIM and it’s future. I have been a supporter of them turning things around and being a player in the mobile market for awhile now. I have even written posts, which were destroyed when the site was taken down last year, about how Blackberry could claw their way back to relevance. I’ve done an iOS 7 wishlist post where I went through the things I hope Apple will impliment in their next OS refresh sometime this year. My issue is that by Heins saying what he did there is now an intense spotlight on how successful the BBX platform and devices will be and even the company and Heins himself. Why would he want to do that when BBX hasn’t been a runaway success and isn’t going to immediately reverse the abysmal market share Blackberry devices now hold?

I just feel that he has now put un-needed scrutiny on the new Blackberry devices, how the BBX OS will function and how well the devices will sell. The iPhone and along with it iOS might be long in the tooth but the benefit of that is also familiarity and ease of use. While it might not be cutting edge Apple is not in the position Blackberry was just in of having to fire employees and whittle their staff down in an effort to “Streamline operations”. Perhaps Heins’ comments were instead meant to goad Apple into rushing out new features tripping up the iPhone and iOS in the process. This still would be a pretty silly move since most people know that Apple in the majority of cases will wait and put out a polished product rather than hurry to put out a half baked product instead. Well no matter what the intentions were everyone is entitled to their opinions but as CEO of a company sometimes things that are said have a really bad way of coming back to bite you in the ass. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when iOS 7 or for that matter iOS 8 comes out since Blackberry’s new devices still have quite awhile to prove themselves too.

Source: imore.com

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The Sharp Corp logo is seen at the company's showroom in Tokyo

IZGO Tech Saves Sharp

Someone at Sharp is probably getting the raise of a lifetime out of this. After receiving a $112 million direct injection of capital, Sharp has officially landed themselves back on the spectrum of gadget investors and chief executives alike. The company, which used to dominate TV sales back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, has been flailing in recent years, ever since they were overtaken in the flatscreen market by technology giants like Samsung and Toshiba.

However, those who went to CES this year were afforded the privilege of getting an eyes-on view of a prototype screen based off IZGO technology, or indium-gallium-zinc-oxide for those of us out of the loop on the latest lingo. At a shrouded station off the beaten path of the show floor, a screen containing jaw-droppingly gorgeous images was beaming outward to whoever happened to walk by and show some interest. The IZGO tech is said to pack over four times as many pixels in the same amount of space traditional LCDs, and draws about ⅔ of the total power to light them all up. For anyone keeping score at home, 4 X 1080p equals 4K resolution, which is where most analysts see the HD market heading next both for set top televisions and the displays which grace our tablets and smartphones.

Think Retina, but on microscopic steroids
Think Retina, but on microscopic steroids

The benefits of IZGO over traditional LCDs are seemingly endless, from response times nearly 40 fold as quick, to more accurate sensitivity on touch, higher resolutions, lower power consumption, and increased brightness. Much like you can’t see yourself going back to a traditional >3GS display on an iPhone after using Retina, many expect we will look at our current screens the same way after getting acquainted with IZGO.

The ability to stream, process, and display true 4k content is still the work of high-powered media desktops and unfinished tech demos at gadget conventions, but we still wouldn’t be surprised to see these screens on handsets come Christmas of 2013. The iPhone 5S and potential 6 have both shared the speculative spotlight for featuring IZGO screens on their next device, and Samsung shouldn’t be seen as out of line by trying to beat Apple to the higher-res punch.


Source| Android Authority




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iphone 5s rumors roundup

Rumour Roundup: Apple’s iPhone 5S

iPhone has been one of my favorite devices since it launched even though there has been increasing concerns by everyone from analysts to power users who say that the iPhone is no longer the top phone in terms of features and innovation. I personally believe that the Apple iPhone is a smart phone for the masses unlike android which is for the power users. So, the expected launch of the next edition of the iPhone which will probably be called – iPhone 5s in August has me really excited!

The rumor mill on iphone 5s features is already churning and in this post, I will round up a few things the internet expects about the iPhone 5s when it launches later this year. Let’s begin!

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More Rumors Leak on iPhone 5S

According to reports released Tuesday,  an analyst at KGI Securities name Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted we will see two new iPhones this year.

He believes both handsets will be released by summer. A “5S”, that will come with a new A7 chip built on the back of the 28nm process, and a cheaper, less sleek version of the 5 we’ve already seen before that still has yet to be named.

When on a conference call with investors, Tim Cook accidentally let it slip that they were excited to bring the “iPod model” to the iPhone line. Up until now the ecosystem has been dependent on one release happening after the other, much like it was back when the iPod first came out. After the line had branched off into enough variants however, the releases started piling on top of each other and we’d see a new Classic, iTouch, and Nano all released on the same day at completely different price points.

iphone 5s
Projected specs on both phones

It’s this release schedule which has led the rumor mill to the idea that the iPhone 5S and “cheaper iPhone 5” will follow the same path. One will take the lead with screaming specs and a price point to match, and the other can bring up the rear as a mid-range option for anyone who wants something affordable, but also not a year or two behind the current technology curve.

The cheaper phone will likely be constructed out of plastic and fiberglass, Kuo predicts, and this is a man who has been right about nearly every move Apple has made since they became a major player over 10 years ago.

No word yet on what kind of strain the demand for two entirely new devices will have on a supply chain that is already under investigation for labor abuses, but if recent developments are any indication I can expect that Apple will be asking them to keep their interns around at least for one or two more product cycles.

Source| The Register

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iPhone 5s rumors

iPhone 5s Rumors

iPhone 5s rumors

I was reading this “analyst”, read fortune teller’s, speculation at what the next iPhone will include and when it will debut. It’s too bad that the T3kd site went down and lost all my posts. When the iPhone 5 and the fifth generation(Gen.) iPod Touch launched. I surmised that Apple may be bringing different colors to the iPhone 5s. When the iPad Mini launched along with the fourth Gen. iPad this fall I speculated that Apple might go back to a spring/summer release for the iPhone. As for the 128GB storage capacity I have posted about that possibility before the iPhone 4 was announced. It is guaranteed that Apple will release an iPhone 5s. Just as sure as the fact there will be an 5th generation iPad and a 2nd generation iPad Mini. So let’s discuss the iPhone 5s rumors why don’t we.

So now this analyst makes these “predictions” and gets coverage about it. I have often maintained that I should be a damn analyst, come on one of you big banks hire me. Anyway I do think having different colors on the iPhone is a possibility especially because of the appeal to a younger audience. As I said in my lost posts Apple is a very calculated company. So just as the MacBook Air is a test bed for the MacBook Pro the iPod Touch is the same for the iPhone.

The earlier release date just makes sense because waiting until Fall to launch the iPhone, iPod and iPad line up gives their competition a whole lot of time. The mobile space is turning out to be a hot one and Apple is definitely not going to sleep on the competition. So they will need to release something and they have already updated the iPad along with the launch of the iPad Mini. This leaves the iPhone which would be a welcomed update for many who passed up the iPhone 5 upgrade.

The NFC is a toss up whether it would actually happen. Passbook hasn’t been widely adopted but NFC hasn’t been widely adopted either. As someone at Apple said, I think Tim Cook but I’m not sure, NFC doesn’t really fix any problems. But that could have also been some clever Apple mis-direction if NFC wasn’t ready for primetime on the iPhone 5. What if Apple combined both NFC and Passbook for a complete solution? So yes it is possible but we wont know until some time later this year. Possibly WWDC if they go back to releasing the new iPhone hardware then, I guess we’ll see.

The 128GB storage model I would say is the least likely thing to happen. If you look at the models available now and all the online services for media. It’s hard to see where the 128GB model would be positioned. Sure the 16GB option could disappear like the early 4GB and then the 8GB models. Then the remaining models would shift over so that the 32GB would become the smallest storage model. The only problem is that although the 16GB model has become too small for a majority of users the 32GB is probably the most popular model.

So without lots of people buying the 64GB model why would Apple go even higher? I doubt they would increase the cost of the already premium priced smartphone. So it just wouldn’t make sense right now especially because none of their competitors have done anything with their storage that is a clearly compelling reason for consumers to choose the device over an iPhone. At one time it did seem necessary but now it has actually become less necessary with all the online services now offered. There is online offerings to  post pictures, videos and other files. There are online radio stations and streaming music apps so there aren’t too many reasons that a 32GB iPhone never mind a 64GB iPhone isn’t enough.

If the iPhone is on an earlier release schedule then I’m sure in the New Year (this being the new year since I wrote this post a little while ago) there will be a lot more leaks. So we’ll just have to wait and see what happens then. If it gets any of these rumoured upgrades it will be sweet it’s just too bad for this editor but I will have to skip it :-(

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Bigger iPhone

Will Apple Ever Make a Bigger iPhone?

With the iPhone 5 Apple introduced a “bigger” screen. My English teacher always said to start any argumentative writing with the opposition’s argument. Apple introduced the iPhone 5 with a 4″ screen, however instead of truly making the screen bigger they just added a few pixels to the top of the screen. The question now is, will Apple ever make a bigger iPhone?

Why Do I Want A Bigger iPhone?

I want a bigger iPhone because I want it to be as easy to type on an iPhone as it is on an Android device. So Apple made the screen bigger last year, what they didn’t do was make it easier to type. To do that they would have had to make the screen wider, which they didn’t want to do because it would have caused even more inconvenience for developers.

My first big screened device was the Motorola Atrix. It, like the iPhone, had a 4 inch screen. Unlike the iPhone, the 4 inches was used to make the device both wider and longer. This made it a dream to type on. I thought at that point that I had found the perfect size for a phone. I could reach all four corners with my man hands, and it was awesome to type on. After that phone I took out a Galaxy S II, it had a 4.5 inch screen. It was even more awesome to type on, though it was a tad too big. I got the 4.3″ version from AT&T and that was the perfect size. Not only could I still reach all four corners, but it was the best typing experience I had ever had on a phone.

To my mind 4.3″ is the exact perfect size for a smartphone. Currently I have a 4.8″ Galaxy S III and I like it a lot, but it is a little too big. I don’t mind too big, but most people do.

What would a 4.3″ iPhone feel like? It would be a pleasure to type on, it would have extra screen real estate both up and down, and still wouldn’t be much wider or taller than the current iPhone 5. In addition the slightly added width and length could be used to increase the amount of battery.

Who Would it Piss off?

A bigger iPhone would piss off people with small hands. That’s why Apple needs to make two different iPhones. One with the current 4 inch screen and one with a bigger screen.Whether that is my 4.3″ suggestion or a 1080p toting 5″ monster that some people would drool over. Or somewhere in between. The days of Apple being able to offer a one-size-fits-all solution are over.

App developers would cry foul as well, though I think they get over it pretty fast. The reason is, if Apple decided to go about making a significantly bigger screened device, they would also come up with an awesome software solution to scale apps to any size screen. There are enough pixels in any retina-enabled app to allow Apple to do something with them.

Google has this type of solution for their tablet apps. It sucks. I would expect that Apple could and would do a much better job. Besides, Apple would not be scaling up an app designed for a 4″ phone to a 7″ inch tablet. They’d be scaling an app for a 4″ phone up to 4.3″ or so. Software wise, this doesn’t sound like that big an obstacle.

What Would this mean for iOS7?

iOS is getting stale. Besides the bigger screen issue, it is the main reason why I left using iOS as my smartphone platform. iOS needs a huge revamp. It is becoming harder and harder for Apple apologists to argue that iOS is great when both Android and Windows Phone are innovating in UI, while Apple is stuck in the last decade.

If Apple decided to go to a bigger screen and introduce a lineup of iPhones instead of their current one device strategy, it could be their opportunity to introduce a lot of different and new concepts to iOS. Whether this is total redesign or just a lot of awesome new features and a new coat of paint, Apple could use the opportunity to change or alter their design language.

Now that Jony Ive is in charge of UI design, we can hope that he is at least considering something new and fresh.


I think this is important for Apple. I know, in my heart, that even if Apple doesn’t do this they will continue to sell a ton of iPhones each quarter. However, I think that they will continue to have the reputation of a company that doesn’t innovate anymore and is stuck with the same old software year in and year out. This will mean that Android will continue to increase in mind share until Apple is left in their little corner, wishing they had done something. They have done this before with the Mac back in the late 80s/early 90s. They had a substantial market share lead, and got comfortable. Microsoft came in with a cheaper product that wasn’t as good, but improved quickly, and Apple was left in the dust.

I beg you, Apple. Don’t let this happen again.

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