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Pandora now available for Windows Phone

Five months later after Microsoft had pledged that they were working on bringing the popular music –streaming service to the windows phone platform, Pandora is now available for download starting today! For those who lived under rocks, Pandora is a free and personalized online radio service.

Microsoft also keeps it promise of an ad- free experience for the app for the rest of the year. The app can be downloaded from the Windows Store and is available in the US, Australia and New Zealand at the moment. Unfortunately it is not currently available in the UK.

The Pandora for Windows Phone 8 app sports the square, tile look for the main screen. It lets the user to pin Live Tiles of his/ her favorite personalized radio stations to the start screen. This is a feature unique to the Windows Phones and not available in the iOS or Android versions of the app. Since the live tile shows what is currently playing, the user does not have to actually launch the app to see what’s playing.

The Kid’s Corner feature comes into great use as it will block all explicit content. By launching Pandora in the Kid’s Corner, parents can feel safe by knowing that their kids won’t be exposed to any explicit music.

The app is fast, smooth and the Live Tiles work perfectly. The app does not feel “ported” or rushed but rather built from scratch for Windows Phone 8 by taking advantage of what the platform offers.

The double wide tiles flip reveals the artist and track information and the user can pin numerous stations to the start screen of the Windows Phone 8. The user can also purchase the track that is being played by going to the Xbox Music Store and all it takes is a click to buy.

The Pandora integrates with social media API on the Windows Phone. The user can therefore share the tracks with ease to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or even with the user’s contacts directly!

Pandora joins other music services like, Spotify, Rdio on the Windows platform which is slowing gaining attention of the big app makers. For smaller app makers, Microsoft has already announced an incentive to get them started. At this pace, soon Windows platform will perch comfortably on the third position after the iOS and Android or even compete with them down the line. That is, if BlackBerry does not have enough takers. Whoever wins, we buyers are sure to get the most value out of this competition!

Let us know which if your favorite streaming app in any platform in the comments below!

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