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The End of T3KD as We Know it

You may have noticed that we haven’t been posting very much here at T3KD. We’ve discovered that we are busy people who don’t have much time to blog the way we would like.

Unfortunately that means that the awesome content that you’ve become used to is no longer being produced. We are sorry for that.

Things come to an end. T3KD started in January 2010, and was variably successful over the next three years. We had many downtimes, a complete loss of content, and a stint as a full functioning multi-author blog. It has been one hell of a journey. But, that journey is over.

The site itself will live on, but this will be the last major post published. The 3 Cast, our weekly podcast is still alive and thriving, and can be found on its own website: The3cast.com. We are now doing two episodes a week. You can still watch live, but the URL is now live.the3cast.com.

We have loved this time with you. We have had so much fun, and maybe we’ll do it again one day. But until then, we hope that your quest for technology dominance has been helped by our blog and that you continue on that quest.


  • TheAnand