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Is EA the Right Company to Make Star Wars Games?

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It was a sad day just over a month ago when Disney announced that they’d be closing LucasArts. LucasArts was one of the more revered game developers, especially during their peak of success in the 90s. Now, Disney has recently announced that EA will be taking over the development and publication of Star Wars games. It’s a really difficult pill for gamers to swallow. One of the most beloved licenses is moving from one of the best developers and is now in the hands of a company that is the only two time winner of the Worst Company in America contest. EA’s flaws are well documented. From publishing half finished games to forcing DRM on the players, nearly ever gamer has some sort of issue with them. EA has always been interested in publishing games for the biggest licenses. In the 2000s, they produced games for both the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings franchises. Ten years ago, you couldn’t imagine there being a movie series more popular than those two. Thanks to this high popularity, EA managed to produce weak, uninspired video games on both franchises that still managed a profit. Despite LucasArts always getting a lot of …

Daniel BiehlIs EA the Right Company to Make Star Wars Games?
Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts Teaming Up with Microsoft?

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When Sony announced the PS4 just two months ago, one publisher that was noticeably absent was the largest third party, Electronic Arts. As we get closer to Microsoft’s reveal of the next Xbox, it has started to look more and more likely that EA will be offering some type of exclusive deal with Microsoft. The latest nail in the coffin comes as Respawn Entertainment, a new studio under the wings of Electronic Arts, announced that their anticipated multiplayer shooter will be exclusive to Microsoft consoles. Respawn was founded by the original creators of the Call of Duty franchise. Other evidence comes as Microsoft has begun to actively promote some of the EA Sports games on their twitter account. EA has been very quiet on next generation games coming to the PS4, despite the console likely being released in less than seven months. With the rumors that the next Xbox will require an internet connection in order to even play a game, it isn’t surprising that the kings of DRM will do what they can to back that philosophy. Microsoft would have quite a bit of trouble selling consoles with all things being equal other than an anti-consumer DRM policy such …

Daniel BiehlElectronic Arts Teaming Up with Microsoft?

Extension Made for Claims to EA Football Lawsuit

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Did you buy Madden or NCAA Football any time between 2005 and 2012? If you did, then the US District Court of Northern California has ruled that you have been a victim of price gouging by the biggest publisher in gaming, EA. EA is required to return $27 million to the owners of these football games, and the deadline to file a claim has been extended due to a slow response. This lawsuit was created in response to EA Sports’ handling of their exclusive license to both NCAA and NFL football games. Back in 2004, 2K sports released a new football game for just $20. In response to this, EA went to the NFL and negotiated an exclusive license, allowing them to publish the only game with the official players and teams. This took 2K out of the football games market, and gave EA a monopoly which they used to keep the price of sports games high. Due to that decision made by EA, consumers no longer had a choice to buy a quality product for just $20, but instead were forced to buy a $50 game of relatively equal quality if they wanted to play a football video game with …

Daniel BiehlExtension Made for Claims to EA Football Lawsuit

EA Lays Off Staff

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In preparation for the next generation of console and mobile gaming, EA has laid off a large number of employees. Currently, sources are indicating that upwards of 300 people have been fired today. Rumors also indicate that the heaviest studio hit by layoffs is none other than their Montreal studio which specializes in mobile development. This includes all of the developers at that studio. Electronic Arts gave the following statement in the aftermath of the firings: EA is sharpening its focus to provide games for new platforms and mobile. In some cases, this involves reducing team sizes as we evolve into a more efficient organization. These are difficult decisions to let go of good people who have made important contributions to EA, and whenever possible we retrain or relocate employees to new roles. Streamlining our operations will help ensure EA is bringing the best next-generation games to players around the world. EA most recently was in the news for winning The Consumerist poll for “Worst Company In America” for the secondtime in a row. They are the first company to ever win this award twice. Many consumer complaints come from rushed game releases such as Mass Effect 3, and anti-consumer policies …

Daniel BiehlEA Lays Off Staff

CEO of EA John Riccitiello Resigns

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After a failed MMO that cost nearly half million in lost revenue, a Mass Effect ending disaster, and SimCity always-online debacle, it’s no wonder why John Riccitiello is hanging up his publisher pants and finally calling it quits. We all had high hopes for games like SWTOR, Mass Effect 3, and the new entry into the Sim City series that came out last month, but one by one John showed us just how wrong we were to put our faith in a company which had shown itself to be nothing but ruthless, uncaring, and broad-stroked in its blatant attempts at cashing in on any IP they could milk dry. EA’s once unshakable domination of the video game industry has been jostled something fierce these past few years, and even though they’ve injected millions of dollars into some of gaming’s greatest legacies, each release was plagued by a pack of idiotic moves that even a competent publisher wouldn’t make more than once. And their scoreboard is currently through the roof. His resignation “all comes down to accountability,” Riccitiello said in his letter. “EA’s shareholders and employees expect better and I am accountable for the miss.” “Accountable” is the delicate way to put it, …

Matthew WeberCEO of EA John Riccitiello Resigns