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Bulk Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users – Tools Round Up

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Twitter is the next best social network after Facebook and a perfect place to know what your friends are up to and all the breaking news in your network of friends.There is no right way to use Twitter as you can use it as a silent listener or shout out the name of every vegetable in your dish. Some people follow everyone who follows them, others keep it small amongst friends and colleagues. But one thing I personally do every few months is to remove those who are no longer active on twitter. So, how do we bulk unfollow inactive Twitter users? Read through to find out some tools that you can use.


untweeps  unfollow inactive twitter followers

The simple and user-friendly layout is the best part of this tool. The users can sort and unfollow their inactive followers by specifying the number of days. Based on this, the tool creates a list of inactive Twitter followers in the account.

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