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Automating Social Media – Should Tweets Go to Facebook?

Social Media isn’t something that really gets talked about here very often on T3KD. I had an experience today that I thought would make a great blog post. If you didn’t already know, Twitter allows you to have your tweets that you send out (not including replies) to also be posted as statuses on Facebook. A lot of people I know use this feature, but should you send tweets to Facebook?

Social Media Automation

Ever heard of the term Social Media Automation? If you are active in Social Media and have been for a while, and especially if you do any sort of marketing, you have probably heard of and done this before. Social Media Automation is as simple as having your blog send out a tweet every time you update it, or having some blog posts share at random times of the day via Buffer or HootSuite. However, this can get even more extensive. Thanks to an IFTTT script, my Twitter account automatically follows someone and ads them to a special list any time they share one of my blog posts and include me in a reply. That’s another form of Social Media automation, it just isn’t one that would be seen by all of our followers.

Why Would You Send Tweets to Facebook in the First Place?

When I originally set up my Twitter account to send my tweets to Facebook, I was mostly posting photos on Facebook from time to time. I wanted an easy way to bump up my activity level on Facebook. Since I was pretty active on Twitter at the time, having my Tweets go to Facebook seemed like a great idea, and it worked for a while.

A Word From a Friend

Should Tweets Go to Facebook?Now go to present time, and most of what I tweet lately has been blog posts, which means all that is showing up (for the most part) on my Facebook profile is blog posts. This is fine for Twitter where the stream of tweets is constantly moving, but on Facebook that’s just not the case, and by having all those blog post tweets go to Facebook as well, I have annoyed some friends and even lost one. No doubt that engagement is also way down as well.

So… to answer the question of whether or not your tweets should go to Facebook. I truly believe that you should keep your Social Networks genuine and not intertwine what you’re posting, but I realize that from a marketing standpoint this might not always make sense. Keep in mind however, that Facebook is a lot more photo friendly than Twitter, so you could actually use this to your advantage somewhat.

If you have a Facebook account and you want to keep it going but you don’t update that often, if you tweet a lot it does make sense to have your Tweets go to your Facebook account as well, and it would be perfectly fine. However, if you have certain friends that you know are friends on Facebook but aren’t following you on Twitter, you really need to keep this in mind. Remember that you won’t be able to put something on Twitter that you don’t want to be seen by your Facebook friends as well. Also keep in mind though that this only applies to original tweets. Mentions and Direct Messages will never be sent to Facebook.

If you are sending your tweets to Facebook and seeing little to no engagement, maybe try posting directly to Facebook. If most of the stuff you tweet is blog posts like me, you would be better off leaving the featured turned off. Each social network (in my opinion) has it’s own individual use and own type of content that belongs on it.

What do you think? Should Tweets Go to Facebook automatically? Talk back in the comments below!

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