Twitter Music – Spotify’s Competitor

In many ways, Spotify is a social network. Not only can you create playlist and share them with both your friends and the world, but there is integration with Facebook and Twitter. You can share songs that you are listening to on both Facebook and Twitter, and on Facebook, people can listen with you in real time to the music you are listening to. Spotify has become a great and popular way for people to discover new music.

Some of you may remember Twitter Video, which was a complete disaster due to the high amount of pornographic content that began to be shared on it (go figure, it’s the internet). There is news that Twitter may be partnering with some TV media companies, so it’s obvious that Twitter still for whatever reason has interest in that form of media.

music_#NowPlayingTwitter has announced the launch of Twitter #music, which appears to currently only be available for iOS, but there is a web version as well at According to Twitter’s blog post, songs on the #music service, songs are currently picked from iTunes, Spotify, or Rdio. By default music previews will come from iTunes in the form of a preview, but if you have a Spotify or Rdio account you can log in to hear full versions of the songs.

There is also a now playing section (shown to the left) that consists of “songs that have been twitters by the artists and people you follow on Twitter”. You can also navigate to the twitter profile of the artists you are listening to, all from the App.

Will it Be a Success?

Now it’s obvious that Twitter is trying to expand their social network beyond the 140 character messages in the most minimalist way possible, and I like that. Twitter is attempting to launch new services without completely changing their original service to make room for the new services, and the integration appears to be seamless. As to whether or not this music service can be a success or not, I would have to say it’s really a 50/50 chance and depends on whether or not people want to use it. I have occasionally found myself using the Spotify integration on Facebook where I can listen to what my friends are listening to, but it’s not often. Then again, I’m not that much of a music junkie either.

The service may just be another Spotify, but it has something that Spotify doesn’t as far as social integration, and that’s a dedicated app. Spotify is really missing a dedicated app that can take all the music recommendations your friends post on Facebook and put them into one place, so with that in mind I could really see some success out of Twitter music. Hopefully they come out with an Android version as well, we will just have to wait, hope, and see.

Paul Shirey

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