5 Best Tower Defense Android Games

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best tower defense Android games Tower Defense games are as old as games itself. That’s why it isn’t surprising that the best games are tower defense games. The one thing you could count on when Android was lacking for games was being able to find some pretty excellent tower defense games in the market, and while the gaming situation has gotten better, the tower defense games are still there. Here are the 5 best tower defense Android games on the market.

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Matthew Weber

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  • Little Tower Games

    why put plants vs zombies on the list? put something more TD on the list.

    • Matthew

      I put it there because it’s still really good. What would you have put there instead?

      • Little Tower Games

        fantasy defense!

  • Pawel

    I’ve been a gamer for quite a while. Started with Atari, 1985 or something. Tower defense games are around only recently. There may have been some before but they never got really popular. You don’t seem to know what you’re writing about.

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  • asd

    Nice article, but that dragon tower last game doesn’t belong to this list. There are dozens of better games out there.

    • Matthew

      What would you put here instead?

      • JQ

        Defense Zone HD 1 or 2