7 Smart Watches That Tell A Lot More Than Just Time

The simple devices that tells you the time is just not enough these days, is it? The rumors say that Apple is looking to come out with its own smart watch this year.  It is not a question if it is a passing fad or a mainstream necessity, watches really need an Apple intervention to show the world what direction wearable tech will take in the future.  But what if you do not have the time to wait? Check the following smart watches that are available in the market today.

Apple iPod Nano (2010 )

apple ipod watch

Well, Apple probably did not intend for this to happen, but well it just happened and accessories manufacturers just took and ran with it. There are many varieties of straps in the market that can convert your humble iPod into something wearable and stylish. But it does not do anything smart per se, but it does what it does best which is music and lets you look good going about it with many good looking watch faces.

Pebble Smart Watch

Pebble Smart Watches

This little crowd funded smart watch has been popularized by the tech crowd and media journalists. A beautifully designed e-paper based watch that connects to your iPhone or Android to pull information to itself. It can alert you in the case of a new call, email or texts. The product was released to its crowd sourcing community very recently and is something to keep an eye on if you are interested in smart watches.

Image Source – Engadget

I’m Watch

I'm Watch - Smart Watch

Similar to Pebble, I’m Watch pulls information from your phone such as calls, calendar updates etc, but it also has a world of apps in its I’Market as the company calls it. It has its own apps that extend the functionality like leisure, games, office, music and the like. As more developers create apps for the watch, this should be in the wish list of every geek out there this shopping season.

Sony Smart Watch

Sony Smart Watch

Sony has been one of the only bigger companies in the smart watch segment. Again, the Sony smart watch connects to your phone using Bluetooth and it has an amazing OLED display which allows you to check out text messages and social network. Instead of proprietary straps, you will be surprised to know that the Sony SmartWatch is compatible with any 20mm wristband.


Cookoo Watch

It is the only analog watch in this list that helps you to stay on the top of whatever your phone is up to without seeing or reaching for it. Branded as the wearable extension of your Smartphone that helps manage your connected life, it has a smart, user friendly interface that keeps you connected and the best part is that it need not be charged as it uses a standard button cell. The customized alerts and icons lets you know what is happening on your device even when it is away. Cookoo is compatible with the latest SMARTREADY devices such as iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and the others.

Fossil Meta Watch

Fossil Meta Watch

A revolution on your wrist that is “Open”, “Simple” and “Connected” that is how Fossil describes their wearable “ Development Platform”. Fossil Meta Watch syncs your Android phone or tablet over Bluetooth and is mainly aimed at the developer crowd. It has an amazing battery backup, runs for almost a week on a single charge. With the Texas instrument CC2560 Bluetooth System, at core, it allows weather, text messages, mails, social network updates to be viewed right on your wrist.

Image Source – Engadget

Motorola MotoACTV

motoACTV Fitness Tracker Watch

This smart watch from Motorola has a lot of functionality, it is a GPS enabled watch, sports a touch screen with a built in music player with a 8GB memory. It supports wireless connections to heart rate monitors, Bluetooth headphones, your smart phone and other devices. The MotoACTV keeps a track of your workouts both outside via GPS and in the gym and the data is uploaded online. Another cool feature is that it also suggests energizing playlist based on previous observations. The touch screen is sweat proof, rain and scratch resistant. The phone connectivity on the MotoACTV is nice but the downfall is that it works only with Motorola handsets.

Which is your favorite one of the list? Or are you waiting for the Apple iWatch? Sound off in the comments.

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