Bluetooth Underwear: The 3 Cast 102

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Vince was off this week because he lost his voice during his awesome TEDx Talk. Here’s why he lost his voice (look at the expression on his face!):

Classic. Just classic. So to fill in for Vince we invited Paul Shirey to sit through some amazing soapboxes. It was epic. We had such a great time and it was funny and awesome. Okay, it was LEGEN— wait for it — Dary! We talked about the chances of Microsoft going out of business or becoming the next microsoft, we talked about what products Apple might surprise us with in the future, we talked about the future of online currency, and we talked about how carriers are evil beings who should live their lives out in hell. Plus picks and the Final Question, on The 3 Cast!

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Hosts: Matthew Weber, Ricky_Williams1, Paul Shirey

Topics: Microsoft as a failure, Apple pipeline, Online currency, Carriers are Evil. Picks of the Week, The Final Question

Matthew WeberBluetooth Underwear: The 3 Cast 102