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Falcon Pro for Android Review

The age of new and exciting Twitter clients is over, at least for the most part. Falcon Pro for Android is one of the newest on Google play and it is freaking awesome! Unfortunately it probably won’t be available much longer since Twitter is restricting access to its API. So get our review (and the app) while it lasts!

Falcon Pro for Android: User Interface

Falcon Pro for AndroidOne of the things I didn’t like at first was the design of this app. However once I used it for about 10 minutes I decided that it is awesome. Don’t get me wrong, there wasn’t anything wrong with it, I didn’t care for the way that each tweet is in its own box. Now however, I’m used to it and kind of like it.

Besides that Falcon Pro for Android is a sharp app. Dark and light themes are available, the layout of the app is intuitive (and the explain the things that aren’t), and uses modern-day gestures to get to app functions. For example, you swipe left to get to options to jump to your timeline, profile, and more. Here you also see some quick stats about your profile including tweet count and follower count.

Swipe to the right and you get access to your lists, searches and can see whats trending on Twitter in the moment.

With some other Twitter clients you would swipe between mentions, timeline and messages, but Falcon Pro for Android takes a more iPhone-esque route where there are buttons along the top to get to your timeline, mentions and DMs.


User Experience

Falcon Pro for Android uses the long press to get to options like Retweet and favorite and a menu where you can mute and block users directly. You can also tap on a user’s avatar to get to their profile.

All the usual conventions of a Twitter client are available in Falcon Pro for Android. Pull to refresh, both types of retweets, the ability to Falcon Pro for Androidmute and block users and so on. The one thing that it’s missing is a widget. The app you get doesn’t come with one. If you want one you have to get it from Google Play (it is free). While that seems okay, and could be a good idea if you just wanted the widget and not the app, it means there is no integration between the widget and the app. You even have to sign into Twitter in both and manage the settings for both separately. I don’t usually have a Twitter widget on my screen, so this didn’t bother me as much as it will some other people.

One of the awesome things Falcon Pro does is that when you tap on a tweet, it takes you to view the tweet in a new screen. It then loads the web site in an Instapaper view below the tweet. This means you never actually leave the Twitter client to view websites. It will also display pictures inline and beneath the tweet in this new screen.

Another problem I noticed is that it doesn’t do a great job of remembering timeline position in your mentions list. Sometimes after the app closes you start from way down in the list, which can be supremely annoying. This doesn’t happen in the main timeline, so it must be a bug.

Falcon Pro for Android comes with tons of settings, including the ability to limit refreshes to when you are on Wi-Fi. You can enable double tap so that you can get to the tweet options panel without long pressing. As I mentioned above it has a dark and a light theme, both of which are awesome in design. It doesn’t give you options to choose your link shortener or image hosting service, but I think we’re past that now that Twitter has those built-in.

The one thing you’ll notice about Falcon Pro for Android is that it is supremely fast. It is the fastest Twitter client I’ve ever used on any device, and that includes the iPhone and iPad. At the beginning it asks you to load user avatars and such and it will do this quickly enough, but when you get to scrolling it just glides. It loads inline images and avatars easily and quickly and you notice no lag or stutter. If this was the only good thing about this client, it’d be enough. The fact that it’s a good client as well, is simply bonus.


My favorite Twitter client on Android for the longest time has been Plume. I love it, it does everything and is superbly designed. How good is Falcon Por? I’ve officially deleted Plume and have started using Falcon as my main Twitter client. I find myself using Twitter more now than I did when I used Plume. Sure there isn’t anything revolutionary about what Falcon Pro for Android does, but it is just so well designed and so damn fast, I must use it.


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[googleplay url=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jv.falcon&feature=more_from_developer#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEwMiwiY29tLmp2LmZhbGNvbiJd”]



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