How iOS 7 can save you battery life

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Most smartphones today all have the necessary features. So battery life has become a big deciding factor for many people. After all what good are all these new features if the device is dead? Well now that iOS 7 has been out for almost 2 weeks. What does Apple’s new iOS have that might help save user’s valuable battery life. Apple has made some enhancements to Siri in iOS 7. The digital assistant can now do a lot more than in previous iOS versions. Siri can now turn things on and off including Bluetooth, Wifi and Cellular Data. It might not seem like a big deal to have your Wifi, Cellular Data and Bluetooth on all the time but the radios do use battery power. So why have them on consuming power especially at times when they are not in use. Now it would be a pretty daunting task to turn them on and off manually whenever you leave the house, office, or wherever else you have or don’t have wifi, need or don’t need bluetooth. But now with Siri, iOS 7 makes it easy and this is one way iOS 7 can save you battery life. The only thing …

Ricky WilliamsHow iOS 7 can save you battery life

iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7 what did we get

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On Tuesday of this week, Sept. 10th, Apple held their event. We speculated on what we would get and talked about the other questions that still remained to be answered. Well now we have our answers. The iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7 were shown off so what did we get? Well we’re going to cover some of the details and also talk about some of the questions that are now created about where do they go form here. The video of the keynote is now available on the Apple site, go watch it. So to go through what we got to see at the keynote, there was the iPhone 5c (Android Free) The iPhone everyone thought was going to be cheap turned out to be “less expensive” instead. No one should have been surprised since Apple doesn’t do cheap and yet they were. When netbooks proliferated the computer landscape Apple did the MacBook Air. It was far from cheap but “less expensive” than a MacBook Pro. The iPhone 5c is the same. It is far from cheap but at $99 for a 16GB model on a 2 Year contract(US) it’s cheap enough that it becomes a throwaway phone. …

Ricky WilliamsiPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7 what did we get

War on Piracy: Soon to Be the Most Expensive War

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According to an article from the New Zealand Herald, The Recording Industry Assocation of New Zealand has spent $250,000 trying to chase down music pirates, but has only been able to collect $616.57 in damages, and that was only from one person, might I add. If you do the math however, that’s a profit of -$249,383.43.The article goes on to state that there is a 3 strike policy for copyright notices, and after a third strike the association can order an offender to pay up to $15,000, which has yet to actually happen. Why has the Assocation spent so much money on chasing down pirates which usually won’t be able to pay the outrageous fees anyhow? According to the Rianz, they must pay $25 for each copyright notice they have an ISP send out. Rianz lastly goes on to say that they have tried to convince the government to lower the fee down to $2 a piece and would be sending around 5000 notices a month if they fee was lowered. Now here’s the deal. Why would any company or organization continue to spend that kind of money when they aren’t getting results. Do the math and so far the …

Paul ShireyWar on Piracy: Soon to Be the Most Expensive War
Series 7 Chronos from Samsung

Series 7 Chronos from Samsung: Fair to Middling

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The Series 7 Chronos laptop form Samsung snuck into the U.S. market recently. After an impressive debut at CES in 2013, this powerful and sleek machine seemingly appeared on Best Buy shelves overnight without any fanfare or circumstance. Perhaps that should tell you a little something right there. Samsung Series 7 Chronos Spec The Series 7 Chronos laptop is pretty impressive but not spectacular. It boasts a single 2.4GHz Intel Core i7 processor coupled with an AMD Radeon HD 8870M GPU Intel® Core™ i7-3615QM Processor coupled with a NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 630 M which offers plenty of punch for pretty much anything from gaming to power computing. While the 15.6 inch display isn’t all that impressive, it is crammed into a slight five pound package that measures just .82 inches thick. You’ll also get 6GB -8GB of RAM (depending on your configuration) and an 11-hour battery life (pretty impressive for a full-sized laptop). It runs on Windows 8 which means it has access to all sorts of goodies and the new streamlined user interface makes it more attractive than ever. Unfortunately, that attractiveness of design doesn’t extend to the hardware itself. The machine looks like an outdated Toshiba Satellite from the mid-1990s. …

Robert PalmerSeries 7 Chronos from Samsung: Fair to Middling

IBM Unveils New Mobile Enterprise Future

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In a press kit released online earlier today, the computer giant IBM announced they will be moving forward on the release of their new “MobileFirst” platform, which aims to bring mobile enterprise solutions to dozens of industries which are still struggling to adapt in the rapidly changing world of  application marketing and development. Is this the Mobile Enterprise Future? When asked in an interview about his predictions on the role their new tech will play in the coming decade, the CTO of IBM’s WebSphere products Jerry Quomo sounded enthusiastic about the possibilities. “We’re on the cusp of a massive acceleration here…[It’s the] most significant mobile strategy move since the introduction of the ThinkPad.” While right now anyone can open an app and play a few rounds of multiplayer Scrabble in the same amount of time it takes to order a coffee, most of the interaction between the two devices is being filtered through a much larger server that is built to handle this sort of instantaneous traffic and disperse it accordingly. Where that technology still falls short however, is that if you also wanted to open up a secure channel to a database that hundreds, even thousands of smartphones and tablets would …

Matthew WeberIBM Unveils New Mobile Enterprise Future
digital money

Has money gone digital?

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Over the years many things have been used as currency, money. There have been stones, shells, precious metals and paper. For awhile now money has gone digital, all ones and zeros. The paper money and coins that we use are just representations of the digital equivalent. The bank system, credit cards and all the other places issuing and keeping money. Like other things have long gone from an analog system to digital. Television signals, Cassette Tapes to CDs and MP3s they all went from analog to digital. Eventually money will also go completely digital while bills and coins disappear. When I say eventually it probably wont be anytime in our immediate future but it is coming. Online purchases become more popular every day and with technologies like NFC that allow us to pay with just a tap. The current versions of money become more and more outdated. There is still a ways to go until these technologies are proven, secure and universally accepted. Are there benefits to a completely digital monetary system? Will it ever be completely accepted? Will it ever be truly universal? There are many things to consider about such a system. When it eventually does happen as …

Ricky WilliamsHas money gone digital?
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Bill Gates: Recent Microsoft Products “Aren’t Enough”

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It’s always interesting to hear what Bill Gates has to say about Microsoft. Even though he is no longer CEO and for a while was simply a shareholder of the company, he is back to being chairman, so he still has somewhat of a say in the company other than just being a shareholder. In an interview with CBS This Morning, they got his opinions on the latest mobile products from Microsoft. Bill Gates’ first comment was actually that Microsoft didn’t get into mobile when they really had the chance, and I only somewhat agree with that. Windows Mobile was out before the iPhone (initial release Article 19, 2000 -Wikipedia) which means that from a smartphone standpoint, Microsoft got in on it plenty early enough, it just wasn’t really well adopted until Windows Phone was released on November 8, 2010, well after Android and iOS had already eaten up any available space in the smartphone market. Now, from a tablet standpoint, I do agree that Microsoft was very late on that with even making an attempt at all. They should have released their surface tablet very soon after the original iPad and instead they waited for 3 more generations of it to come …

Paul ShireyBill Gates: Recent Microsoft Products “Aren’t Enough”

Raytheon’s RIOT Tracks Your Every Move

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Raytheon’s Rapid Information Overlay Technology (RIOT) is intended to assist governments by providing a social network data analysis program enabling the development of a detailed picture of activity for targeted individuals.  RIOT isn’t new, but the following video obtained by the Guardian is. Using the software it’s possible to construct a complete picture of someone’s life — their friends, places they’ve visited, where they might go, when they might go — in only a few minutes. In this video obtained by the Guardian, Brian Urch, Raytheon’s principal investigator, explains that “exif header data” embedded on smartphones sometimes includes latitude and longitude data with photographs. Of course, the software doesn’t just retrieve that information. It scourers through everything that’s available. The program takes this information and organizes it in a way so as to show not only the targets photographs, but also the locations they were taken. Urch says in the video, “We’re going to track one of our own employees…Nick… We know where Nick’s going, we know what Nick looks like… now we want to try to predict where he may be in the future.” RIOT can also display a spider diagram which shows associations and relationships between individuals online …

Chase WilliamsRaytheon’s RIOT Tracks Your Every Move
Best Google Reader Apps for Android

5 Best Google Reader Apps for Android

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RSS has fallen by the wayside, and most new Internet users probably don’t even know when they are using it. This is because of things like FlipBoard where social curation has become so fashionable. That being said, there are still those who enjoy using RSS feeds. The best way to keep track of your feeds is through Google Reader.  My favorite way of getting to Google Reader is through apps. Here are the 5 best Google Reader apps for Android.

Matthew Weber5 Best Google Reader Apps for Android
iPhone 5 Jailbreak

iPhone 5 Jailbreak

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I have had my iPhone 5 for about 4 months now and there is just one thing I wonder. When will we see the iPhone 5 Jailbreak? When the third generation iPad was released it took a year before the jailbreak for that device arrived. So while I’m here using pure iOS for longest time I ever have in the 5 years I have owned an iPhone I’m dying for an iPhone 5 Jailbreak. A little background on my Jailbreak experience. I live in Canada where we didn’t get the iPhone until the 3G model. So like a tech fanatic I got a friend going over the border to buy the first generation iPhone for me. Once I got it I set about getting it Jailbroken and unlocked so it could be used on my carrier’s network. So starting from day one I was using a Jailbroken iPhone and since then I have never looked back. I owned an iPhone 3G and an iPhone 4 both of which I Jailbroke the minute it was in my hands. It wasn’t until iOS 5 that I ever ran an OEM iOS. I made the huge mistake of trying it out and within …

Ricky WilliamsiPhone 5 Jailbreak