Tegra 4 Processors may be the worlds fastest

Tegra 4 Processors Slay the Competition in Benchmark Tests

Nvidia’s newest Tegra 4 processors are extremely agile and completely destroy any competitors currently on the market. In fact, they’re almost 4 times faster than previous generation Tegra 3 processors (according to benchmarks run by Engadget). Reference tablets running these new processors even perform better than the iPad 4. That’s probably why Nvidia is billing them as “the world’s fastest mobile processors.”

While these Tegra 4 processors won’t be available until summer, the early numbers indicate that manufacturers may have to rethink their internal couplings to make the most of these speedy little beasts.

Tegra 4 Processors Benchmark Testing

Nvidia Tegra 4 processors benchmark resultsWhen Engadget got their hands on a reference tablet equipped with a Tegra 4 Processor at the World Mobile Congress, they immediately set about benchmarking it and comparing those numbers to current generation tablets. It was an embarrassing defeat for anything on the market and a clear victory for Nvidia.

The competition (if it can be called that) was between Sony’s Xperia S (with Tegra 3) and the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity. The ASUS pad was pretty much out of the running from the get-go but the Tegra 4 processor even blew the doors off the Tegra 3-equipped Xpeira. With Quadrant scores maxed out over 16,000 compared to Tegra 3’s 4,000 and in SunSpider 0.9.1 testing (which correlates to faster web browsing) clocked in at just 499ms — That’s even faster than the iPad 4’s 865ms – compared to the Xperia’s seemingly dismal 1,608ms, there’s no doubt about which processor came out on top.

And even with all of that speed, these Tegra 4 processors actually use less power – slightly less but noticeable.

Tegra 4 Processors Need Compatible RAM

But all that speed comes with a cost. These new processors must be paired with adequate RAM, otherwise you’re wasting your money and just won’t see the performance. That’s why SanDisk has once again partnered with Nvidia to release flash specialized storage to make use of those blazing fast transfer speeds. The company’s iNAND Extreme embedded flash storage (with 45MB/s) are snugly nestled in the Tegra 4 reference tablets like the one Engadget got their hands on. Showcasing the speeds possible with such a combination may mean that more manufacturers will build retail model tablets with the elite pairings.

Nvidia is partnering with select cellular and tablet manufacturers to install these lightning fast Tegra 4 processors in up and coming products later this year. The Tegra 4 will also form the backbone of Nvidia’s interesting Project Shield gaming device due out in July.


Info Source: Engadget | Image Source Nvidia and Engadget

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