iOS 7 Concepts

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Now with under a month until WWDC the reveal of iOS 7 is nearing. T3kd already put up a post about what we want to see in iOS 7. With all the rumors of Sir Jony Ive stripping out Skeumorphic elements to give a very different look to the User Interface (UI). Many iOS 7 concepts are being released based on the perceived “Flatter” design. It is a pretty exciting time since some of the well known sources in the industry have heard that the UI looks so different polarizing filters are being used to prevent others from seeing the differences. It is also rumored that people working on the new OS X operating system (OS) have been pulled off to help finish up iOS 7 in time for the reveal. I have read, talked to and heard people who are talking about how much the iOS interface needs a change. But in the current mobile space with competitors bringing out new features where does a new interface rank? Me personally, I would rather Apple make changes and introduce features that make iOS easier and more intuitive to use. Things like the rumored Flickr and Vimeo system integration but also …

Ricky WilliamsiOS 7 Concepts
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Apple’s new Podcasts app

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If you didn’t know the Podcasts app from Apple has been updated. This might be the first step of the elimination of Skeumorphism in iOS. The podcasts app that existed previously had an analog representation of a reel to reel player when the “Now Playing” screen was flicked up. That is now gone along with the addition of a nicer looking interface with new features. I didn’t mind the old Podcasts app but I’m definitely loving Apple’s new Podcasts app so far. One of the new features is the option of making your own station of podcasts. So I can create stations of my favorite  podcasts grouping them in whatever way I choose. The podcasts will also update automatically with new episodes and are stored in iCloud so that they are updated on all iOS devices. This means that you will only change the settings once on one device and whatever stations I create will only be done once. I have always wondered why the Podcasts app either had to be running all the time in order to get new episodes when they are available or would download when the app is opened. It seemed silly to me because I …

Ricky WilliamsApple’s new Podcasts app
Blackberry calling the kettle black

Blackberry calling the kettle black

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The CEO of the company formerly known as RIM, now Blackberry, Thorsten Heins claims that Apple is trailing when it comes to innovation. He also basically called iOS the Operating System(OS) that iDevices(iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc) run on old. Now to me aint that a little like the Blackberry calling the kettle black. Yes pun intended, but really it wasn’t very long ago that Blackberry was on the brink of destruction as their marketshare in the mobile space eroded with their dated offerings. So if anyone should know about old, outdated and quickly becoming irrelevant it would be Blackberry. The new BBX isn’t even a smash success yet so does Mr. Heins really feel justified in talking about a competitor whose device has more market share and makes more profit than his company does right now? You can read more about what the Blackberry CEO had to say to The Australian Financial Review in this iMore post. Now before anyone claims that I’m getting deffensive because of my Apple Fanboyism. Go back and listen to some of the old T3kd podcasts where we argue and wax poetic about RIM and it’s future. I have been a supporter of them turning …

Ricky WilliamsBlackberry calling the kettle black
iOS 7 Wish list

iOS 7 wish list

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This year will be the debut of iOS 7. There have been things said about iOS 6 like it’s boring, it’s getting old, it needs a revamp. While I don’t agree with all of those sentiments I do think there is a lot of room for improvement. This is the T3kd iOS 7 wish list. A list of the things that Apple will hopefully implement in the new iOS. Before I get started everyone needs to understand a few things about Apple and iOS. It’s been 5 years since the introduction of the iPhone and along with it the iPhone Operating System, now iOS. In that 5 years Apple has spent time perfecting iOS while throngs of people learned to operate it. They are not going to drastically re-write it now that everyone knows how to use it. What they will do is make changes that add to the Operating System (OS), keep it simple and retain the familiarity. Our iOS 7 wish list keeps this in mind, sort off. The list has features that would make using iOS easier, more efficient and more productive for the user. Which is what a new OS should always do for the benefit …

Ricky WilliamsiOS 7 wish list

Mailbox for iOS 6: Mobile E-Mail Done Right

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Orchestra Inc. recently released its Mailbox application for iOS 6 and higher on iTunes. At the present moment, iPhone users wanting to download the application will have to wait their turn. As of yesterday the waiting list was around 570,000 and mounting. You can see your place in line after downloading the application from iTunes. Here’s Orchestra’s description of its new application: The fast, fun mobile inbox that puts email in its place. CURRENTLY FILLING RESERVATIONS ON A FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE BASIS. Download Mailbox to reserve your spot, then watch the line move. Note: Currently for Gmail only. Other email platforms coming soon. Mailbox is a completely redesigned inbox that makes email light, fast, and mobile-friendly. Quickly swipe messages to your archive or trash. Scan an entire conversation at once with chat-like organization. Snooze emails until later with the tap of a button — they’ll return to your inbox automatically so you can focus on what’s important now. Mailbox checks your email from the cloud, then delivers it to your phone securely. You can even get push notifications for new messages. Add all your GMail accounts for speedy access on-the-go. Mailbox makes getting to zero — and staying there — a …

Chase WilliamsMailbox for iOS 6: Mobile E-Mail Done Right

evasi0n – Jailbreak Any iOS 6 Device

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Today is your lucky day if you’ve been waiting to jailbreak your iPhone 5. Despite Apple’s attempts at keeping access to its iOS software locked down, a new tool was released earlier today and lets would-be jailbreakers ‘bust out’ their iOS 6 devices from Apple OS prison. The new tool, evasi0n, is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux and is compatible with “all iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini models running iOS 6.0 through 6.1,” its developer said. After it’s installed, users can upload applications to their device outside of Apple’s App Store using the well known Cydia tool. If you aren’t familiar with jailbreaking, it doesn’t only allow device users to install Apple unapproved apps, it also creates an OS environment that’s easier to manipulate. Many people find that standard customization options aren’t enough and move on to jailbreaking as an alternative to really personalize their devices. If you’re considering jailbreaking an iPad, you might want to proceed with caution. I discussed in a previous article the new legal implications regarding iPhone/iPad unlocking and jailbreaking. If your iPad is under contract, and you don’t want to be an outlaw, make sure to call your service provider first. It …

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iPhone 5 Jailbreak

iPhone 5 Jailbreak

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I have had my iPhone 5 for about 4 months now and there is just one thing I wonder. When will we see the iPhone 5 Jailbreak? When the third generation iPad was released it took a year before the jailbreak for that device arrived. So while I’m here using pure iOS for longest time I ever have in the 5 years I have owned an iPhone I’m dying for an iPhone 5 Jailbreak. A little background on my Jailbreak experience. I live in Canada where we didn’t get the iPhone until the 3G model. So like a tech fanatic I got a friend going over the border to buy the first generation iPhone for me. Once I got it I set about getting it Jailbroken and unlocked so it could be used on my carrier’s network. So starting from day one I was using a Jailbroken iPhone and since then I have never looked back. I owned an iPhone 3G and an iPhone 4 both of which I Jailbroke the minute it was in my hands. It wasn’t until iOS 5 that I ever ran an OEM iOS. I made the huge mistake of trying it out and within …

Ricky WilliamsiPhone 5 Jailbreak

Foursqure and Apple Teaming up to Bring Foursquare to iOS Maps?

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According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is in negotiations with Foursquare to bring Foursquare checkin data to iOS maps. From the report: Apple Inc. is in early discussions to integrate local data from Foursquare Labs Inc. into its mapping application, according to people familiar with the talks, as the company continues to build an arsenal of local data to try to take on Google Inc. Apple already integrates Yelp info, so it isn’t surprising that they’d consider Foursquare data as well. The question is whether or not we’ll see this any time soon. My guess is that this is something we’ll see in iOS 7. Let’s just hope this isn’t all we see. Via Cult of Mac“: Foursquare really pioneered the whole ‘check-in’ movement on smartphones, and the service still maintains about 8 million active users. Over the years Foursquare has collected a treasure trove of location data and user-generated listings. There’s also the expertise Foursquare could offer Apple for improving Maps, but a buyout doesn’t appear to be on the table right now…. Interestingly, Apple VP Eddy Cue has been checking in with Foursquare on his Twitter account recently. Cue was put in charge of Apple Maps when Scott Forstall was given the boot back in October. …

Matthew WeberFoursqure and Apple Teaming up to Bring Foursquare to iOS Maps?

The 3 Cast #80: Fanboy

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First up I want to apologize for the horrible audio problems that Matt had during this episode. We have no idea why he was so much louder than the other guys, but we will look into the problem. This week we talk about Apple and WWDC, About Women in technology, and about whether using technology for 10,000 hours makes you an expert. Oh, and Matt and Ricky get into a great argument at the end. Download     mp3       |       AAC       |       Video Hosts: Vincent Hui, Ricky Williams, Matthew Weber Topics: Apple and WWDC 2012, Women in Technology, What constitutes an Expert in Tech? Picks of the week, and The Final Question.

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