Burnout from Facebook use

FacebookFacebook is without a doubt one of the largest social media websites on the Internet today. However, whether due to concerns about privacy issues, or just plain weariness, many users are now turning away or just taking prolonged breaks from Facebook. According to a recent survey, 61% of Facebook users have taken prolonged breaks and a quarter have admitted they plan to spend less time on Facebook.

 What does all this mean for Facebook?

Those adults who are online are very large market, but a fifth of those adults who admitted they were not Facebook users have stated they used the network only one time before deserting it. Facebook has been criticized time and time again for how it utilizes the content of its members and how it forces changes upon its users. But even with all that, that was not the most popular reason for taking a break from Facebook. Believe it or not, 21% of those who have taken a break from Facebook has said that it lacked the time.

Other reasons include losing interest or being a waste of time or having content that is not relevant to their lives. Those security concerns only made up 4% of the survey. This lack of time is fairly common across all forms of social media and there’s really nothing that Facebook can do to address these concerns.

The numbers for Facebook are showing that there are 1 billion monthly users of Facebook and nearly 618,000,000 daily users. In 20% of the time that users spent on Facebook was on a mobile app in this app was the most downloaded in 2012. Of those who said they wanted to take a break, more than half or 59% said that Facebook was still has important than has ever.

Throughout all of this, is important for the user to determine how much is enough for them and their uses. For those who live far apart from family, using Facebook is one of the only times that they can connect to other people and their family may live too far away for other forms of communication to be advantageous.

All of this doesn’t mean that Facebook fan is just around the corner. It means that social media will continue to grow and evolve in such a way that doesn’t interfere too much with the time of its users. These mobile apps are just beginning and are so many other innovations, both with Facebook and other companies, that will continue to push the bar of the social media experience.

Matthew Mallicoat

I am a technical writer, very much involved in the world of technology and a lover of all things electronic. I love anything from PCs, video gaming, mobile devices, jailbreaking, etc.