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iPhone 5s dual flash or red eye reduction?

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iOS 7 is coming out this fall and along with it most likely the launch of the iPhone 5s. In recent days different blogs have shown some hardware leaks of the purported iPhone 5s. One in particular caught my eye, MacRumors post had pictures of the iPhone 5s prototype, one picture in particular shows what they claim is dual flash. The iPhone is a very popular camera. On photo site Flickr it bested the Nikon D90 DSLR in popularity. Low light pictures however has always been one of it’s weaknesses and we can obviously see the dual LED in this prototype. My question, “Is it dual flash?” or is it something else. One of the things my friends hate is the zombie like pictures created by the red eye in pictures taken with the flash on iPhones. Unlike the top LED in the flash unit on the prototype the bottom LED is more red looking. I think there is more of a chance that the bottom LED is for “red eye reduction” a feature that is standard on run of the mill point and shoot cameras. Cameras whose lunches the iPhone has been eating for a long time now. So …

Ricky WilliamsiPhone 5s dual flash or red eye reduction?

Mobile battery life could be getting better

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There have been countless posts about the new importance battery life plays as a deciding factor in mobile electronics. Most smartphones today do pretty much the same basics, equivalent of the point A to point B reference commonly used. So one of the biggest differentiator has become battery life, after all what good are all the features if you can’t use them? Well it seems that some new breakthroughs mean mobile battery life could be getting better eventually. There are some things that are being held back by the constraints of battery life.Take for example Siri, the digital personal assistant on Apple’s iOS devices. Currently the assistant has to be activated with a key press because having the device listen for audio ques would cause horrible battery life. This is just one example of a feature that could be made exponentially better if battery life was removed from the eqaution as a concern. Well then the new advancements that have been made at the University of Illinois could have a very big impact in that area. The article “Small in size, big on power” explains how the microbatteries offer phenominal power in their small size. The article explains that, The …

Ricky WilliamsMobile battery life could be getting better
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BiteSMS now has a quick compose widget (Jailbreak)

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BiteSMS is one of the great Jailbreak apps for Jailbroken iOS devices. It is one of the reasons many people Jailbreak their devices and many return to Jailbreak. BiteSMS opens a pop up window for SMS/iMessages on the lock screen or inside an app. It allows a person to reply or dismiss the message without leaving the app or breaking their concentration and it is arguably one of the things many users wish Apple would impliment in stock iOS. Well BiteSMS now has a quick compose widget in the Notification Center. So now a user can create a new message without opening the app at all. All it requires is to pull down the Notification Center and there is a quick compose icon in the lower right corner. The new feature even has favorited contacts in the widget saving the user time composing messages to people they correspond with often. It looks slick, makes things easy and the best part is when it is combined with another Jailbreak app “LockInfo” you have access to the quick compose widget from the lock screen. The feature is in beta right now so you will have to add the beta repository as a …

Ricky WilliamsBiteSMS now has a quick compose widget (Jailbreak)
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Apple, don’t worry be happy

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If you didn’t know yet Apple will be releasing their 2nd Quarter results today, actually in just under 2 hours from now. It will be covered by many blogs, talked about and read into for days to come by bloggers and also by the idiots on Wall St. I’m sure. ArsTechnica will be live blogging it as well as many other tech sites so be sure not to miss the action @ 2PM PDT(5PM EDT) today. Now doom and gloom has been forecasted for Apple for a while now, mostly thanks to brilliant Wall St. analysts, so it’s nothing new. I’m here to tell you that as far as it goes with Apple, don’t worry be happy. If you listen to the analysts on Wall St. you would think Apple is going down in flames and probably be tempted to sell any shares you own. This would be a mistake because you get such ridiculous rumors like “Apple is looking to replace Tim Cook” or sentiments that the iPhone and iPad are not selling well. Meanwhile if you look at the numbers carriers like Verizon have activated 4 million iPhones in the last quarter. You would get better information about …

Ricky WilliamsApple, don’t worry be happy

The Talk of a No Contract Verizon Phone Plan

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Whenever I’m getting close to dating a girl, I always try to get her to sign a two-year contract and reiterate that the deal is very flexible. As it turns out, this plan doesn’t work very well with women and it’s starting not to fly with cell phone customers either. Following T-Mobile’s announcement that they’re doing away with user contracts, heat is coming down on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint to at least offer customer’s an option. With the intense competition in the cellular market and the release of the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 this spring, it seems as if a no contract Verizon phone plan is imminent…somewhat. The Current Plan Currently Verizon offers a 2-year deal known as the Share Everything package. Users must sign a 2-year agreement and pay a $110 monthly bill but included with that plan is unlimited voice calls and texting. People on the Verizon Share Everything plan also get 4GB of data each month, free mobile hotspot, and can pool their minutes and data together to share with their family. What the Switch to No Contract Verizon Phone Would Entail Verizon has a plan to offer customers the ability to purchase their phone for …

Carl TaylorThe Talk of a No Contract Verizon Phone Plan

Do you really want a bigger iPhone?

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Yesterday I was reading a Gizmodo post “Battery Life Is the Only Spec That Matters” which had some valid points and others that were assumptions. However there was one good point, we are possibly to blame for the thinner iPhone 5. The reason I bring it up is because it is pretty much a common idea now that most people would have rather had a thicker iPhone 5. But although we say that and think why did Apple make it “Lighter” and “Thinner”? Perhaps we are the ones to blame. So ask yourself “Do you really want a bigger iPhone?” Confused now well just bear with me and it will all make sense. So the new argument is that the size and heft of the iPhone 4/4s was great. So with the new machining process and materials used for the iPhone 5 having it at the same size and weight would have resulted in more battery. More battery would have resulted in phenomenal battery life and we would have all been over the moon. But would we? have been over the moon that is. It is easy to say it in hindsight but with competitors hot on the heels of …

Ricky WilliamsDo you really want a bigger iPhone?
How to have more than a 4 digit passcode on an iPhone

How to have more than a 4 digit passcode on the iPhone

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This tip will actually work on more than just the iPhone. It will work on any iDevice running iOS, so iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, etc. A user can secure their iDevices by instituting a passcode. When the device is locked in order to unlock it the passcode must be entered. The security can be further enhanced by having the device delete all the data after a number of un-successful attempts entering the passcode. When using this security feature the user can use a simple 4 digit passcode or by setting the simple passcode option off they can enter a more complex password. These two options are at opposite ends of the spectrum. A 4 digit passcode can be broken or memorized by anyone looking over shoulders. While a password is going to be annoying to type in everytime the device is unlocked. So how about a happy middle ground, well here is how to have more than a 4 digit passcode on the iPhone. Using this tip you will be able to use a longer string of numbers for your passcode. You can use 6, 8, 12 numbers or as many as you can easily remember and input when …

Ricky WilliamsHow to have more than a 4 digit passcode on the iPhone

6.1.3 Update Available for iPhone

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Apple has rolled out another update for its iOS software to counter a security flaw that had been uncovered putting owners of its devices at risk. Today Apple released yet another update to bolster the security of its iOS 6 operating system, rolling out their answer to a vulnerability that enabled users to bypass the lock screen and access the phone if done in a specific way. The exploit went on unchecked for almost a month and a half until today, and according to Tim Cook the exploit should now be closed. When the emergency call screen was accessed and canceled a certain number of times while holding down the power button, the home screen would eventually come up without having to know or enter to the PIN. A number of agencies have proven the method as viable, and alerted the mobile giant to the threat all the way back in February.   There’s also a small update to the Maps software in Japan, which is apparently running as poorly there as it is in just about every other region on Earth right now. Apple is losing their grip on the title of “most secure”, and if they aren’t careful …

Matthew Weber6.1.3 Update Available for iPhone

Samsung Galaxy S4 Doubles iPhone 5 Benchmark

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Earlier this week at the Samsung  Galaxy S4 launch event, Android Authority was able to get their hands on a unit and test it at its full capacity against a number of other devices including the Xperia S, HTC One, Galaxy SIII, and iPhone 5. Although it should go without saying, the others phones were SMOKED by the eight-core behemoth, and Samsung has proven that when you use the right people to engineer the right technology, the best gadgets are what come out on the other side. They used the same version that will be available at launch with identical specs and software, and averaged about twice the speed as its competitors. To verify the results, John Poole of Primate Labs performed the same test on several other top-tier smartphones and published his results. For the original test at the event, the Galaxy S4 received a benchmark of 3,163. The iPhone 5 only marked a mere 1,596, which means the GS4 is about twice as fast as a phone which was just released 6 short months ago. The GS4 is also twice as fast as Samsung’s last flagship phone, the Galaxy SIII, which means that even at its peak the iPhone …

Matthew WeberSamsung Galaxy S4 Doubles iPhone 5 Benchmark

How to get better iPhone battery life

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Now that most smartphones will do most of the same things battery life is really what has become the deciding factor. Along with doing more a smartphone has to do more for longer. In order to get better battery life there is a mixture of settings and the usage of the smartphone that will help squeeze a little more life out of that battery. So here are a few settings you might want to check in my tip on how to get better iPhone battery life. Every person’s battery life will be different because the way they use the iPhone will be different. So keeping this in mind there are a few things that are big drains on the battery life and using these things will result in a quick need for charging up your device. The first of these is the screen, the biggest part of the interface with the device. However it takes a lot of power to run the screen so the longer it is on the more of a drain it is on the battery. The next thing is the radios inside the iPhone, which provide data(3G,LTE) and Wifi. Browsing the web or using social media …

Ricky WilliamsHow to get better iPhone battery life