U2 mobile call recorder with accessories

U2 Mobile Call Recorder Offer Simplicity for a Price

U2 mobile call recorder with accessoriesRecording telephone calls (for legitimate business purposes or otherwise) has always been a bit of a hassle. In the dial-up days it required an adapter, a tape recorder, and a lot of patients. When things went digital it got a little easier but usually required a pass-through device and a standalone audio recorder. With cellphones, Skype, and other VOIP applications things went south. While there are hundreds of apps, add-ons, and plug-ns available they’re mostly all ridiculously finicky, hard to use, or just plain broken. Enter the U2 mobile call recorder.

U2 Mobile Call Recorder is Simplicity Personified

The U2 mobile call recorder is essentially a dongle that plugs into your smartphone’s audio port. With the flip of a switch two-way conversations are recorded in excellent clarity without having to sync apps, worry about crashing, or any headache at all.  It works with pretty much any phone from iPhone 5 to Android.

The U2 mobile call recorder is available in kit form and has everything you need to make the device work including multiple cord options (including mini-USB) and earphones to make hands-free listening easier. The U2 mobile call recorder has built-in storage (4GB) and a 20-hour battery though why you’d need a battery that large on a device that’s meant to hook to a mobile phone I don’t know). It measures just under 3 inches by 1 inch and weighs next-to-nothing.

Audio is recorded in MP3 format and the U2 mobile call recorder can store up to 144 hours before you need to delete or offload any of it. Interestingly, the device also turns your smartphone into a pass-through microphone and you can record lectures or dictation with ease. When you need to, simply plug the device into any MAC or PC and it functions as a USB storage device.

You may be expecting to pay $50-$60 for this thing … but you’d be wrong. The U2 mobile call recorder retails for a whopping $134. It is a lot of device and does make recording phone calls and lectures easy but for $134 you can do it the old fashioned way (pass through and digital recorder) for cheaper. Still, it’s slick, sleek, and simple so…

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