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BitTorrent Live Goes “Live”

Following years in development, testing, and alpha/beta stages that seemed to last forever, BitTorrent Live has finally gone “live”.

This service will enable users to stream BitTorrent related content straight over their network, and just like the P2P infrastructure, the more people that are watching at any given time, the faster your speeds will be. The quality bottleneck will also be lifted, because much like Netflix if the connection is less than stellar a limit is placed on the HD-capability and you get a much grainier video sent through.

“It’s based on the principles of the BitTorrent protocol. And it’s designed to make real-time reporting, and open expression available to all: eliminating bandwidth, cost, and infrastructure as broadcast barriers,” BitTorrent Inc.’s Justin Knoll told TorrentFreak. “The more people who tune in, the more resilient your stream will be.”

Compared to centralized streaming services like Youtube, BitTorrent Live can’t be shutdown or experience interruptions as long as there are enough users connected at any given time.

“Current offerings fail with large audiences but with BitTorrent Live every viewer that joins a swarm extends its reach by sharing pieces of the video to other viewers. It becomes more robust with larger audiences and there are no costs associated with the addition of users,” Knoll said.

bittorrent live
“We’re aiming for this to be a democratization of streaming technology”


In order to view the streams, you’ll need to have the BitTorrent Live App installed, and running in the background on your computer. This is how video is shared across networks, and enables users the opportunity to upload their own content along the same strands and share it instantaneously with family around the globe.

If you’re interested in trying it for yourself, head over to their website to create an account and get streaming right away.


Source| TorrentFreak

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