How Christmas is Killing Spring

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It is getting to the point where if you like new technology you can take the first half of the year off. All the technology companies want to release their products right before the Christmas holiday, which means that the first half of the year is completely ignored. Christmas is killing Spring. Christmas Doesn’t Really Matter Sure, Christmas is the biggest buying season, but that is more because that is when all the new stuff comes out than because people give out gifts. If everything was released in March, people would buy just as much of it at XMAS time. They would also buy it in March, so they could get it when it was still cool. Tech companies mistrust consumer’s ability to buy things any time of the year, but I assure you it is there. Are you trying to tell me that if Apple released the iPhone 5S in March that they would sell less of them than if they released it in October? Come on, get real. People would buy the iPhone even if all you could do with it is look at a steaming pile of dog crap. It is just that simple. Spring is an Opportunity for …

T3kd StaffHow Christmas is Killing Spring

Why Google Glass is a perfect play by Google

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Google Glass is the best thing Google has done for many reasons. It is much more important than their Android OS and no one even knows it yet. Why google glass is a perfect play by Google begins with the fact that they have first mover advantage. But it goes far beyond that, it spiders into everything Google and that is why it can become their most important venture, if it is done right! Google Glass like iTunes has first mover advantage. There are no competitors in the market yet and what that does is allow Google to develop their 1.0 product and perfect it long before anyone gets a clue and joins the party. It is a huge advantage for them because when the device does become more popular and competitors appear Google will already have a huge head start. I compared it to iTunes because iTunes existed long before the iPhone, iPad, App store, etc. ever came about. It was just yet another media player. This afforded Apple the time to work on it, implement and get things working while having it work on Macs and Windows. Then when the mp3 craze hit and iPods became a craze …

Ricky WilliamsWhy Google Glass is a perfect play by Google

Google Fiber everywhere

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You have inevitably hear about Google Fiber by now. It has launched in Kansas City, will be expanding to Austin Texas and was announced to be heading to Provo Utah.  Google Fiber is using Google installed fiber optics to bring internet and TV service at Google says 100 times faster. The hope is that Google would eventually step into the ring as an Internet Service Provider(ISP) and bring Google Fiber nationwide. However many posts have been written about the enormous cost it would take and also the roadblocks and hurdles Google would face to take on such an endeavour. However there is a way that there could be Google Fiber everywhere. Well at least here in North America. The problem is just one word “Greed” but you’ll understand more about that when we get into it. It will take many billions of dollars to bring Google Fiber to all the cities in North America. A huge cost even for Google but if you think about what fiber and that 100 times faster internet means there is a way that it might happen. The recent talks of the new video game consoles Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s XBox 720 or whatever …

Ricky WilliamsGoogle Fiber everywhere

Google+ Has Nearly 360 Million Users

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If you were trying to get a buzz on what social media platform is most popular, it’s likely that you would guess that Facebook is clearly number one, with Twitter gaining ground from the second spot. In fact, you’d likely claim that Google+ was a complete failure. It turns out that Google+ is currently the social media platform in second place, with 359 million active users. It’s a wonder that Google is able to boast such high numbers. It’s likely that a large chunk of users are just Android phone owners who use occasional features such as the +1 link on many apps and web pages. Google has been working on integrating all of their services such as Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and Google+ for the past couple of years, which was all a part of the original vision for Google+. It was supposed to offer connectivity to nearly every web service that we use, but Facebook has become so integrated with other sites that nobody really looks for Google+ integration other than Google themselves. Speaking of Facebook, they have now passed 700 million active users. Another benefit of Google+ has been the Google Hangout feature. That is likely where …

Daniel BiehlGoogle+ Has Nearly 360 Million Users
Google Now

Google Now Arrives on the iPhone and iPad

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Google Now is available for iOS. It comes via a Google Search App update, so don’t expect to find anything for “Google Now iPhone” when you search the AppStore. The app will work on both the iPhone and iPad, and the app will support many of the features it has on Android.  “The types of Google Now cards available are largely the same on both platforms,” says Baris Gultekin, Director of Product Management for Google Now. What this means is that there are only a few cards not available to iOS users: airline boarding passes, Fandango, and local events. Other differences between the iOS version of Google now include a lack of notification support, no local calendar integration, and no ability to get to the app via a long press of the home button, unless you are a jailbreaker. Full review coming soon. In the meantime you can download the Google Search App, with Google Now here.

Matthew WeberGoogle Now Arrives on the iPhone and iPad

Intel Android Notebooks Confirmed

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Intel Android Notebooks are going to arrive soon; this news comes from a high ranking Intel executive. Previously we had rumors circulating that Intel would be moving its forces onto another OS, as a retaliation to Microsoft doling resources to ARM chips. There were several reports of Intel powered laptops which would run on Android. Dadi Perimutter, the Intel chief product officer was the bearer of the news and he spilled the beans while talking to CNET. Just last week CEO of Intel Paul Otellini mentioned that the chip manufacturer would be providing silicon to touchscreen PCs which will cost around $200, although the operating system was not mentioned by him. Today things got a little bit clearer, $200 laptop which runs on Windows 8 would have been a long shot as Microsoft charges a lot of money for its operating system. Even if they made one such budget Windows 8 device, either Microsoft would have to sacrifice its profits or the hardware would have been really lousy. With Android running the show, the $200 Intel Android Notebook makes a lot of sense. Google doesn’t charge anything for its OS, making it a natural choice for many manufacturers. “We have a good …

Bilawal BashirIntel Android Notebooks Confirmed

Amazon Joins the Advertising Market

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Google has been the undisputed king of internet advertising for many years now. With access to our search history, Google has a great wealth of knowledge of each individual they come in contact with. What they don’t have though, is our spending habits, something that would be very important for giving us advertisements on what to spend our money on. Amazon has this information, and they’re not starting to use it. Amazon has been doing advertising within their own borders so to speak for many years now. They’ve been storing the data on search history within the store as well as what items you buy in order to give you the best suggestions that they could. Google has been using our information to create advertisements for so long that it has just become an accepted fact. Search results, location, downloaded apps, and other minute details about our lives have only gotten them so far. Amazon offers a unique position in the advertising market because they know what we’re willing to spend large amounts of money on. Everyone else can find our interests, but Amazon knows what we like to purchase, something that advertisers desperately would want to know. Although Amazon …

Daniel BiehlAmazon Joins the Advertising Market
the 3 cast

Total Fail – The 3 Cast #117

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iOS7 is coming soon. What do we want to see? Also What features will Android 5.0 have? Then we all lust over Google Fiber. That and more on this week’s episode of The 3 Cast! Download     mp3       |         AAC        |     Video (HD-ish) Hosts: Matthew Weber, Vincent Hui, Ricky Williams, Paul Shirey Topics: iOS 7, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, Google Fiber

Matthew WeberTotal Fail – The 3 Cast #117
Handout shows Google co-founder Sergey Brin modelling prototype for new Google glasses on "The Gavin Newsom Show" in San Francisco, California

Google Glass Will Be Out for Everyone ‘Next Year-ish’

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Google Glass is a really innovative product, a device which has the potential to change the whole game. That is why many people are excited about the prospect of owning one from themselves. The sheer number of possibilities is staggering; Google Glass will be able to augment us in a very positive way. We can finally become Robocop, just like we wanted to be when we were young. While the internet made the world available on our finger tips, Google Glass will make it so that the whole world is present in our sight. Although you may be saving money for the eventual late 2013 release thinking “Google will release the Google Glass just before Christmas to cash in the holiday fever.”  But it seems Google may have some other plans in place. While giving an interview to BBC Radio 4’s show “World at One”, Eric Schmidt the executive chairman of Google answered some questions about Google Glass. The Google Glass explorer edition is out now but the final retail version may be a little further down the road. While detailing the potential release of the retail version of the Google Glass, Schmidt said it “is probably a year-ish away”. Schmidt has …

Bilawal BashirGoogle Glass Will Be Out for Everyone ‘Next Year-ish’
Google Now

Google Now Coming to Desktops?

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If you haven’t gotten a chance to experience Google Now before on an Android device, you might be in luck. Coders have recently uncovered sample source code for Google Now that suggests it will be coming to desktops soon. If you’re unfamiliar with the app, Google Now is a voice activated personal assistant that integrates many of Google’s most prominent technologies. The personal assistant will give you all of the information automatically whenever you need it. It is Google’s answer to Apple’s Siri. You can set the assistant to give you a notification of traffic levels on your route to work every morning at a certain time. You can be informed of the weather automatically. Want to know the sports scores right away? Google Now will give you updates about your favorite teams. Android users have been enjoying the app for several months, but now Google’s homepage is likely to receive the same integration. It will not only unify every tool that Google offers, but it will do it on all platforms that a user has. This news is likely exciting for people who have been using Google’s tools for years. This will also help to make searching for information …

Daniel BiehlGoogle Now Coming to Desktops?