LinkedIn Employees Receive iPad Minis

So what does the CEO of one of the fastest growing companies in the United States buy his employees for Valentine’s Day? All shiny new iPad Minis of course.

LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner gave his company’s 3,458 full-time employees iPad Minis Wednesday to reward them for recent company success.

Krista Canfield, LinkedIn’s senior manager of corporate communications, announced the giveaway calling it a “small gesture of the company’s gratitude.” All of the employees will be receiving 32GB iPad Mini models.

At retail prices, the mass purchase of $429 iPads would have set the company back roughly $1.5 million.

Canfield said, “We wanted to acknowledge the hard work and accomplishments of all of our employees in 2012.”

If you’re a follower of LinkedIn activity on Twitter, you may have noticed some excited employees touting about their newest gift.



LinkedIn reported last week that its fourth-quarter adjusted earnings per share were 35 cents, with a revenue of $303.6 million, and a net income of $11.5 million, beating performance expectations by $25 million.

Not a bad bonus for a job well done. Now employees can catch up on all that LinkedIn activity. The company could also use the devices to distribute internal documentation more easily.

Chase Williams

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