Do you really want a bigger iPhone?

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Yesterday I was reading a Gizmodo post “Battery Life Is the Only Spec That Matters” which had some valid points and others that were assumptions. However there was one good point, we are possibly to blame for the thinner iPhone 5. The reason I bring it up is because it is pretty much a common idea now that most people would have rather had a thicker iPhone 5. But although we say that and think why did Apple make it “Lighter” and “Thinner”? Perhaps we are the ones to blame. So ask yourself “Do you really want a bigger iPhone?” Confused now well just bear with me and it will all make sense. So the new argument is that the size and heft of the iPhone 4/4s was great. So with the new machining process and materials used for the iPhone 5 having it at the same size and weight would have resulted in more battery. More battery would have resulted in phenomenal battery life and we would have all been over the moon. But would we? have been over the moon that is. It is easy to say it in hindsight but with competitors hot on the heels of …

Ricky WilliamsDo you really want a bigger iPhone?

How to get better iPhone battery life

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Now that most smartphones will do most of the same things battery life is really what has become the deciding factor. Along with doing more a smartphone has to do more for longer. In order to get better battery life there is a mixture of settings and the usage of the smartphone that will help squeeze a little more life out of that battery. So here are a few settings you might want to check in my tip on how to get better iPhone battery life. Every person’s battery life will be different because the way they use the iPhone will be different. So keeping this in mind there are a few things that are big drains on the battery life and using these things will result in a quick need for charging up your device. The first of these is the screen, the biggest part of the interface with the device. However it takes a lot of power to run the screen so the longer it is on the more of a drain it is on the battery. The next thing is the radios inside the iPhone, which provide data(3G,LTE) and Wifi. Browsing the web or using social media …

Ricky WilliamsHow to get better iPhone battery life
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4 Steps To Salvage Wet Electronics and Cell Phones

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The first thing is to remember to act fast! You do not want your small electronic or cell phone to stay wet for no longer than in has too. I am sure all of us have been in this situation where we have dropped our iPhone, cell phone, or any small electronic in the swimming pool, a puddle of water, maybe ran it through the washing machine, or dropped it out of our back pockets into the toilet. The word “panic” and anxiety does not cover what we feel at that very moment; as like the panic of losing family photos, important contact information and downloads. Here are some steps to salvage wet electronics gear. In addition, to replace a cell phone it is generally not covered under your insurance. Almost all cell phone companies do not have coverage for water damage. There are a couple of methods that you can try to remove the moisture. Such as using a can of compressed air, dry uncooked rice, or there are bags known as Bheesties. are a great product if you have them around at the time of your emergency. These were designed to dry out small Bheersties electronics and cell …

Mellany Knobl4 Steps To Salvage Wet Electronics and Cell Phones
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Why Apple is still cool (NSFW)

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There is one simple reason why Apple is still cool, celebrities. I read a post the other day that said teenagers found that Apple was no longer cool. The problem with that is teenagers as much as they strive to be “different” also follow whatever is popular. Our society has a fetish for following celebrities’ lives. It’s a lifestyle although no one would admit we would all love to emulate. It’s the reason celebrities sell everything from cars to cereal. It’s also the reason why Apple is still cool because iPhones, iPads, MacBook Airs they can all be found in celebrities’ hands. Not because they are paid to advertise it but because they use it in their daily lives. It’s the best form of free advertising out there. So Will Arnett and Oprah might be in commercials or tweeting about how great the Windows Phone and Surface Tablet are but it’s a paid commercial. Which doesn’t have as much pull as seeing Justin Bieber, Hillary Clinton, Bow Wow or any other celebrity walking around town with their white headphones in their ears. The iPhone and iPad have even found themselves in rap lyrics from Fabolous on “My Time” and Ludacris …

T3kd StaffWhy Apple is still cool (NSFW)

T3kd Weekly 53: Steal My Sauce

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We start out with a very interesting conversation about who married who, then the podcast (as usual) just goes downhill from there. This week we talked about the iPhone 4S and its disappointing sales numbers, we talked about Google and Buzz, we talked about Siri and whether or not you will use it. We ended on a great conversation about the upcoming major game releases.

Vincent HuiT3kd Weekly 53: Steal My Sauce

T3kd Weekly 52: WTF Are You Laughing At?

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Okay, so despite all of Vince’s efforts, this podcast got out of hand a couple of times. We discussed professionally and sensitively the passing of Steve Jobs, we bashed and loved the iPhone 4S, and we discuss some of the weeks gaming news. There was also a period in there where Andy and Corrina couldn’t stop laughing, and no one knows what they are laughing about. Hence the title. Jump past the break for audio and download links, and of course the show notes.

Vincent HuiT3kd Weekly 52: WTF Are You Laughing At?

T3kd Weekly 51: iPhone Speculation Spectacular

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This week we talked a lot of iPhone. Granted when this was recorded we didn’t know if it would be the iPhone 4S (which it turned out to be) or the iPhone 5. So you can hear us speculating up a storm. We also talked Amazon, iTunes Match, Facebook and our weekly dose of Canada tech news. Oh and it was our first live broadcast, so if the audio sounds janky, let us know. Download [toggle_box title="Show/Hide Show Notes" width="400"] T3kd Weekly Live Episode 51, for the Week of October 3rd 2011 Hosts Matt Weber Ricky Williams Amazon is on Fire  -Matt Will they buy Palm?  -Ricky Apple News Apple Event October 4th- Matt Is it iPhone 5? -Ricky (Do not Mention iPhone 4S) or iPhone 4S? -Matt (Do not mention iPhone 5) iTunes Match international coming? -Ricky Death of a Classic? -Matt Canadian Tech News of Note Canadian Startups Attractive to American Tech companies? -Ricky Sad or no? -Matt Does Anybody Care? -Ricky Misc News Facebook and Project Spartan, iPad app to be released on Tuesday? -Matt Contact info …

Matthew WeberT3kd Weekly 51: iPhone Speculation Spectacular