samsung galaxy s 3 lockscreen bug

Galaxy S III Bug Bypasses Lock Screen for Full Access

Beware of the Galaxy S III Bug for lock screen bypass!

A few weeks ago there were reports of a bug in several builds of iOS 6 which granted unauthorized access to the phone module without a pass code even when a lock screen has been enabled on the phone.

Android devices were not safe either as the Galaxy Note II bug let the quick –fingered to launch anything behind the lock screen. The same flaw has been now reported on the Galaxy S III as well that breaks the lock screens altogether, permitting full use of the phone. This is bad news for those who have valuable data on their smartphone.

To make this Galaxy S III bug happen, tap on the “Emergency Call” button that appears on the lock screen. Go to the ICE (emergency contacts) menu. Press the home button, the power button in quick succession. If you did it right, press the power button again, the home screen will come straight away allowing you full access to the device. The lock screen will not return unless the handset is restarted. Sounds pretty easy but experience proved wrong.

The method was initially tried on a Galaxy S III running Android 4.0.4 ICS version and furthermore on a Note ll but it did not work. Then when tried on a Galaxy S III that runs on 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and it worked. The timing between the home and power button pushes has to be accurate. Samsung should be aware of the bug by now and a solution must be under works but until a word is heard officially keep the phones concealed from those nosy colleagues of yours!

Anand S

A techie who loves keeping track of the latest and the greatest in the industry.