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English Club – Windows 8 Exclusive English Learning App from British Council

English being the most commonly used global communications language these days, everyone should get better at their language skills for both career and personal development. However, going to special classes to get trained is a very tedious job and its almost not happening in our fast and busy schedule.

Everyone is always hooked to some gadget or the other. If you have access to a windows 8 device then there is an exclusive app that helps improve your language. The app is called English Club by the British Council. It is aimed at improving the language skills of people from different walks of life by self learning. The English club has something for everyone from a basic level to an advanced level. It is a fun- filled learning app presented in an entertaining and mostly in a humorous way with the help of animated videos.


The content for the app has been created by the British Council themselves; who with an experience of more than 70 years in the field it have put together. Needless to say, it is one of the best resources to help you master the language.

The app aims at having fun while learning just like their motto, which says –  “English with a little fun”. The app includes standard words, advanced words, business terms, hangman, jumbled words and even stories for the kids. The app ensures that the users learn new vocabulary, is able to identify the meaning of selected words and idioms, spellings and their pronunciations and proper usage of words.


The app lets you monitor your progress, compare and compete with the other users using the app. The app prepares you according to the requirements at different stages of life. It provides vocabulary sets for general, intermediate and advanced learners and a special collection for business – related vocabulary for learners who require English as a part of their job.

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The app ensures that the user has proper knowledge of the words being taught and hence features a high quality audio for pronunciation. The meaning of the word is explained in a simple way and the usage of the word is also demonstrated through videos using real- life situations.

The app will build the confidence in you and mold the skills in you for a better and proper communication in the English Language.

And oh, did I tell you that this wonderful app is free? Well, it is and you can download it  at the windows store by clicking here.

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  • ajjumaestro

    It’s awesome but i m unable to download its all videos…..

  • Zuzo

    Unfortunately it isn’t for Windows Phone :(