Authentic ‘Back to the Future’ Hoverboard Only $13,000

(Credit: Hollywood Parts)

Sure, Mattel released a “Back to the Future Part II” hoverboard replica, but why go for that when you can have the real thing? Yeah it might be a little more expensive, but hell; who needs a car when they can have a hoverboard? To umm… carry around…

For those of you who don’t remember, or haven’t seen “Back to the Future Part II” — for shame! — this is the board of Griff Tannen, Marty McFly’s nemesis.

If you’ve got $13,000 laying around and a healthy appetite for all that is geek, you can buy this bad boy from eBay seller cinemastuff818 (a.k.a. Hollywood Parts). The prop itself wasn’t the same board shot on screen; that was in fact the original prototype.

The board measures 36-inches and is constructed from wood, resin, and metal. That’s all fine and good, but where is the freaking case? Unfortunately the case isn’t offered as part of the auction.

Here’s the sellers original description:

This is an original prototype “Pit Bull” hoverboard made to be used by Griff Tannen in the second installment in the classic trilogy. The board is [36"] and made of solid wood. The body is painted black with red accents and features outrigger rocket blasters made of wood and resin, metal heat shields and three towing rings where the handles for his gang would be mounted. The circular discs on the bottom are the vaccu-form anti-gravity plates.  The rear foot pad component is missing from the top of the board. This… was one of the original hero prototype versions designed by the art department for Back to Future Part II.  We received this board from the original designer on the film that created the “Pit Bull” logo. Was not seen on screen [or] used on camera.

Here’s the clip from “Back to the Future Part II” where the board makes its debut:

So is this fine piece of Hollywood history worth $13,000?

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