Mobile battery life could be getting better

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There have been countless posts about the new importance battery life plays as a deciding factor in mobile electronics. Most smartphones today do pretty much the same basics, equivalent of the point A to point B reference commonly used. So one of the biggest differentiator has become battery life, after all what good are all the features if you can’t use them? Well it seems that some new breakthroughs mean mobile battery life could be getting better eventually. There are some things that are being held back by the constraints of battery life.Take for example Siri, the digital personal assistant on Apple’s iOS devices. Currently the assistant has to be activated with a key press because having the device listen for audio ques would cause horrible battery life. This is just one example of a feature that could be made exponentially better if battery life was removed from the eqaution as a concern. Well then the new advancements that have been made at the University of Illinois could have a very big impact in that area. The article “Small in size, big on power” explains how the microbatteries offer phenominal power in their small size. The article explains that, The …

Ricky WilliamsMobile battery life could be getting better

Will BlackBerry Make a Comeback?

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The smartphone made for businessmen has taken a backseat over the past couple of years, especially with the large growth of Android users. Businessmen tend to stick with their iPhones nowadays, and the BlackBerry is more of a forgotten relic than a true player in the smartphone market. That seems to be changing now, as the BlackBerry Q10 has seen impressive sales numbers internationally. Maybe there’s more fight in BlackBerry than we thought. With so many smartphone options these days, it looked like having 3 major operating systems available was a bit of a jam, and that was before Windows decided to get serious about the market with their release of Windows 8. BlackBerry has so far managed to survive through the competition, and appear ready for a resurgence with the release of their new phones, the BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Z10. The Q10 released in Canada and Great Britain earlier this week, and feedback has been great so far. The Q10 features a full keyboard, which is a rarity in top of the line smartphones these days. For those of us who aren’t a big fan of touchscreen typing, it’s a welcome sight to see. So far, the Q10 …

Daniel BiehlWill BlackBerry Make a Comeback?
Cheap Apps Bnnr

Don’t be a cheapskate when buying apps

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The race to the bottom in app pricing has been talked about a lot. People will always pay the least they have to whenever they can but just keep in mind “A cheap app isn’t always good and a good app isn’t always cheap”. But as consumers, customers we get so much more for the price we pay when we buy an app. So please don’t be a cheapskate when buying apps. I wrote a post sometime last year about just this topic and since it’s now gone that means I get to try to bring some attention to the issue again. Over at Macworld Lex Friedman (@lexfri) wrote a great post “A $5 app isn’t expensive” it’s a great read, check it out, there are many great points. I’m also going to talk about the same topic and will speak on some of the same points but with my own opinions and point of view. To start off with let’s look at what we get when we buy an app. If I buy an app I’m not only able to run it on my iPhone. I can run it on my iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or iPad Mini, if …

Ricky WilliamsDon’t be a cheapskate when buying apps
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40 years of mobile phones

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There have been quite a few posts on T3KD lately talking about the mobile industry. Where is it going, what new hardware is out, better battery life, etc. So I thought with all this talk about better battery life among other features we’d love to see. Why not take a look back since it’s now been 40 years since the first mobile phone call was made. A look back that might bring perspective on how far we’ve come and why we don’t have it so bad after all. So Gizmodo did a post on the 40th Anniversary of the first mobile call with a Yahoo post expanding even further on the information. They are both definitely worth a read and could possibly bring back some nostalgic feelings, if you were alive back then or older than 10 years old. I wont re-hash everything in the posts but instead highlight the important thing that struck me about how far we have come in the 40 years of mobile phones. I’ll also include a Motorola video that pretty much predicted the mobile phone trajectory in the future which is now our present! The first call was made by Martin Cooper, April 3rd …

Ricky Williams40 years of mobile phones

Do you really want a bigger iPhone?

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Yesterday I was reading a Gizmodo post “Battery Life Is the Only Spec That Matters” which had some valid points and others that were assumptions. However there was one good point, we are possibly to blame for the thinner iPhone 5. The reason I bring it up is because it is pretty much a common idea now that most people would have rather had a thicker iPhone 5. But although we say that and think why did Apple make it “Lighter” and “Thinner”? Perhaps we are the ones to blame. So ask yourself “Do you really want a bigger iPhone?” Confused now well just bear with me and it will all make sense. So the new argument is that the size and heft of the iPhone 4/4s was great. So with the new machining process and materials used for the iPhone 5 having it at the same size and weight would have resulted in more battery. More battery would have resulted in phenomenal battery life and we would have all been over the moon. But would we? have been over the moon that is. It is easy to say it in hindsight but with competitors hot on the heels of …

Ricky WilliamsDo you really want a bigger iPhone?
Blackberry calling the kettle black

Blackberry calling the kettle black

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The CEO of the company formerly known as RIM, now Blackberry, Thorsten Heins claims that Apple is trailing when it comes to innovation. He also basically called iOS the Operating System(OS) that iDevices(iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc) run on old. Now to me aint that a little like the Blackberry calling the kettle black. Yes pun intended, but really it wasn’t very long ago that Blackberry was on the brink of destruction as their marketshare in the mobile space eroded with their dated offerings. So if anyone should know about old, outdated and quickly becoming irrelevant it would be Blackberry. The new BBX isn’t even a smash success yet so does Mr. Heins really feel justified in talking about a competitor whose device has more market share and makes more profit than his company does right now? You can read more about what the Blackberry CEO had to say to The Australian Financial Review in this iMore post. Now before anyone claims that I’m getting deffensive because of my Apple Fanboyism. Go back and listen to some of the old T3kd podcasts where we argue and wax poetic about RIM and it’s future. I have been a supporter of them turning …

Ricky WilliamsBlackberry calling the kettle black
The 3 cast

Lost Episode: The Sequel – The 3 Cast #109

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This episode was recorded two weeks ago, but is just now being posted. Matt had some Apple software issues, that prevented the podcast from going up on time. This episode we talked about the playstation 4 announcement and what to expect, we bashed RIM some more, and we talked about Jailbreaking your iPhone.   Download mp3 | AAC | Video

Matthew WeberLost Episode: The Sequel – The 3 Cast #109
screen protector

How It’s Done – Protect Your Smartphone With a Screen Protector

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If you’re as paranoid as I am when it comes to scratching your smartphone, then you probably have your device in a bulky case that’s droop proof, spill proof, dust proof, and everything else proof. Most of the time heavy-duty cases don’t bother me, but every once in a while I wish I didn’t have to mess with the bulk and just switch to something a little slimmer, or maybe nothing at all. Forget protecting your device from accidental drops, or water damage without a decent case, that isn’t going to happen any time soon. But if you’re interested in only preventing minor scratches from pocket junk like keys or change, then a decent screen protector can suit your needs quite well. It isn’t foolproof though, if you keep your phone in your pocket (or your bag) all the time it is going to develop scratches. It should be pointed out that most newer devices use Gorilla Glass, or some variation, and while it is a highly scratch resistant compound it also is not foolproof. These things can scratch and break. There’s actually quite a bit of diversity on the screen protector front and I’m going to go through the …

Chase WilliamsHow It’s Done – Protect Your Smartphone With a Screen Protector
The 3 cast

RIM Job: The 3 Cast #108

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This week we talk about BlackBerry, formerly known as RIM. We talk about their new products, then we talk about how Apple sucks and will never be the same. Then we ask if Video Games really cause real violence. Plus picks and the final question, this week on The 3 Cast. Download       mp3         |          AAC        |           Video Hosts: Matthew Weber, Vincent Hui, Paul Shirey Topics: RIM announcements, Apple’s future, and Video Game Violence

Matthew WeberRIM Job: The 3 Cast #108
smartphone and tablet

Smartphone & Tablet Market in 2013

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ABI Research has released their latest projections for the smartphone and tablet worldwide market in 2013. Based on their research there will be approximately 1.4 billion active smartphones and 268 million tablets this year. Android will retain the largest portion of the smartphone market, and iOS will continue staying in the lead with tablets. Microsoft and BlackBerry will still be active players, but with smaller shares keeping developers interested just enough to stay competitive. According to ABI, by the end of 2013 there will be 45 million smartphones running a Windows OS and roughly 20 million BlackBerry 10 devices actively utilized globally. That’s about 3.2 percent and 1.4 percent of the market for the companies respectively. ABI stated that one of the primary driving forces behind growth in the smartphone and tablet markets is app development, and while Windows and BlackBerry devices might seem to have a very small portion of the overall market in comparison to Android and Apple, it seems that their footing will be enough to keep developers interested and continually releasing more applications for consumers. ABI analyst Aapo Markkanen on ABI’s projections said, “The greatest fear for both Microsoft and BlackBerry is that the initial sales …

Chase WilliamsSmartphone & Tablet Market in 2013