The 3 Cast #92: The iPhone 5 is Gonna Suck

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This week Ricky was off, and because Ricky made fun of Matt yesterday with his boasting about the iPhone 5 name, Matt got his cowardly revenge by picking apart the iPhone 5′s supposed flaws, and Ricky could do nothing about it. Ricky was off galavanting around the Universe in his iCar. So HA! take that fanboy!

This week Vince and Matt gave their final predictions for the iPhone 5 event next week, talk about how serious a crime it is to pirate on the Internet, and we talk about advertising on the Internet and whether it works.

Hosts: Matthew Weber, Vincent Hui

Topics: Final iPhone 5 predictions, Criminal Pirate behavior, Display advertising. Picks of the Week, and the Final Question

Matthew WeberThe 3 Cast #92: The iPhone 5 is Gonna Suck