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4 Pics 1 Word Review for Android and iOS

When Tetris came out several decades ago, it popularized the puzzle game genre. The genre has seen quite a bit of change over the years, with everything from Dr. Mario to Brain Age to Angry Birds. 4 Pics 1 Word is an extension of the puzzle genre that has gotten quite a bit of popularity over the past several weeks.

The game is simple. Four pictures are displayed on the screen, and you’re given the length of the word. As you get words correct, you earn coins which can be used to help you out. You can get help by either deleting possible letters or by getting where certain letters fit in the answer.

If you have ever played Draw Something, the user interface will immediately look familiar. The interface is basically a carbon copy but with a different color. You even have twelve possible letters to guess the word, making it a little bit more easy than if you had to type in the word on your own.

The pictures are relatively easy to guess, which allows you to build up some confidence as you play. Occasionally though you’ll be hit by a confusing word where the pictures are relatively ambiguous. It seems like the shorter words are the hardest to guess because there are so many options of letter arrangements.

If you want to look closer at the pictures, the game says that you can press the picture to zoom in. Unfortunately though these pictures are such a low resolution that this doesn’t help. The pictures stay the same resolution when you make them large, so all it does is make them blurry.

If you’re really struggling with a word, 4 Pics 1 Word links with your Facebook account so that you can get help from your friends.

There are quite a few ads, especially if you find the right answer quickly. Every time you load up the game, and every few words, you’ll be presented with ads for other apps to download.

4 Pics 1 Word isn’t the type of game that you’ll be remembering for years, but it is the type of game that will waste time for you while making your brain work a bit.

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