CSR Racing

CSR Racing Review for Android and iOS

Drag racing games have been around forever on all platforms capable of gaming. Few games offer the total amount of depth seen in CSR Racing.

The gameplay is relatively simple, and it seems fairly borrowed from most other drag racing games. You start each race by trying to get the RPM meter in the sweet spot to prevent tire spin. From then on, you are trying to time your shifts in order to get a maximum acceleration. Add in some NOS, and call it a day.

Where CSR Racing initially enhances the game is with a simple story mode. Players can do quick races with earnings based on difficulty. They can do ladder races where the race gets progressively more difficult, or you can race Crew Battles until you ultimately win through to the next tier. The boss of each crew certainly loves his trash talk.

Graphically, CSR Racing offers some impressive graphics, especially for mobile devices. It has a little bit of a frame rate struggle with older devices, but it still runs despite longer loading times. The graphics look close to something out of a current generation console. Audio seems to be pretty spot on, though the menu track will get repetitive.

There is quite a bit of depth to the game. You can use your earnings to unlock roughly 100 different cars from all of the big manufacturers. You can also use these earnings to unlock different upgrades to make your car the best. Unfortunately, about half of the cars can only be bought with special coins that are nearly impossible to earn other than from purchasing them with real money.

Another disappointing feature is that you are limited on how many races you can do. Each race uses up a gas point, which runs out very quickly. New points take several minutes to come back, so you won’t be able to play for more than 30 minutes at a time without spending real money on the game.

Overall, CSR Racing has potential to be the best drag racing game on any platform. If you can get past the in-app purchases, you’ll find an enjoyable experience that will make you say wow the first time you see the graphics.

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