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Stolen Phone? Lookout App Tracks and Photographs Thieves!

Our smartphones are becoming the single most important items we carry with us. They contain financial information, access controls, contacts, photos, messages, and more. If you’ve ever lost your phone, you know what a headache it can be. All of that information gone, maybe even in someone else’s hands. That’s where Lookout steps in.

Lookout is a smartphone security company based in San Francisco, California. They specialize in mobile security applications that protect users from digital threats, provide data backup and restoration services, and offer location-based services to track lost, or stolen mobile devices.

They’ve recently updated their Android application, Lookout, with a new feature that allows the program to access the smartphone’s camera. Referred to by Lookout as the Lock Cam, this unique feature captures a photograph from the phone’s forward-facing camera and emails it to the owner after an incorrect access code has been entered three times. The company does have plans to roll this feature out to iOS, but at the moment Lock Cam is only available on Android platforms.

Currently, Lock Cam will only work if your device has the lock screen enabled, is running Android Gingerbread or above, and has a front-facing camera.

In addition to the Lock Cam, the Lookout app has other unique features including:

  • Scream – Activate an alarm remotely to find it nearby (works even if device is set on silent).
  • Signal Flare – When your device reaches a critically low battery level the app automatically saves the last known location.
  • Lock – Remotely lock your device. You can even add a custom message to the lock screen to further aid in the retrieval of a lost phone (available only for premium users).
  • Wipe – If all else fails, you can remotely remove data from the phone (available only for premium users).
Lookout Lock Out
Lock feature with custom message

Lookout has over 30 million users spanning across 170 countries. The company is a global leader in mobile security and has received some of the highest ratings for security applications on Android and Apple app stores.

Lookout Free is available at no cost and Lookout Premium is available for only $2.99 a month, or $29.99 a year. You can download Lookout for your mobile device from Google Play, or the App Store.

If you’re looking for a top-notch security application, I highly recommend Lookout. These guys do it right. Personally, as an iPhone user, I can’t wait until Lock Cam is available on iOS, but until then I’ll just have to manage without it.

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    When is lock cam going to be available for the iPhone?