Apps by Facebook Track User Locations

Facebook has long been working on apps that will allow even complete strangers to see your location at all times. This is known as social discovery and many users are willingly allowing this, in exchange for increased social capabilities. Many are questioning how safe this feature is and what kind of money Facebook is making off of its.

 What is Facebook doing?

FacebookThis app, released by Facebook, runs in the background of smart phones even when they are locked. Is designed to allow users to easily locate friends. This was not surprised, as water had bought out Glancee, which was a mobile app designed to allow users to easily locate friends and it’s not limited to merely that one app, but so many others. One such app, cited Girls around Me, allowing men to track the location of women to see where they were gathering.

While this may not be against the law, it can be creepy to many people in the Facebook wishes to avoid lawsuits due to misuse, it would be a good idea to establish clear guidelines for what apps should be used for. After all, there is potential for abuse, especially with people who do not want be found in other types of people.

So how many people are using the service? Apps like Twitter, foursquare and others have allowed users to connect in new and exciting ways, while other apps have yet to disclose how many people are actually using them.

For Facebook, the app would work by automatically alerting users when ever one of their contacts entered a certain area. But many are saying that Facebook could use this data to track where users are heading in and use the information to help advertisers target consumers. Of course, Facebook hasn’t exactly kept its users in the loop when it times the updates establishing new e-mails or other types of activities.

This kind of tracking can have the potential for abuse, even though there are many positive aspects for using this app. Is important to remember that in this electronic world, the potential for abuse is still high. It isn’t just from other users, but countries as well. How easy would it be for the United States or any other government agency to use the capabilities of the social discovery apps to track the location of citizens, even when they are not aware of it. Personally, this app does have many great benefits, but until the other kings are worked out, I will pass.

Matthew Mallicoat

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